Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Feb 1st 2007, Quartzsite AZ

Where are we today ?
Quartzite Arizona

Thurs. Feb 1.
Nice day again went to visit friends at their campground, We toured about town and looked at a car lot with old cars from the 50’s and 60’s for sale. And a bit of shopping. Later that day they took us out to “Silly Al’s” for Pizza , karaoke and dancing.
Fri, Feb 2.
Suzie went to research some Yates Genealogy at the research centre in town without much luck. Our neighbour Jay from Missouri climbed “Q” mountain and took a few pictures. He was nice enough to share these digital photos with us so I am able to publish them here. A beautiful view with 11 photos in a 360 degrees panorama from the US flag .
So many people have left this area to carry on after the big show. We will hang around for the car show in the big tent and head south towards Yuma AZ. On Monday Feb.5th.
Later Friday our friends from St. Catherines moved in beside us to dry camp. Something they have never done with their 5th wheel trailer $330.00 at the campground for 2 weeks, or $30.00 and all the room you want here.
In the afternoon we picked up a propane firepit for a good price. Really nice, just hook up to our large tank and instant fire no mess. Amazing you just light the fire and neighbors come out to join us. Another couple from Kamloops BC, originally from England joined us too and we shared many traveling tips and stories. More neighbours dropped by one fellow 87 years old from Utah and another 92 years old. Pretty spry fellows with stories to tell. They have been coming here over 30 years.
On Saturday while filling water jug at the store I saw another license plate from Ontario neat one “PonyX” (van conversion) and they are from New Hamburg Ontario. He was a Teacher at WO Secondary School there, retired 27 years ago, small world. Suzie did not recognize his name thou.
Sun. Feb 5
Today we go for a drive to Palm Canyon 23 miles south and 7 miles in a dirt road to the base of a mountain. Parking the car we follow the vigorous trail about ½ mile in to s small plateau and enjoyed the spectacular view of the cliffs and the Sonoran Desert behind us. At this point another group of hikers (from BC & Michigan) were here for the 3rd time over the years and there used to be some very huge palm trees. We could not find any until the way back down we saw a few small palms way up in the mountain. Nice day for a ike then back to home dirt to enjoy the sunshine.

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