Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 07, 2013

A perfect sunny, warm fall day, and our Fantastic Fan is FANTASTIC again !

Where are we today ?
       Last night was a cold one, management drove about informing everyone to shut off the water and disconnect our hoses because of the cold weather and no cloud cover overnight. We are toasty warm no problem, water in our tanks no problem and had a great nights sleep. A small electric heater overnight and Mr. Heater when we are up no problem. Ran the furnace in the morning for about 15 minutes at 5 am when I got up and all is good with a well insulated coach and dual pane windows.
lotsa frost on the car windows
not so much frost around our coach
          Early  morning walkabout can see the sun burning through the morning fog and before long the sun is shinning brightly.
mini golf
         A walk down by the lake, just love it, is nice and peaceful here, off season and can barely hear the traffic going across the bridge into town.
sail boat bridge across the lake
         Shortly after 9am got a phone call from the office, package has been delivered by courier for us. That is the part that we had ordered for our Fantastic Fan last week.  A new speed control, looks like it has been modified from the old one. A ten minute install and now our fan works FANTASTIC! All three speeds, the part and shipping was no charge, sure do love dealing with a company that stands behind their products. Considering that out fan is 14 years old too!
new speed control
now working like new!
           We could not have had a better day. Clear blue skies and very warm sunshine on our patio. Temps in the mid 60's feeling like almost 80 degrees, lovin' it, bare feet! We got to relax and enjoy our books for a while. Neighbors stopped by to chat and a new rv'er asked me to help them get their furnace running, because they had no heat last night and could not figure out how the start their furnace. There coach is a Holiday Rambler similar to ours. No problem, a few minutes showing them the settings that control their heat and AC, now is working fine for them.
enjoying our books on a perfect day
         While Suzie was reading she had a friend drop by for most of the day, no doggies but a bug, "walking stick" stayed by her side for a few hours.
Suzie's new pet
         After a bit soon time to fire up or Weber Q to grill a favourite of ours, a whole chicken on the Q and a couple baked potatoes. And got it done just as the sun was setting about 5:30pm.
on our Weber Q 100 about 70 minutes,
 low and slow.
nice sunset
        Just added to that some Swiss Chalet sauce and cauliflower with cheese, really hit the spot.
yummy again
        Noticed today that we have another new follower. Welcome aboard Wendy glad to have you along.

        Want to thank ya'll for stopping by to relax with us on this awesome sunny, warm fall day, hope yours was as good as ours.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. You have had a wonderful time. Walking by the river side make us feel relax. Sunrise through the fog looks so beautiful. Enjoyed your food!!. Beautiful shot of Walking bug.

    1. We are enjoying our adventures heading south, taking it easy.

  2. That ice on the windshield certainly makes me feel cold. I'm glad we're not in weather we have to scrape the ice off.

    1. Did not scrape it off, waited for the sun to melt it, did not take too long.

  3. I would imagine you don't have any kind of wind-shield scraper with you. Kind of like taking along a snow shovel. Doesn't matter though, since you can just wait for the frost to clear.
    That's really pretty neat about the "Fantastic Fan" company and how they stand behind their product. A warranty is only good when you need it, otherwise it's just a bunch of "fresh air".

    1. Hey Bob we actually do have a windshield scraper and small snow shovel in the trunk of the car, you just never know.
      It is sure nice to find companies like that still operating today. They have an excellent product and worth every penny you pay for it. Our two previous RV's we installed one and loved it too.

  4. Brrrr...frost is pretty but too cold.
    Glad you got the fan fixed.
    I haven't seen a walking stick in years.

    1. Like you its been a long time since we saw one too.

  5. Sure looks like you're in a beautiful spot there, George - except for that frost of course. But, heck, if you're not traveling in the morning who cares as it'll melt by itself in a few hours.

    I had a similar experience with Fantastic Fan on our old 5'er. Couldn't believe they sent me all new parts for free with no charge for shipping. Amazing.

    1. It was just one frosty night and even if we are travelling usually don't hit the road before 9 am so not a big deal for us. It is a nice spot here.


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