Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Warm sunny day and lots of activity here.

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         What and wonderful warm day. Clear blue skies, sunny and warm , a perfect fall day. I did get a few nice walkabouts the park enjoying the early morning quiet and the colors of the leaves here, seems to be brighter and more than back home.
         By 9 am the temperature about 70f  (21c) with only a very light breeze, so it was shorts for pretty much the rest of the day for me.
One of the nice ponds here
waterfront sites on the beach
they have some nice cabins here to rent
       As I was walking about noticed the campground is getting pretty full and a lot of people have done some wonderful Halloween decorations on their sites. Below is just a sample I saw on one walkabout.
fire breathing dragon
     The fall colors warm weather and sunshine has everyone in good spirits for all the activities going on  especially tomorrow.
       It was so nice to relax outside and enjoy our e-readers. I finished another page turner James Patterson and began another Stuart Woods which are always exciting as well.
     Then shortly after 3 pm I prepped this almost 6 lb chicken I picked up yesterday for a very good  price, and if you know us we love our chicken.
can't turn down a deal like that now
lotsa leftovers, no soup this time
not going to have time for it.
happy hour here while I cook the chicken
this time it took almost 3 hours
it was pretty large
sure did the trick tonight
      After supper and dishes done we wandered over to Bill and Barbs to join them at their campfire. A perfect mild evening for it.
a couple more decorated sites on the way
Telling stories around the campfire is
 a perfect way to end the day
         That was our Friday here first full day in the states, enjoying this wonderful weather on the energy filled Halloween weekend here at this campground. This is the nicest weather we have had for this weekend in many years that we have been joining our friends here for this fun time.
       Hope y'all had a wonderful fall day as well and thanks for stopping on by.
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Where have we been this summer ?

Friday, October 20, 2017

Oops my posting disappeared?

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  Hmm my posting was just about done but then it just disappeared? So I need to re-do it, That will be done in the morning, Oh by the way it sure was a wonderful warm sunny day!

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Where have we been this summer ?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Short travel day, easy border crossing, and camping with good friends.

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      We at 50 Point Conservation area in Ontario this morning had a great sleep, and as usual up early , got a few walkabouts done and were ready to hit the road just after 9 am no rush today.
spotted this black lump in a tree,
zoomed in, it's a black squirrel
       Only had 44 miles to go to the campground. we got to the border crossing at 10 am as I predicted. Very easy crossing like we usually have. 5 min wait. No issues at all. were you going ? Lewiston NY for the weekend then Arizona. Do you have any meat? Yes we have a freezer full of pork and fish, no problem. Any produce? 5 lbs of apples, no problem. Any citrus, nope. Alcohol? One bottle and a few beer, no problem.  Have a good winter and away we went.
        First stop not far was Smoking Joe's to fill the gas and our car. $2;50 US a gallon . That is .83 cents a litre in Canadian funds, compared to the $1.20 we were paying at home , so saved a big chunk of cash here. We Took 50 gallons of fuel like we saved $69.00 CDN just on this fill up alone.
always stop at Smoking' Joes when we cross here
good ideal on propane tanks too
          We arrived at Lazy Lakes resort  before 11 am , got all set up  and visited our good friends Bill and Barb for bit then enjoyed a nice light lunch. This is another membership campground (part of our Rock Glen Resort Membership) that we enjoy, so free camping with  water, sewer and 30 amp service. Works for us.
all set up here nice campsite
       I ran a few errands to pick up supplies and get some food deals, Then home to Visit with Bill and Barb again for Happy Hour.
always nice to see these guys again,
last time was Pilot Knob Resort in California in February 
      Lots of campsites getting set up for this weekend a big Halloween celebration here that they do every year.
one of many, I will take more pictures over the weekend
        Back home for supper, I preheated our Weber Q 100 and whipped up a salad. for a tasty supper.
not long on our Weber and done to perfection
so very tasty
sure hit the spot
a nice easy travel day only 44 miles
        Perfect weather sunny and warm up to 75F but was windy, still the sunshine was wonderful and supposed to be like this all weekend. We will hang out here for a few days having fun with our friends and enjoy more of this great weather.
        Thanks for stopping on by and hope y'all had a great fall day as well.

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Where have we been this summer ?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Last day here and wrapping up a few things. With amazing fall weather.

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    What a wonderful day we are going to have, and we will make the best of it for sure. Got some nice walkabouts done early after out coffees of course,. About 7:30 am enjoying the sunrises here that are amazing, for this area.
so pretty and inspirational 
           Now with this perfect warm sunny day and not much wind I decided to clean our vent covers and Fantastic fan. I like to do this once a year and they were due. Just waiting for the prefect day and this was it.
they get so dirty
even the fantastic fan, but I have a nice and easy way to clean it.
         The vent covers all off and will give them a good cleaning. They sure get filthy in a year.
I remove the fan blade and wash in the sink easy job
vent covers like new again
Fan blade all sparkling clean too
re installed and works perfect again
        Now time for lunch, we have a few fresh eggs t use up, so a mushroom omelette with onions and ham did the trick. A tasty lunch we had.
a tasty omelette
         After lunch a returned our beer and wine bottles for recycling and made some cash. Back home to put our clean vent covers back on and wash down our solar panels. Hey we good for a while now and soon ready to hit the road.
looking good and ready to go
       After this I stored our Weber Q, checked our tire pressures, dumped our sewage. Then Bonnie and Stella stopped by for a chat. Another blog follower here at 50 point. Really so nice to spend the time and really get to know these people, Super people as, most RV 'rs are.
Doggie fix for Suzie with Stella
such a good dog

              Then we just relaxing in the sun enjoying the wonderful warm sunny after noon. A light breeze and cloudless skies. Reading our books outside on a warm day is what we love. !
lots of nice showers here too
     Soon time for supper, Tonight I am going to make a stir fry, use up our Chicken breast and some fresh veggies before we cross the border in the morning
Chicken and mushroom fried rice
sure hit the spot
plus our last orange
          Not a bad day at all, got done what we wanted and even enjoyed this wonderful weather.
         Thanks for stopping on by and really hope your fall weather was as awesome as ours.

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Where have we been this summer ?