Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sunshine, warm weather, fresh air, and more lawn mowing.

Where are we today ?
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           A wonderful warm start today with sunshine for most of it. Nice early walkabout town , stopped at Pettigrew's Garage to check with Dale about scheduling a repair for the car and later this summer for the coach. Looks like Monday morning will work for him for the car.
         Back home about 8:30 and Suzie had already left for New Hamburg to help her Dad with his excel spreadsheet for setting up the Mennonite Relief Sale in New Hamburg this weekend. For the link you can click HERE.   From there she took my hearing aide in for a repair AGAIN. Picked up our mail at her brothers and home by noon.
          While she was gone I hopped on the mower to mow some more lawn, The repair John did last night seems to be holding so.  So from 9 until 11;30 I mowed some of rear part of the 5 acres here. It was pretty long as you can see in the pic below. Kinda slow going. But I stopped for lunch with Suzie and headed back out to give it a second cutting.
yup to need a good cutting
looks much better now
this looks even better
        That was done in the warm sunshine wearing shorts and a t-shirt, all done by 2 pm Gave our hot water tank burners a blow out with my air compressor, I do that every year. Next was to prep our pork ribs for the Weber Q. Wrapped in foil with spices and sauerkraut for a couple hours on low. makes them so tasty and tender. For the rib recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.  I picked these up yesterday at the No Frills. on sale, almost last day for sale 30% off they cost $6.20 total and we will get 3 meals out for this, can't turn down a deal on pork ribs, we love them.
       While ribs were cooking we enjoyed a lovely afternoon reading outside for a couple of hours.
love the view here
Peter Cotton Tail
     About 4:30 a bit of rain so inside for a few minutes then back out to finish the ribs after making a salad to go with them.
oh so tasty and fall off the bone 
yummy, salad, sauerkraut, ribs and strawberry 
      After supper was drizzling a bit off and on so inside for the night is ok. Tomorrow we will secure the coach and head to the New Hamburg Fairgrounds for the weekend, Help Suzie's Dad if need be and watch the activity as the set up for the big sale, Some auctions friday night, and lots going on early Saturday , most things are wrapped up by noon or shortly after, sometimes sooner if the vendors sell out. Everything start between 7 and 8 am. Lets hope for no rain.
      Not a bad day at all mostly a wonderful warm sunny day. Thanks for stopping by and just hope your day was wonderful well.

Where have we been this summer ?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Relocating to Plattsville for a a few days. nice country drive and enjoying some excellent weather.

Where are we today ?
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         This morning we enjoyed some wonderful warm weather and a few early morning walkabouts. Taking our time and secure the coach hooked up the car and on the road by 9am no hurry today. Just take our time and enjoy the scenic back roads back to Plattsville.
       Couple of detours that gave us a nice scenic drive and got to Plattsville by 10:30, Grabbed the mower and cut the lawn where we park and a bit . Got set up and enjoyed a nice tasty lunch. Headed into New Hamburg to get my hearing aides repaired and had some success there. One needs to be sent away and they gave me a loner. So now I can hear again ! Ya hoo!
all set up here for a couple of days
         Picked up a few groceries and back home to mow a couple of acres here that needed to be done. Packed it in just after 4 pm. Set up our satellite dish and Weber Q. Got to read for a bit with Suzie, discuss our day then whipped up a salad to go with our Turkey Garlic sausage.
lawn looking good now
          Love these Turkey Garlic sausage that we get at the St. Jacobs farmer's market. Still a couple more packs in the freezer so we good for a while yet.
Turkey Garlic sausage on the Weber Q 
And a nice fresh strawberry to go with dinner.
       After supper I hopped back on the mower to do a bit more, but had an issue with some bolts running away, somewhere, oops we have a problem here. Had to shut it down but John had just come home. Don't like to bother him , but we checked it out and he had the bolts to do the repair and actually needed the 2 of us to get things up and running again. By now it was 9 pm. I did one more round to make sure all was good and called it a night. Gonna work on more of this acreage tomorrow and hope to get it all done.
      It was a wonderful warm sunny day , got to 73 f (22C) so a great day for playing outside.
      Now to finish this posting and veg in front of the tube for a bit before calling it a night.
      Thanks for stopping on by and hope y'all had a great day too.
Where have we been this summer ?

Monday, May 22, 2017

Fun in the Kitchen this morning flipping pancakes and wrapping up our time here with friends.

Where are we today ?
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    Today the morning starts of wonderful blue skies and pretty warm no complaints here at all. Got my computing and coffees done and headed down to the 7:15. I was asked if I would like to volunteer help cook for the free pancake breakfast here in the park.
     No problem if they need help I can do it. After 10 years in my restaurant and know a grill pretty good. Mike was there getting things ready mixing up the batter they just needed someone to cook the pancakes. So when the time came just before 8:30 I began. 8 pancakes at a time, these are cooked to order. I was flipping them for the next 2 hours, 2 per plate and just over 190 plates. some people want some extras so I figured I made about 400 pancakes in 2 hours. Kept me hopping and brings back memories of my restaurant days back in the 90's. 10 years I had fun there.
this was me having fun in the kitchen
just like old times
thanks Monique for the picture
nice mix they used
the grill I used
Mike making the batter
love using the grill again
     Every thing went smooth and all were are fed, no complaints. For a free breakfast, but people came back for seconds and thirds.
     Breaky done and actually had a small pancake myself when done. Home by 11 am  Suzie had the laundry sorted and over the the laundromat in town, Let the machines do their magic and I can enjoy my e-reader in the car. Back home 1 pm, dumped and flushed our sewage , filled our fresh water so we good to go in the morning, Defrosted our fridge, had a nice hot shower, Now to relax a bit. Friends down the road had a nice campfire going so we joined them for 'Happy Hour" Nice to enjoy the sunshine and a warm campfire after all the rain we have had.
      Wonderful to spend some time with these guys with pretty decent afternoon weather.
LR, Jackie, Suzie,Bill, Nancy, Me (empty chair) and Harry
      Then home to fire up our Weber Q to grill a turkey burger for Suzie and Chirozo burger me, added to our salad sure did the trick tonight.
a wonderful warm sunny afternoon we had
all the weekend people leaving  now.
so quiet
sure hit the spot tonight love the chirozo burgers
          After supper still enjoying the warm after noon sun, Neighbour Paul stopped by for a bit , and we got read some more and post our blog still outside, and after 9 pm, no bugs here . Gotta love it !
        That was our fun day hope you enjoyed yours as well. The end of our long weekend was not to bad at all, as everyone else was leaving. We heading out in to morning for our week out. Time to get these wheels turning again.
       Thanks for stopping on by.

Where have we been this summer ?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

My birthday continues, Memories, Feamarket this morning in the rain, Happy Hour at the clubhouse, then the skies cleared after supper and a warm sunny evening. And a doggie fix for Suzie.

Where are we today ?
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      What's this long weekend with out rain? Very Rare, and did not disappoint us we got the rain.
    Last night was nice and mild, with a few rain showers off and on. Great for sleeping, windows open a bit with our window awnings down makes for a very good night's sleep..
    Up early, a couple walkabouts and got our pot of coffee drank, then headed out shortly after 9 am to the Pinery Fleamarket in Grand Bend hoping to beat the rain. Got there just before the rain began,
but we did take our umbrellas.
      Now here is few pics my youngest daughter Jessica posted on my Facebook page, if you have face book you can see many more.
about 30 years ago
mid 1980's
here she was about 25 years ago with me. 
when I had my restaurant no beard.

lots of fresh produce as usual
     Then through the buildings is the way to go check out stuff we don't need.
antique out board motors kinda cool
mini donuts if you care 
lotsa people but hiding from the rain
we have our umbrellas and needed them today
      We walked about 1/3 of the Market but with the heavy rain, called it quits after getting a supply on my extra hot pepperettes. Time to head back home get outta the rain.
they are selling these $220.00 each wish I still had ours
       A nice tasty lunch we had and still raining so I headed down to the wonderful fitness centre here for a good workout.
        By 2 pm the rain let up and we were able to enjoy our e-readers outside for a while, chat with a few people then at 4 headed down to the clubhouse for a meet and great with crackers, cheese and popcorn supplied. for and hour or so
the rain stopped and not too bad out now
crackers,cheese, snacks and social time for a while
this our table
       Then home to prep supper, with rain predicted we planned to cook inside.
       We have a spaghetti squash for supper tonight cause it is supposed to rain and it did. For the spaghetti squash recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
spaghetti squash ready for the microwave
10 minites and done
    I had some spaghetti sauce in the freezer that I thawed,fried up some, mushrooms, onions, carrots, garlic, broccoli, added some cooked chicken we had in the freezer, added the sauce made a very tasty meal with leftovers again.
spaghetti squash ready for the sauce 
toasted a hot dog bun for garlic bread with cheese
     Sure did the trick for us and as we were eating had another major downpour of rain.  But by 7 pm the rain stopped, skies cleared sun came out and now a beautiful evening, best part of the day. We actually sitting outside now reading and composing this posting. No complaints here thats for sure.
       Just after 8pm Gail walked by with Hailey stopped to chat for a bit and Suzie got another doggie fix. Bonus !
Hailey stopped by for a chin rub
    Another short walkabout and caught the sunset in the trees, about the best we can get where we are here.
    It was another pretty good day,  not too cold, some rain showers off and on the a nice warm sunny evening. Not to shabby at all.
     Thanks for all the birthday wishes and hope you are having a great weekend as well.
     Here it is after 9pm and still outside amazing !

Where have we been this summer ?

Saturday, May 20, 2017

My Birthday on a long weekend, gotta love it can celebrate all weekend, along with the rest of Canada.

Where are we today ?
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        Heck today is my Birthday made it through another wonderful year, and all of Canada gets a long weekend just for my birthday, (ok it is Victory Day weekend, and I am not QueenVictoria, she is dead and I am still alive, King George maybe?). It is also known as the May 24, (24th of May) or could be the first good camping weekend where Canadians take a 24 of beer camping. Hmmm. What to do? I know what to do enjoy this wonderful sunny weather and another birthday.
       Well no matter what, it is my Birthday today 68 years old. Heck I thought 40 years old was old now 68? How did I ever live this long? Never thought this would happen, no complaints I am still upright and breathing, feel wonderful and think I am in relatively good shape. Somebody is on my side I think.
       At noon today neighbour Brian came over with a beer for me to begin celebrating and I enjoyed it with him . Thanks Brian much appreciated!
the Coor's Light for me
just cause it is a light beer
     This morning right behind us the park had a  "Junk In your trunk sale"  (yard sale) so I took a few things to get rid of (free) and picked up 3 dvd's for 5 bucks, a box of Girls guide cookies, and an almost new tripod for our satellite dish free. Thanks for the tripod Ron and Lorrie.
lots a stuff set up here sold fast
Monique with her photos and more
nice tripod, our other 11 year old one was in rough shape 
Original Girl guide cookies, yummy
lotsa kids in the playgrounds
everyone outside today enjoying this warm weather 
my trivet I use for cooling the baking
and on our Weber Q
        Did get up to70f  (21C) sunny and some breeze but nice enough for shorts most of the afternoon. Yup I can take this weather no problem. Chatted with a few people we know here and there. You do meet people when you are out and about all day, nice to catch up with them once in a while. And so many people wished me Happy Birthday even people I did not know, (small campground stuff ya know)
       3:30 good friends Gail, Randy and Hailey dropped by for a visit, have not seen them for 2 years now. Nice to catch up with them again. Emile, Monique, Paul and Judy joined us as well. Got wished happy birthday again a few times more and just had a fun time all day long.
nice catching up with more friends 
Hailey is such a beautiful dog
      About 4:30 I put one of our small pork loin roasts on that I had marinaded for 24 hours with some nice rub and spices. Set on our trivet covered with foil and let the Weber do its stuff, on about medium heat for 80 minutes until internal temp about 160f.. A nice glaze on the outside sealed in the juices and so moist and tender.
done perfectly
Added to our salad and some applesauce
 was so very tasty
      The wagon rides are heading around the park once again this year, and they actually filled the wagon 3 times. We have done this quite a few times with the grands, but they not here so will leave it for the young families to enjoy.
3 wagon loads tonight a good turnout
        Our friends Bill and Nancy up the road invited us for a campfire tonight, but just when he got it going it began with a light rain, so that was kind of a wash out. Maybe tomorrow. 
         Then at 8 pm a band started playing in clubhouse called Mud Creek. We went down for a while thought it was supposed to be country, but too loud inside for us, could not make out what they were playing, oh well they try. Lotsa young kids on the floor running around enjoying the music so they had lotsa fun.
         Now back home shortly after 9 finish up this posting, watch the tube for a bit and relax. For me it was a perfect day. Great weather, chat with friends, heard from my kids and spend time with my honey. Works for me. Just so glad that we can enjoy this lifestyle doing what we love.
       Thanks for stopping on by and hope you had a wonderfully as well.
Where have we been this summer ?