Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rain for a bit this morning then a wonderful very warm sunny afternoon !

Where are we today ?
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       A pretty nice morning to start the day. wonderful sunrise that I did not take a picture of. A nice walkabout town, stopped by Pettigrews" garage to pay our bill for all the work they did on our coach and car. Very reasonable I thought for all the great work they did.
        About 10 am the skies open up and we had some major rain for a bit. I choose this time to whip into new Hamburg for a few supplies.  Home by 11 and the rain had pretty well stopped.
        A nice light lunch, awning out and hopped on the mower for the last 20 minutes of mowing here. Bright sunny warm day now , really gotta love it !
looks so amazing when it is freshly cut
looking to the back of the yard, love it !
        Then settled in to our e-readers more page turner books that we love. What better way than to enjoy a wonderful very warm summer afternoon?  It did get up to 83f (28C) in the shade a perfect day in our opinion, to do what we enjoy.
        About 4:30 I preheat our Weber Q, inside to whip up a tasty salad' put some chicken drumsticks on our grill mat for supper. The mat worked very well  and when they were almost done slipped them off the mat to crisp up a bit on the grill, some fresh local asparagus for a couple of minutes just to warm it up, very tasty and crisp don't like it all mushy and overcooked
chicken almost done on the mat
crisp up the chicken a bit and grill the asparagus
 sure did the trick tonight and more bones for chicken soup
        Supper done, dishes done lawn mowing done now we enjoy wonderful warm summer bug free evening outside with our books and listening to the birds.
   Does it get much better? Think not.
   Sure hope you had a good day as well and wonderful weather to boot.
   Glad that y'all stopped by for a peek.
Where have we been this summer ?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Giant Hogweed right here across the road! And a fix for my Mac book Pro. First day summer too!

Where are we today ?
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         This is it summer is finally here yahoo!
        A pretty nice morning but still damp after last night's rain. Soon the sun shone and dried up very nicely. Got a nice walkabout town, and back home. But having an issue with my Mac Book Pro. hmm, the touch pad has a mind of it's own. Now the touch pad on a Mac works wonderful and I love it. So hoped in the car to the Apple store in Waterloo. In a couple of minutes  I had help, my Mac was diagnosed and all is working fine , but the touch pad has gone funky. Need a new touch pad. BUT, seeing as my Mac is over 8 years old Apple does not have parts for it anymore. Options. an external I mouse ($79.00) will work or an external touch pad ($179.00) Or I can try to get an aftermarket touch pad on line and have someone install it. (no charge at the Apple store for help)  Don't want to spend a lot of money on it just want to be able to used it. So the tech guy at Apple sent me to a computer store and I bought and external wireless mouse for 15 bucks. Works fine now, just much prefer the touch pad. Eventually I will need a new Mac so don't want to put a lot of money into this one. I used a mouse for many years on my pc's but this just works so much nicer and has so many neat features.
      That done home for lunch And a walkabout in the woods across the road. As soon as I entered the bush I noticed a whole mess of these Giant Hogweed plants, They look like Queen Anne's lace but are 6 to 8 feet tall. Very toxic , can cause skin blisters. and even temporary or permanent blindness if you get them in you eyes. A very invasive plant they are for more info click HERE  .
giant Hogweed
these guys are huge !
     I avoided these and attempted to walk back the trails for a bit, but nope not today, too many mosquitos here, thank I will go back across the road and enjoy our sunshine.
did walk a few short trails before heading back
are giant hogweed 
lots of hiking and atv trails here 
much nicer here bug free
       It was early afternoon and a nice hot sunny day, so I decided to hop on the mower and mow the lawn again it will soon be needed anyway and we leaving here Friday, plus rain in the forecast before we leave.
beautiful fluffy clouds and an a warm sunny day
    I mowed for an hour then stopped to whip up supper at 5 o'clock. Tonight a couple of boneless pork chops to add to our salad. Try them on the grill mat keeps them moist and the grill clean, seem to work pretty good and they were so tasty,
even get the grill marks too
sure hit the spot
       Supper done, dishes done , was a wonderful warm evening so I hopped on the mower again at 6 until 8 and got 95 % of the yard done. Time to call it quits for the day. Relax outside with my honey, finish posting my blog, enjoy this great weather and get back into my page turner book for a while.
       Not a bad day at all, enjoying this cooler but still warm drier air today, Mind you it actually did get up to 84F (28C) mid afternoon. Another perfect day for us here.
       Hope y'all had a great day as well and thanks for stopping on by.

Where have we been this summer ?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Coach repairs done, enjoying a wonderful afternoon and almost watched some soccer.

Where are we today ?
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     A wonderful quiet nice sleep last night at Pettigrew's Garage in town. Pretty quiet here and no issues. Up early as usual and headed for a walkabout town at 7 am after a few coffees. I love heading down river road, so peaceful no sounds other than the mourning doves cooing.
      The parts for our coach came in by 9 am and both Mike and Dale got right on it and all done by 10am. In the meantime Suzie went to her brother's for a bit to visit with her Dad. then back here when the coach was all done.
our engine right between us without the doghouse off
looking pretty good

these guys dropped by to air up their one tire a few times a day
       Coach all done, things checked out and I took it for a test run and back. All looks great. So back to camp awesome 3 blocks away and set up before noon. And a nice light lunch. A quick trip to New Hamburg pick up prescriptions and back to Pettigrew's to get our car serviced as well, it was soon due.
Back to Camp Awesome, and enjoying a wonderful warm
sunny afternoon in the shade
enjoying our e-readers
      Soon time for Happy Hour and begin our supper. Tonight grilled a couple of cod  fish fillets. to go with our salad. Grilled a 1/2 lemon to release much more juice to add to the fish and salad.
maybe 10 minutes in our Weber Q and done 
nice light tasty and healthy supper.
         After supper headed down to Drumbo to watch grandson number 3 play soccer only 10 minutes away. By the time we got there was a light rain then thunder . When there is thunder there is lightning so the first came was called and the second game cancelled. Oh well we tried! Sometimes weather gets in the way of life.
got there just as the game was cancelled.
        Now the bonus was we went back to their house and had a wonderful visit, Nice to get caught up again and have some wonderful family time.
        But now home by 9 pm , still raining (love the sound of rain on our coach roof). Finish posting this blog and call it a night.
        Thanks for taking the time to stop on by.
Where have we been this summer ?

Monday, June 19, 2017

Mystical sunrise, preventive maintenance on our coach, and a huge Swan dropped by !

Where are we today ?
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    A great sleep last night and once again up early as usual waiting to the sunrise outside our kitchener window. And was an interesting misty morning with the sun on the the morning dew rising from the lawn.
so mystical it was
       Just after 7 am did a walkabout town down to Pettigrew's Garage to confirm our appointment to get some work done on our coach. No problem says Dale, will move a couple of cars and fit you in right here. They have another rv in waiting for some parts. Walked back home we secure the coach and back here by 8:30 this morning.
2 rv's here now work needs to be done outside
and the weather pretty decent today
        I wanted a new radiator, clutch  fan. water pump and thermostat installed and hope this cures our overheating issues. As they disassembled a few more issues were found, Idler pully bearing, not good, tensioner pully bearing is making noise, upper rad hose has a small cut, and the fan belt needs to be replaced . Like I told them while you have it apart may as well get things done right. Preventive maintenance has always paid off in the long run. We live in this house 12 months a year now for 11 years (our coach is 18 years old and has 132,000 miles on it)and don't want to break down on the road due to poor maintence .
new rad
old Rad
new water pump
new clutch fan
old clutch fan
       Mike got right to work and sure does know his stuff and is a hard worker. While he was waiting for a few parts he did an oil change and grease job on our coach as well. This guy never stops!
thats Mike under there
Dale inside helping Mike
    While these guys worked away I made a quick trip to New Hamburg , got my eye glasses repaired, hearing aid back from a repair, and sent my other one for repairs as well, it just quit, Sure glad they are covered under WSIB and they have a loaner for me. I am lost without them.
     Back home for a light lunch and they pretty well had everything all back together by 2 pm. Just waiting for the upper rad hose and proper fan belt that will be in tomorrow morning. So coach back off the jack stands and we set up for the night lawn chairs out read in the shade and enjoying Camp Pettigrews !
we can camp anywhere !
       Suzie had a craving for a nutty buddy cone. (after all it was 86f (30c) this afternoon in the shade) Was nice to enjoy our e-readers outside a few people stopped by as well, most we knew.
perfect cone for a perfect day
      While sitting here a couple of young ladies came in to inflate their Swan., It was fun watching them blow it up at the air pumps. This was for their pool, but thought maybe they might ride down the Nith River here just for a laugh.
a huge nice swan
       Nothing  they can do on our coach until the morning so Dale got back to work on the old Winnebago from the 1970's in very god shape, all original. Just doing brakes and tires on it  for a safety and will be good to get back on the road again. (it has been stored inside for years).
        At 5 pm shop is closed so I whipped up supper tonight our usual salad and some very tasty Turkey Garlic Sausage , just fried  for a change, still tastes wonderful.
did the trick tonight
      We actually had a very good day, getting things done, and enjoying this wonderful weather. Will wrap things up here tomorrow and back to camp awesome for a few more days.
     Thanks for stopping by for a peek and hope you have a great day as well.
       P.S :Just after posting this, and reading outside a bit more, the skies clouded over and the evening rains began, just before 8 pm. No trouble here we had a great day outside anyway, soon time to head inside.

Where have we been this summer ?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

A wonderful relaxing Father's Day. A great memories..

Where are we today ?
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          Wishing a Happy Father's day to all those amazing Father's out there and remembering all the great times and memories we have had together. Missing my Father and Grandfather that both raised me and my sister  Louise.
My Father Tom and Grandfather George
     And still enjoying some great times with Suzie's Father whom I have known now for 27 years and Suzie a couple of years longer.
Suzie's Dad Levi
       We left Rock Glen Resort yesterday morning just in time to miss the major storm that came through the park, lots of trees down and a few vehicles damaged but thankfully no one was hurt.This is just one of many pictures that were posted from friends on facebook  that are in the park.
Rock Glen Storm 2017
     Pretty quiet night here last night, no rain or winds just peacefulness. Whats not to love about that?
      Got a few walkabouts town early this morning then about 10 am I hopped on the Ferris mower her to finish up cutting the rest of the 5  acres here. 80 minutes later done in time for a light lunch just before the skies began to drizzle.

looking good now
      Nice walkabout down the road by the Nith River, love this area so quiet and relaxing..  
        After lunch we made trip to New Hamburg, Suzie gonna visit her Dad, But he is always busy and not home (that's a good thing) So we carried on to pick up a few groceries, stopped by her brothers to gather our mail and home again by 2:30 pm.
        Now to enjoy reading in the shade for a while is perfect.
       Tonight we doong pork ribs on our Weber Q, For the recipe you can click here or my recipe blog top right side bar. When I pick up ribs on sale we like to stock up a bit (if we have the freezer space) I serve it by the portion like in my restaurant. This meal of pork ribs was less than $2.00 a portion , makes them very affordable for a meal that we love. Not many people don't like BBQ'd ribs.
in the pan  spiced with sauerkraut
        Then to glaze them on our grill mat and grill some fresh asparagus for a few minutes.
done to perfection
have it all right here, ribs, sauerkraut, asparagus and a healthy fresh made
salad none of that fast food junk for us very often.
At least we know what we are eating.
     That was our wonderful warm sunny day here at camp awesome. So far have heard from one of my 3 children may or may not hear from the others, (but to it still early) not a problem they all busy with families of their own and I can appreciate that, been there done that.
       Hope y'all had a wonderful Father's day and enjoy some great weather as well.
       Thanks for taking the time to stop on by.
   PS :  Just after I posted this the skies opened up with a very heavy rain fall. Just enjoying this on a warm evening under our awning with no wind. Love a nice warm spring rain !
Where have we been this summer ?