Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, April 24, 2017

Arizona clear blue skies, and sunshine, it was just another wonderful day !

Where are we today ?
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          Now this weather we are having is pretty good no complaints here. Arizona skies we having, sunshine no clouds this is wonderful !
            Got a  nice walkabout town about 7:30 am, Yes, a bit cool with the NE wind but sunshine makes it all better. Our solar panels love it !
           Home by 9 am and called my Chiropractor in Waterloo. An appointment for 10:10 am perfect ! Hopped in the car and got a tune up. I am doing pretty good and he was impressed . Must be the good life, ya think ?
          From here to New Hamburg to order new prescription lenses for me. It is nice that our health care  pays for the complete eye exam.  I have new frames so just need the new lenses made here really not too bad at all. Then picked a few groceries and home by noon for lunch.
         In the meantime Suzie had an offer to go to Woodstock Ontario with SIL Sandy just cause they could. Nice chance for them, to catchup up as well.
like this most of the day
Arizona skies are amazing!
here we are under the willow trees
just starting to come to life
       Temps got t 68 F (20C) but a cool NE wind right on our patio, No problem here we can sit behind our coach in the sun and no wind. Perfect for a lovely afternoon reading outside.
perfect spot to enjoy this wonderful warm sunny weather
        Soon time of supper, fire up our Weber Q 100 to grill a couple of Turkey Burgers.
another great meal on our Weber Q
added to our salad was wonderful
       No problem today at all, got some stuff done and the sunny skies were wonderful.
      Thanks for stopping by and hope y'all had an awesome day as well.
      The way I look at it  every day we are upright and breathing is an awesome day !

Where have we been this summer ?

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Perfect spring time weather, outside all day long.

Where are we today ?
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      Today we gonna have some wonderful weather according to the weather gods. And all day long it was perfect. Got up yo 69f (20c) in the shade and with the clear blue cloudless skies, no wind, it was much warmer in the sun. Shorts and t-shirt day for sure by 10 am.
sunrise out our dinning room window just before 7 am
     Then a nice walkabout town 7:30 am, down River road and around the village for a while. So peaceful , 2-3 cars about but other than that peace and quiet. Just hear the mourning doves cooing.
looking west across the river flats
on River Road
this is the sky we saw all day, perfect
        I grabbed my swede saw and pruning shears and walked about the 5 acres here to trim a few trees and branches that get in the way of mowing the lawn. Just aded to the burn pile.
       Than after a light lunch I hopped on this wonderful commercial Ferris mower to do some grass cutting. Did not do the whole yard, just about 2/3rds of it that needed to be done. I will head back out in a few days before we leave here to mow the whole yard.
that's me playing on the mower,
so comfortable, quick and easy does it
        By 3 pm we can enjoy our E-readers in the shade just doing what we do best, reading.
nice and comfy here,
 so very warm, gotta love it
our view from under the awning
          By 3:30 time to preheat our Weber Q 100 and put out chicken on for supper. I picked up this morning on sale $2;47 a lb. not  a bad price for Canada , but we will get a few meals from this and a large pot of soup as well.
just over an hour on low, done to perfection
185f internal temp with my instant read thermometer
         Added our salad to go with it, 1/4 dark meat for Suzie and 1/2 of one breast and 2 wings for me.
Oh so tasty, yup we love our chicken on the Weber Q. Also the last 2 of our Yorkshire  pudding from our roast beef the other night, Of course I love my hot sauces on my chicken just to give it that extra kick.
yummy? Yes it sure was.
      Now here we are sitting outside in the shade, still enjoying this wonderful weather, posting the blog and reading some more. Does it get much better that a this? Don't think so.
        Thanks for stopping on by and really hope your day and weather was as wonderful as ours was.
Where have we been this summer ?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sunny warm day, Ma's final resting place and a hockey game , we sure got around today.

Where are we today ?
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             Weather is getting better and more sunshine that's what we love ! No rain ,no clouds plus sunshine temps up to about 60 f (15C) not too shabby with clear skies, A cool breeze but we can deal with that.
            A bit of a walkabout this morning down the road by the Nith river, flowing pretty good after the rains we had.
      Suzie got her chair out to enjoy the sunshine while I was out and about. 
        Eventually we had a light lunch then head to the Cemetery in Breslau for my Mother's internment. This be the place where Mom will be interned with her son, My younger Brother as well as her Brother our Uncle.
so right about Ma on her urn 
There she is now together with her son(my brother) who died way to young
and Ma's Brother Uncle Leonard Reader
 a nice quiet gathering with a few fitting words
were said for Ma.
Finally at Peace.
     Then we gathered in front of the tree Ma had dedicated for her son and brother to have our pictures taken just because we could. We have so many memories and pictures of all the good times we all had together.
Ma had this tree and plaque dedicated in 2000
LR, SIL Sherry, Brother  Chris, Sister Louise, BIL Paul, Nephew, Rob ,
His wife Emily,then Me and Suzie in the front
       After this we all headed our separate ways home, we back to Plattsville, to putter around in this lovely warm weather. We dragged the 200 foot water hose out from the house to top up our fresh water tank. Read in the sun and shade for a bit then time for supper.
love the scenery here and so quiet
       Supper tonight a couple of pan fried cat fish fillets we brought back home from the USA, grilled a 1/2  a lemon this makes it real juicy!
added to our salad was excellent
     Supper done dishes done and at 6:30 a short drive to the AYR arena to watch Grandson number 1 play hockey. This is very fast passed hockey 2 teams, 4 on 4 for 48 minutes, The clock does not stop and neither does the play, every 90 seconds a buzzer goes off and the players change shifts, They get a 90 second rest then back on the ice again. The puck never stops.
there he is  with the yellow socks
right in the action
       It was a fun game and no dull moments that's for sure. Too bad they were defeated this time 10 to 7 but they sure put up a good battle, they all had a good workout and a great time as well.
heading back home just after 8 pm almost caught the sunset
      No matter we had a good day, enjoying the weather, finally putting Ma to rest with some of the family, enjoyed a fun hockey game as well.
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by for a peak hop y'all had a great day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Not much happening today, just doing what we do best, and got a thorough eye exam.

Where are we today ?
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    The rain stopped overnight and was about 42f (5c) But today today mostly cloudy and a slight drizzle off and on.
    At 8 am took the car to Pettigrew's Garage to get Dale to check out the front end making some noise, and all looks pretty good except will need one new ball joint. He will get it in next week and check the brakes at that time that might be due as well. We have only done the brakes once at 430,000 kms (267,000 miles), this 2002 Saturn has been treating us very good so far.
     Then picked up a few groceries and puttered around setting up our new Bell Turbo hub for internet. Quick and easy set up to secure it, no issues and find it is much faster than our Roger's wireless one and will be a bonus when going to other places where the Rogers does not work that well if at all.
      While I did this Suzie got her new I phone all set up, of course she loves it and both of these devices were free with the 2 year contract that works perfect for us. Save money all around and get better service too.
this the hub and works wonderful
      Just a light lunch, more bean soup was perfect on a cool damp day.
      Even got some quality reading time in (not outside though) and off to New Hamburg at 2;30 PM to have my eyes tested, its been quite a while. That took an hour for the complete test and no cost to us, being a senior now has it's privileges. Eyes are good and slight prescription change on my glasses will research that to see if we get new lenses or wait till next winter. Maybe sooner than later.
       Back home by 4:30 and time to whip up supper, still to cool to sit out side, so tonight a tasty Fettuccini Alfredo with some  fresh cooked shrimp and a salad. Sure did the trick again.
one of Suzi'e Favourites.
       The day just slipped on by, no major rain was good, but some sunshine and a bit warmer would be better. We know that's coming shortly so just patiently waiting.
      No noticeable sunset tonight still over cast. So this blog is posted and we can enjoy some more reading for a bit and maybe even a show on the tube before calling it a night.
       Thanks for stopping by and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Cold ,rainy, windy but got a a new cell phone and new internet.

Where are we today ?
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      Now we are into some cooler rainy, windy weather for a few days. Not a problem we have stuff to do and  our Mr, Heater to keep us warm. No walkabouts this morning just raining and cool. Only got to 42 f (5.5C) today so not really an outside doing stuff kinda day.
pretty much like this here all day
our Mr, Heater keeps us cozy and sips at the propane
considering we are almost boondocking
     Suzie had a dentist appointment in New Hamburg and I stayed here doing some photo stuff and research. She was home in time for lunch and more of the homemade Bean soup I made yesterday. Always tastes better after the first day..
perfect lunch for a cold rainy day
        Gonna rain all day so a good day to whip into Kitchener to get our New Bell Internet Turbo Hub That will work better than the Rogers one we have in the areas we will travel to this summer. Good deal on this Free with a 2 year contract instead of $299.00 giving us the data that we need at a good price.
we have friends that use this and works great for them
will get it going tomorrow.
she loves her new I phone
      Also Suzie wanted a new I-phone, her's is about 5 years old and causing some issues. This  new one is exactly what she wanted and again free with a 2 year contract (instead of $499.00) same as we have had for years. Same phone number and we can use it in Canada and the USA, No other phone needed, Just my cheap disposable phone that I carry so she can find me when I wander about.
they even had the case she wanted there as well, perfect 
     Back home in time to whip up supper, Tonight a rare treat for us a top sirloin beef roast I picked up on sale the other day will work great in our oven. No Weber Q today with rain cold and wind.
       To go with a beef roast gotta have Yorkshire pudding that I was raised on with roast beef. Must be my British background.
this mix makes it easy and perfcet
baked up  WHITE sweet potato that we had
was perfect
the roast done to perfection
medium rare
Yorkshire pudding, perfect
added our salad and sure hit the spot
and of course a bit of gravy from the drippings 
      Now we have some leftover beef for lunches our whatever for a few days.
      We had a pretty productive day considering the weather, And got some things taken care of. 
      Still raining, and and cool at 7:30pm so we can read for a bit and watch the tube for a while before calling it a night.
       Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a great day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rain, sunshine, bean soup, and our winter expenses.

Where are we today ?
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      Just another good nights sleep , pretty mild with windows open a bit about 48f (8C) overnight great for sleeping. Up early and started  a large pot of Ham Bean soup. Thanks to the 2 large ham bones we were gifted on Sunday and Monday, they make for a great base for this  soup mix that we enjoy, recipe is on the package. To bad we can only buy this in the USA. But we brought home 2 packs.
      We had some morning rain for a while but warmed up very nicely . We just opened our awning so that we can still enjoy the outside mild weather. Works for us.
love this bean soup
         While simmering I made a quick trip to New Hamburg for some ingredients  and finish of the soup for lunch.
        Simmered the beans until done with the ham bones, and added the rest of the ingredients and was oh so tasty.
lotsa soup for many lunches
this is an amazing lunch,
one of my favourites .
       After lunch I took Suzie into Waterloo for her Chiropractor appointment, and stopped by the Wholesale club for a few things. Picked her up and back home here by 3:30 pm. Sunny, warm and no more rain. Perfect now we can enjoy reading outside, our Happy Hour, catching up with each other until time to whip up supper.
a very nice afternoon
and no rain or wind
        Then I put together our fresh salad and grilled a couple of salmon fillets on our Weber Q 100 for a nice light healthy meal. After all the Easter food we need to do this more.
now this was excellent, just what we needed

    What did this winter cost us in the warm south away from the cold and SNOW?

      We went over some figures for this past winters expenses etc. (Suzie is a book keeper) and below is what we did if you care to look. Some people do like to know what it costs to do what we do, we are fairly frugal to a point.
       Our total camping costs for this past 6 months when we headed south were  $664.00 CDN  $499.00 US for our 175 days mostly in the southwest for all of our camping fees. More than we would have spent normally. Lots of free camping and BLM land.
      How far did we drive our coach this past winter?  9,766 kms 6,068 miles for the motorhome
      Fuel expense $2653.75 Cdn  $1,996.59 US for the Motorhome. GAS
      US gallons 888 an average of $2.24 US a US gallon overall average of 6.82 miles per US gallon a bit less than our usual 7.2 Miles per US gallon mainly from our travelling through a lot of high elevation and mountains on the way there this year.
       This same mileage would have cost us $3693.00 CDN for the same amount of fuel in Canada at $1.10 a litre.
      Any who it was another wonderful winter, avoiding the freezing temps and the snow.  We had more wind and rain than usual, but think no matter where you went to was about the complaints here and the best thing was all the desert flowers than appeared this spring that we have hardly ever seen before in 10 years of travelling the southwest.

       We had a pretty nice day here taking the weather one day at a time. And getting a few things done while we are here. We did manage to enjoy sitting outside until just after 7:30 tonight enjoying the quiet , birds chirping  and even a few mosquitoes bugging us as well. Hmm should be too cold for them buggers. 64 f right now.
       Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a great day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?