Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Nice visit with an old friend on a miserable day.

Where are we today? 
Stratford Ontario
Happy Saturday still sleeping pretty good more like I used to sleep sleep fast and good from about 8 :30 until 3;30 am wake for a while a short snooze then raring to go before 6 am. After a bits cereal and juice.

My water pills and leg wrapping seem to be helping the swelling has gone down a bit in my legs and can actually see my ankles, much improvements here is a good thing.

Then by 7:30 am day shift came in got my meds into wheel chair and headed out cruise around  and around noticed it was beginning to snow . Calling for light snow off and on all day. Grabbed  piece of toast and 1/2 a bacon sandwich because I could and was tasty.
wild blueberry and Raspberry jam was excellent
Expecting company 3 couples at some point but they all had a distance to travel depending on the weather. 2 couples cancelled, snow and bad roads. maybe tomorrow but my old Buddy Jim and Christine  arrived right on schedule at 10 am  a 2 hour back country drive for them.
we enjoy lunch in the dinning room Soup and pastries
 for them me egg salad, and French Canadian Pea soup
 I have written about Jim before, we went to public and high school way back when and still keep in touch, had a wonderful visit, we enjoyed with them just the 4 of us and before we knew it 4 hours flew on by, time for them to head on back home, he tires out as well as I do after his triple by pass a month ago and this is his second trip here to visit with us. We enjoy a light lunch in the  dinning room  soup and pastries available for them  I enjoyed a 1/2 egg salad sandwich with tomato and some French Canadian pea soup a favourite of mine hit the spot. This is a soup I love and have made a few times, my homemade  version is healthier ( the recipe is HERE or my recipe blog  top right side bar)  but my only option here is and old standby from Habitant,
Christine and Jim
 Just before 2:30 pm, time for a cold beer because I could, Suzie and I both did some computer stuff and chatted, then shortly after 4 headed in time to make her supper.
a tasty craft Beer cousin brought from Ottawa Ontario
then with dinner at 5:30 a very tasty beer
from Italy Thanks to BIL Brian
Dinner tonight was a very yummy meal I enjoy. Chatting with the cook Micheal the other day I suggested maybe shepherds pie for a change and wow that's what we had,  oh so good. added a caesar salad Suzie brought for me (a mix) really hit the spot , have ben missing my salads.
oh so tasty it was and they even threw in a Butter tart for desert
That was it for another great day visiting with a good buddy and catch up over the years is always fun And of course all this tasty food  made right here, so person when they only have 8 patients to cooks for.

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit hope y'all had a good one as well.

Remember "One day at time"

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