Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, April 19, 2019

Good Friday, Happy Easter and time for Family fun.

Where are we today ? 
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         Rained pretty well all night and 47F  (8C) at 5 am still raining and suppose to be like this for a while. This is Good friday, just before Easter and a Holiday for most everyone.
      Pretty wet out there and raining heavily, almost lakes of water all over here, nice that we are high enough and dry,  We are making the trip to visit family in Aurora Ontario a couple of hours away. Our 3 kids and 8 grands always a fun time and nice to see everyone again. Heading out about 9:30 taking our time on these wet roads.
it was very wet here this morning
and still pouring rain
yup it was wet
      With the heavy rain and traffic it was very difficult to and relatively slow going, some slow downs but kept going ended up taking us 3 hours. Once off the highways next to no traffic. think everyone was heading out somewhere for the Easter weekend.
     Arrived in Auroa by 12:30 greeted everyone there with lotsa hugs, and of course Fergie huge Golden Doodle  thats thinks she is a lap dog.
may daughters wonderful old home 3 stories plus a finished basement
love their front porch
a huge puppy fix for Suzie
        Once here I was told of a new Asian Supermarket, so had to go and check it out. WOW this place is amazing. Anything Asian they have, I did a quick walkabout for 30 minutes and could have spent hours there, checking out and buying some wonderful foods we would love. And some I am not so sure about.
        Had to go check out this Asian Market and will be back.
fresh Sushi 
cooked asian meals, pork, duck, chicken, fish,
all look amazing
even a full buffet for take out
Fresh Silkie Chicken on the left
         Fish, shrimp, seafood, live fish, so many interesting foods here.
want fish heads? they have them as well
love fish too, , catch your own?
     Once back to our daughters' place , playing with the kids and grands everyone arrived. Time to put our Spiral ham in the oven, low and slow for a couple of hours so we don't dry it out.
got a good deal on this 10 pound ham,
only 87 cents a lb in Ohio
   The 2 youngest grand daughters hooked up right away and hit if off  having fun.
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hanging out in the kitchen having snacks
making play doh spaghetti
with Uncle Brian
the two young ones having fun
Feeding Fergie
a nice large platter of ham,
more than enough for us

     We had a mashed taters, green beans, fresh made salad, cornbread, buns and lotsa deserts.
    The boys ate down stairs in the game room.
this sure did the trick tonight
The 2 older girls ate in the living room
       Now after supper the guys were down stairs playing ping pong and me and my son had to challenge them. Heck we sure had fun and a wonderful workout. Been a lot of years since I played this, forgot how much fun it can be.
    We all had our special moves and worked up a good sweat, so much fun playing these games with some of the grands. Making memories and bring back some wonderful ones as well.
     Such a fun day getting togehter with the family enjoying an Easter feast and fun family time together.
     Glad that you dropped by and hope you enjoyed a Good Friday , beginning  of our Easter weekend.
     Tomorrow we head back to New Hamburg.
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