Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, December 10, 2018

Another great southwest desert day, meeting up with good friends and enjoying this weather

Where are we today ? 
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       What the heck after a wonderful sleep last night we were both out of bed at 5 am. Think our bodies are still on Ontario time. No problem for us, we made the most of today for sure. Got our computing done early coffees consumed , and when the sun came up we can enjoy this wonderful dry Arizona weather in the sunshine. Before I headed out I put the chicken bones from last nights chicken on to boil and make a wonderful chicken broth for some soup. Let that go for a couple of hours and smell wonderful inside our house.
      My first walkabout around the park at 7 am netted 1.5 miles and a very nice sunrise. Eventually got 4 miles done by the end of the day.
love this desert sunrises
      Back home to make the rest of my soup and let it simmer some more to make it all together and very tasty.
      In the meantime we had a local fellow handy man (Jesus) drop by to look at my recliner and check it out, He may have parts to fix it very  reasonable he checked his inventory but never got back to us, Guess he did not have the cable we needed.
      Then we went to office to exchange a couple of DVD movies we have watched and came home with 2 more one actually has 8 action movies that I am sure we will enjoy.
      Soup done and time for a tasty lunch, that we both enjoyed,
yes this was tasty and enough for a couple more lunches
    Got a text from a very nice couple we met here in the southwest almost 10 years ago in the Imperial Sand Dunes and keep in touch with over the years. Have camped with them a few times as well having fun and touring the dunes with them. They live close in Sierra Vista not far from here and dropped by for a wonderful visit and catchup. So nice to see them again it has been a couple of years.
Jennifer and Harry
     After they left and lunch I took a nice drive down a few back roads just checking out the scenery. Love this area and so much more of the southwest.
the Whetstone mountains and an interesting backroad
    Back home we can now relax outside and enjoy our page turners, temperature about 75f but a cool east wind and cloud cover. Too hot for long pants and too cool for shorts. So we managed the long pants and being too hot but sure beats the cold, weather back home.
not much hot sun today and no visible sunset
       Soon time for supper so I whipped up a salad, hooked up out camp stove and pan fried a couple of catfish fillets.  I got the oil a bit too hot but they cooked very nicely, almost blackened but they tasted wonderful and not burnt.
this camp stove sure comes in handy at times
have had it over 40 years
Nothing like a good catfish feed and a salad
       Now the day just flew on by, weather wonderful, so nice to see our friends again , enjoy this great southwest weather and have a wonderful relaxing afternoon and a tasty super. Does it get much better? Think not.
       Thanks again for joining our lifestyle, glad to have you along.

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