Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Cooler day relaxing , run a few errands and just putter around.

Where are we today ? 
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        The weather cooled down last night for a good sleep without our AC needed. So nice to be back here full hookups for a while , get a few things done and relax now back in our home again! Our fridge seems to be working perfectly on propane once again. Turned on over night and temperatures right where they should be, food is taken care of and our Beer and wine is cold, what more can we ask for?
        Did get a short walkabout early this morning then at 8 am headed into Strathroy to stock up on some needed groceries. Ended up only getting 2 miles walked today , but have been busy puttering around, Always something to fix.
        After ordering the new part for our step and a light tasty lunch. I set to work to re-attach the headliner in our car. It has been coming loose for a while and after trying a few fixes, Barry at the body shop recommended a product that works. I picked it up in New Hamburg last week.
sun visors removed and windshield masked
for overspray
 to secure our headliner
half hour later all back in place,
much better now
this product is made for this project
       I puttered around a bit more with a few small projects, and tried to get our TV antenna  cable fixed, but need to get a few parts to finish this off. Even Gerry gave me a hand for a while.
        But 3 pm Happy hour time, so he and Tucker joined us . sharing more tips , computers and travel tips.
Doggie fix for Suzie , Tucker gets a treat
he is such a good boy
Tucker likes his new chair we got for him
Melinda stopped by on her way home from working
     Soon time for Supper, so preheat our Weber Q, whipped up a salad and grilled some souvlaki, 2 pork and 2 chicken. One each.
quick and easy on our grill mat
    I made some Tzatziki sauce (greek yogurt, cucumber etc..) to go with it , sure hit the spot tonight.
very tasty and light supper
       Now back outside for a couple of hours to wrap up this posting and a friend Joe dropped by to chat for a while to catch up. First time we have seen him this year.
      Temps today in the mid 70's f very comfortable and still nice out here after 8 pm , but soon time to head inside for the night.
      Such a nice productive and relaxing day, so nice to be back in our house in a campground we enjoy, on our favourite site beside a cabin , so peaceful here.  And yes or fridge is working perfectly once again on propane, Thanks to Jim Gammon.
      Thank y'all for dropping by for a peek. And hope you had great day as well.
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