Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 22, 2017

Back is getting better, weather getting hotter, we enjoying it while it lasts. And SNOW!

Where are we today ? 
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       What an awesome night we had, bedroom windows open, fantastic fan running and we both slept like a log. As usual up early got the coffee and stuff done took the garbage out and hopped in the car at 7:30 am to head to my Chiropractor in Waterloo DR. Sean Delange he took over from my previous Chiropractor Bruce Wand after I had seen him for over 34 years.  Sean is amazing using all the new techniques. I  needed to allow some extra time for rush hour traffic especially around the University of Waterloo. Sean did some major adjustments on my back and mentioned that there is some bursitis  in my right hip. So I have a few exercises and will put ice on it  for 10 minutes avery few hours. As of 6 pm I feel much better already at least I can get up and walk around with very little pain. And the rest of my back is all tuned up. Almost brand new again! Thanks Sean !
7:30 am a nice morning sunrise on my way.
       Before I left I added all the veggies and spices to the large pot of chicken broth I made last night and just let it simmer for a couple hours, Suzie home here to keep and eye on it anyway.
       Home by 9:30 and finished off the soup for an early lunch. And of course lotsa leftovers for a few more lunches.
this is nice hearty Stewoup
tasty steoup, apple and banana yummy
     Got lunch  done then I headed into New Hamburg for another follow up eye exam at 11:50 am. 3rd one this year, a few adjustments were made and he noticed I may have the beginnings of cataracts , Not to worry for a few more years, (oh the joys of getting older). At least this is all paid for by our government health care.
love the back country roads around here
        Now it is back home and relax with our e-readers and some ice packs on my hip every once in a while . The temperature did get to 95F (35C) but not too bad here at all in the shade with still a very nice light breeze. You know it is nice out when Suzie is wearing shorts!
        A bit later to the Hardware store in town to fill our jug of RO purified water. And saw some snow ! Ok not really snow but from the arena when they clean the ice and dump it outside, It sure is melting pretty fast in this hot weather.
Snow looks great from here in the heat
just enjoying our E-books and the quiet view 
        Now because we can, having a craving supper tonight, Hot dogs and homemade french fries, We have the Fry Daddy so why not? A rare occasion any more but a nice treat.
Love this Fry daddy
one hot dog each is all we need
      Of course our dogs are loaded, mayo, tomato, onions, mustard, relish and peanut butter, Suzie chooses cheese whiz over peanut butter, they did the trick, with a few fries.
was a perfect meal for a hot summer day
     Now that was an amazing first day of fall, Heck I thought it was yesterday. This is the weather we can enjoy, for some people too hot, No need for  air conditioning when we can enjoy this shade outside, plus not enough power for the A/C anyway.
      Here we are still outside shorts and sandals after 7:50 pm in the shade enjoying our reading and posting this blog. Gotta read our here a bit more listening to the cricket symphony. Still wonderfully warm too and no bugs!
       Thanks for taking the time to check us out and hope y'all had a great day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?