Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Walmart sunrise, and enjoying more Pennsyvania scenery , gonna check out Gettysburg.

Where are we today ? 
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        A quiet night at this Walmart and we sure did get a wonderful sleep. Sleeped in again until 6 am , amazing! Got the coffees consumed and some computing done then a walkabout the parking lot and the Walmart. Got myself self a new pair of Levi's in the size and style I wanted. Bonus here no sales tax! Yahoo....
even Walmarts have nice sunrises
      No rush again today only 113 miles to Gettysburg Pennsylvania . A very nice drive through the Mountains here and most of it beside the rivers, Loving the scenery . Hit the road just after 9 am. Very little traffic all day.
       When we got to Harrisburg PA we missed a turn , oops. No problem now we get a a scenic tour of some downtown Harrisburg that we would have missed. We are never lost just sometimes take a scenic route.
Glad we missed our turn or
 we would have missed this
        Arrived  at Gettysburg Battlefield  Resort  about 11;30 am , and  got set up on a nice pull through site, full hookups, free wifi, 50 amp as well. And no overnight fees. Part of our Membership at Rock Glen Resorts and Resort Of Distinction . This is huge very nice campground and right in a location that we want to be.
This be our site 
all set up , enjoyed a nice light lunch then into
 the museum and Visitor Centre in town
this is the place to go for all the info,
they told us that when we checked into the Campground
love this old Corvair parked beside us in the parking lot 
lots of info here
   This visitor centre and museum is amazing  everything you need to know you can find out here.
this is only a tiny part of this place 
Suzie heading in
     The information lady we had way so helpful ,  the tours and things we can do here is amazing ! We can spend a lot of money or very little, Narrated tours are nice, expensive but with my hearing loss could be a waste of money. So we loaded up with choices and headed back home to relax and decide what we will do, on the wonderful sunny 67F day. This sure beats the weather we left a couple of days ago,  It will get cooler here too but we will enjoy this sunshine while we can.
Our afternoon views reading in the warm sunshine
    Soon time for supper and tonight we decided we could use up some more of our leftover chicken . So chicken Quesadillas done on the grill mat on our Weber Q. loaded with chicken, onions, Mushrooms and cheese, they do cook up nicely on our grill.
ready to top it
done perfcetly

This hit the spot with the rest of the
Amish Potato Salad  we got yesterday
    That was our fun day moving on down the road, seeing new places and new faces, Exploring some places that we have never been before. This is what our life is all about.
     Finally inside by 7 pm 57 f outside  and no more sunshine, Time to relax inside for a while. And get ready for exploring tomorrow.
     Thank y' all for dropping on by and hope you had a wonderful day as well.
only 113 miles today a very nice drive
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 Where have we been this Winter?

Monday, October 22, 2018

Finally on the road again, this is wonderful !.

Where are we today ? 
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     A great sleep last night and actually slept in until 6:30 guess we are partied out. But did get some coffees consumed here I had to go to Niagara County Produce for  a few things in particular . Some New England Clam chowder we tried last year and loved it!
only 12 minutes away and got what we wanted
this chowder is excellent
love going to this place
want pumpkins? they have them
      On my way back passed by this Salon that Kim works at below, Love the name.
Kim has been here for a while and a great hair dresser
      Back to Bill and Barbs, said our seen ya laters, and hooked up the car and headed on down the road at 10 am No really hurry today only 215 miles too go and stay overnight at a Walmart is our plan,
couple our hours of nice country back roads
     Then a bit of interstate  into Pennsylvania
a very nice welcome centre here
An nice looking Elk head here in the lobby
love the views here
now enjoying  the scenery in these Pennsylvania Mountains 
     We arrived  at the Walmart in Lewisburg Pa  just after 3 pm for the night. Checked out the store and picked up a few things here. This is Amish country.
our spot for tonight
we bought this for dinner, very close to the Potato salad
Suzie's mom used to make
     Now for supper some chicken schnitzel I bought at Niagara County Produce,  with some fried fresh mushrooms and onions, topped with shredded cheese, on a fresh Kaiser bun from Walmart bakery.
this sure did the trick tonight
and hit the spot
quick and easy
only 218 miles today.
a wonderful drive
      Now that was our fun day, so nice to be back on the road again, we are both loving it. New scenery, new places that we have never been before .
      Looks like we surpassed our 2 millionth page view and Contessa said she was the one. So when we meet up with them again I owe her a drink.
       Want to thank everyone who has followed our blog and all the wonderful comments you have given , Hope you had a great day as well..

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 Where have we been this Winter?

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Leaving Lazy Lakes , then visit in Clarence Centre NY before heading further south

Where are we today ?
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    After a fun busy outside day yesterday we sure got a good sleep. 38F outside at 6 am today with and overcast sky and a cold wind. After coffee and computing I set out for a nice quiet walkabout the campground for a mile or so. I heard a flock of Geese overhead and they came in around the south "lake" I was walking by. They circled 3-4 times slowly depending and all landed by another flock already here. Resting up I am sure for their long southern migration.
honking on the way in
nice landing in the lake
      Back to our campsite and is pretty quiet here now compared to the last couple of days.
        About 8:30 we said our see ya laters to Betty, Chris and Janine as they packed up and headed home. Bill and Barb were packing up and getting ready to head home as well, We will see them later at their house.
     Then I went and had a very nice long hot shower in the clean showers they have here and back home for a light tasty lunch.
   We puttered around for a while then secured our coach , stopped by the dump station to empty our sewage and wander on down the road to Clarence Centre. A nice leisurely drive of only 22 miles.
Peaceful here now
     Left our site at 12:45 as we were in no rush and knew there would be a lineup at the dump station, This park has electric and water but only a few sewer sites. The lineup was about 14 Rvs for 2 dump stations and about a 45 minutes wait,( memories of Quartzsite AZ). No big deal like I said we are not in a hurry.
just waiting for the next one available now
     Then out of the park and Suzie follows me in the car, A winery just down the road from here we have never been to. A nice mostly country drive to their house.
local winery right here
nice country side here
Transit Road Drive in still open
almost a dinosaur these days
       Arrived at Bill and Barbs at 2:30, backed into their driveway and plugged in for the night.
they have a nice new to them house
love their TV room
nice comfy seating too
The Buffalo Bills playing, gotta watch it
    Then their daughter Kimberly came by to visit with us for a bit and come for supper with us.
        This be the place they choose tonight, A nice small local pub with pretty good food.
we got a nice quiet table in a small room, perfect
Seafood Bisque for Suzie was excellent
Chicken Quesadilla for her,
very tasty
now because we are in Buffalo I have to have wings
and they were excellent my Habanero sauce too.
       Back to Bill and Barbs , visit for a while with them, Kim , Sadie and Scott. In a nice relaxing setting after our busy day yesterday. Always enjoy our time with these guys so fun and so relaxing.
Barb and Sadie
Suzie, Sadie and Kim
       Enjoying their company and with there kids and grands, A wonderful tasty meal and a place to park for the night before we head on out in the morning.
      Thanks for stopping on by and hope y'all had a great Sunday as well.

      Sometime Monday someone will be our 2 millionth visitor , I wonder who that will be? Hard to believe we have had that many people reading our blog.
22 miles today
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 Where have we been this Winter?