Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Cooler but sunny, and issues with the government shutdown

Where are we today ? 
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          Things around here are becoming quite interesting with this government shutdown.
          Then later noticed this sign by our check in office, meaning they intend to shut down the water and sewage dump station at 11 am Monday morning. Could not be a busier time here in Quartzite the busiest week of the year.  
            Not fussy on an early walkabout until it warms up a bit so at 7:30am  a run into Town (before the traffic starts) stopped at the Roadrunner Market for a few supplies. I drove around La Posa West and noticed these signs at the check at office about the Government shutdown.
       It was much colder last night but we quite comfy here. At 5 am it was 36f  (2c) but in no time our Blue Flame heated brought our inside up to 75C and the thermostat maintains that and as the sun rises  we enjoyed the warmth of the sun, with a clear blue sky and less wind than yesterday. This mornings sunrise is show promise of a much warm day in the sun.
sun shining on the mountains to the west of here
a nice sunrise
Garbage dumpsters are not being empty
line up for the sewage dump at one point I counted 30 rv's in line
an average of 2 every 1o minutes its a long wait
mind you have seen this many before in the past
     It was a very nice sunny day but a cool wind think it only got to 58F but we could site outside and read, most of the afternoon, our windbreak (blue Tarp) to keep the cold wind off our feet.
wind behind us , so was quite comfortable
       Just after noon I gathered our empty water containers and sat in line just for about 15 minutes , reading my book anyway so no problem, We have enough conatiers for 15 gallons that will keep us going for a while.
this lone just for water
nice blue skies and a jet stream
    Then at 3 pm Happy Hour at Bill and Patsy's thought we would try outside and was actually quite comfortable mostly out of the wind. Tom and Deb joined us and we did our usual share stories .
this a panoramic  picture I took
worked pretty good.
This lady across from us unloading her van and going to set up a pup tent
         Around 4 pm we noticed the Police, fires department and ambulance head further back and a while later made there way back out, not sure what was going on.
    Suzie got her doggie fix with Clemson
good boy
     For supper tonight making some honey Pecan chicken got the recipe from Deb, Thanks Deb for the recipe you can click here or my recipe blog top right sidebar
ready to grill
done on the grill mat and 2 plain pieces for lunches
this was excellent !
tonights sunset
this sunset from last night amazing, I forgot to post it
        It was actually a pretty decent day, here a bit cooler and windy but at least sunny blues skies. But much better than back home, no complaints here.
        Thanks for stopping in and hope y'all had a wonderful day as well.

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Where have we been this winter ?

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Whipped through the big tent first thing, not too busy, and back home to enjoy the rest of this cool day.

Where are we today ? 
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      Actually very mild night 54f at 4:30 this morning had a wonderful sleep. Now for the next week it will be cooler in the 60's and today windy. But when the sun is shining it will be quite nice out.
       Our plan today  is to check out the Quartzite, Sports, Vacation and Rv Show which starts today at 9 am. We have done this most every year since 2007. We got to the show parking lot off of hwy 95 and pulled in with Bill, Patsy, Tom and Deb along. Got a nice parking spot right handy to the big tent and read our e-readers until it opens at 9 am sharp.
lots of free parking before the crowds arrive.
the Big tent right there
did not take long to fill up though
we walked to the east entrance for 9 as an announcement
tells us it is open, gates open and crowds converge
we made our way down the 3 rows in the tent
       Not much new pretty well the same every year, We spun a few wheels and won some prizes, checked things out. This has always been more of a home type show, with cooking demos jewelry clothing etc with maybe half of the booths related to camping , campgrounds, etc...
cooking demo
food stuffs
the crowds moved right along
satellite dishes etc..
more cooking
        This one display had free camping guides for various states and even one for Camping in Ontario (Canada) we were impressed.
camping guides
Rhino Flex sewer hoses only $31.00 complete
this is a good price.
        We saw and did what we wanted in the tent in about 45 minutes, then outside to check the vendors around the outside. Lots of food vendors and a couple of rv supply tents.
solar stoves
rv furniture 
more food
craft soda
good food here
excellent smoked Turkey legs
smells wonderful cooking over a wood fire
Honda generators
not too busy outside
yup more food
      Then we came across the line for Minute Rice, saw Tom and Deb in line, so we chatted with them for a while and got our free samples of Minute Rice, Usually enough to last us a year.
ready serve sample 4 containers we got
       Then outside the area over to the Roadmaster Sevice truck to check their hours. I will take our Roadster tow bar here at some point for free service which I do every year.
Road master
long line for Blue Ox tow bar service
more tents for installations etc..
they do tires, exhaust work, alignments and so on here
         We headed on out just after 11 am and back down 95 to home dirt, Traffic lined up about for about a 1/2 mile heading north. In the past we have seen it lined up at this time well over a mile. Glad we are going south. and not so busy this year.
          Out of the crowds, saw what we wanted, only money we spent was for some muscle cream (Bend Again Cream) that works for Suzie from the same vendor we buy from every year here. on line is $38.00 and we always get a deal $30.00 as repeat customers. 
       Now a light tasty lunch and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. A cool wind and overcast quite cool at 62F but we were able to enjoy some outside reading for a bit out of the wind and in the sun . 
our view, love seeing the mountains here
this large rig pulling out with a huge trailer behind.
        Saw this sign on the host office when I noticed they were closed midday! Hm, guess this area is no longer regulated and is closed down!
can't buy a permit now what!
         Then it was overcast a bit and we were invited to Tom and Deb's inside for Happy Hour, she was making some beer margaritas' . So at 3 pm we headed on over to check them out, Very tasty they were , could get hooked on these !
checking out these beer margaritas , yup they are amazing !
thanks guys.
Happy hour inside because we can 
      30 minutes later we had a sprinkle of rain, just enough for us to put our chairs away.
sprinkles of rain, not enough to wet the ground
       Soon it was time to whip up supper. Tonight I had planned a stir fry. Too cold and windy for our Weber Q. Left over pork roast from the other day, with celery, carrot, onion, garlic, broccoli, and some Jasmin rice with some sweet and sauce, an egg and soya sauce. Quick easy and very tasty.
the bottom 2 packs we got free today at the show
top was Jasmine rice from last year
we used one pack tonight
this sure did the trick tonight and oh so tasty
       Just another fun day in Quartzite taking in the market for a bit and enjoy fun times with our friends, Will be cooler for a few days. But no problem here we can be toasty warm inside with our blue flame heater, no noise and sipping at our propane. Yup we love the heater and our home here in the desert.
       Thank y'all for stopping by and hope your day was a great one as well.
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Where have we been this winter ?