Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Come join us for Halloween.

Where are we today ? 
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too much fun and too many pictures
if you care check us out
      Another wonderful nights sleep was up early, computer, coffees and chatting with Suzie and got a few very nice walkabouts. Went and refilled our 5 gallon water jug with RO water. Then home to whip up a batch of sausage rolls for this afternoons, Halloween Get-together.
      Some of my walkabouts showed some of the very many campsites all decorated plus a bunch of other s I posted yesterday.
these kids are having a ball.
         I whipped up  some puff pastry sausage rolls for snacking on with our friends this afternoon. For the recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right sidebar.
I also took some celery sticks with peanut butter and cheese whiz
    Then Crafts at the clubhouse.
I like Barb's Pants
Kimberley and Sadie Mae first time we met her
such a cutie
too cute
Suzie even got to hol her
         We were getting together just after 1 pm and we had treats for the day
white Russian pudding cups
blue cheese and cream cheese
      Then they got into carving pumpkins Kimberely with Jax.
Buffalo Chicken Dip , awesome 
sloppy Joes
Bill's Famous Chowder
Jax doing a great job
   Then at 2 pm the wagon rides start for 2 hours and everyone enjoys them

line up for wagons rides
we just hanging out enjoying the day
nibbling on snacks.
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Kimberley teasing John
what a card he is
Tim Hortons In New York
advertising Buffalo Bills Of course
they did a good job
getting ready
ready to Trick Or Treat
4pm till 6 pm
    I walked around with them for a few minutes and many people had candies for the Kids and Adult treats as well.
adult treats, wow.
Jello shooters
    Everyone  has a great time adults and children alike.
we got together all 4 sites in one spot
the kids were overloaded here
watching all the fun and handing out candies
too cute

Barb handing out pudding shots
         The candies were done by quitting time 6 pm, we had 320 pieces ourselves,
        Then to sit around the camp fire for a few hours, lots of laughs and stories.
Doggie fix for Suzie TEX is his name
Kimberley and Sadie Mae cozy by the fire
we had to burn the truck load of wood Bill brought
 so I worked on it all day.
      Finally we called it a night just after 9:30 on a perfect weekend for Halloween and too much fun with our friends here in New York.
     Thanks for joining us and hope you enjoyed some great weather as well.

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Where have we been this summer ?