Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Wednesday the 13th Update

Where are we today?
Stratford, Ontario

The following is update was prepared by Geo’s #2 daughter.  I could not have said it better.

I just wanted to update everyone. As it was a long day for all! Dad's stent surgery was a success!!! Although it was very solid and closed they were still able to get it in. Dad was in and out of surgery within an hour and cracking jokes at all of us very shortly after awaking from his sedation. It was a huge relief to see him in such great spirits even though sleepy. He arrived back at Stratford Hospital shortly after 4 PM. Where he will be staying until he is cleared to go home. We have been told that his jaundice should clear up within 1 to 2 weeks and his appetite within a couple of days. Thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tuesday Update

Tuesday, Nov 12th update

Where are we today?
Stratford, Ontario

Geo was pain free last night and slept good.

He is scheduled to have his stint tomorrow at Victoria Hospital in London in the afternoon. He will be transported by Voyageur from Stratford to London and back..
I may not be able to post tomorrow night as I could be getting back late.  Daughter #2 is taking me.

Thanks Ruth for the suggestion. I did it correct tonight.

 One day at a time.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Monday Update

Where are we today?
Stratford, Ontario

He was pain free and slept pretty good last night. 

He is trying to eat but that is not working so well. So he is drinking Ensure.

We won't about the stint unfortunately until tomorrow. It will help with his colour and the itch. The doctor prescribed reactine for the itch.

Physio is to come in to get him walking & build to build up his strength back, without falling down, so he can come home.

The doctor is going to ask a dietitian to stop by tomorrow to see if there is something he would like to eat. I can bring anything from home to get him to eat. Now I have to put my thinking cap on.
He has an IV for now, but maybe tomorrow it can come out.

Friends of ours Trish and her father Don came to visit us in the hospital. A very enjoyable visit. Doing a lot of catching up back and forth. We both really enjoyed their visit. She mention that her husband Mike and daughter Jordan also wanted to visit. One is working and one is in school.

It is a winter wonderland today. We are expecting 15 cm or 6 inches of snow today. This has been a first experience of driving in snow in a long time. Thank goodness for winter tires. I took it slow while driving today. Not a nice day to drive with snow and blowing snow. 

At lot of people seem to be concerned that I need to take care of myself. Not to worry. Last night I went to bed about 7:30 and didn't get up until 5:30. I consider that a really good nights sleep. Had breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I don't understand why my writing is surrounded by white. I'm sure Geo would know how to fix it.

Again, thanks for all your prayers and comments, they are greatly appreciated.

As usual, one day at a time.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

George Update

Where are we today ?
Stratford, Ontario

Words from George,

At hospital all night again. Came by ambulance, had chest x-ray, ultra sound and blood work.

Local doctor discussed my options, not many options and none good.

The bottom line is pancreatic cancer which spread to the liver. They are going to attempt to unblock the bile duct to relieve some symptoms. This cancer is fast moving and aggressive.

There is no cure. They can possibly keep me comfortable for about a year with radiation and chemotherapy. 

One day at a time.

Your prayers and good thoughts are appreciated.

George got into a hospital bed about 3 today. Thank you all for your comments. I know George always replied to each and everyone of you but I'm sure you all understand that I may not have the time to reply. Rest assured that he does read them. He still giving the nurses a hard time and getting them to laugh. I think that makes the nurses job easier.

Late Posting

Just a quick posting.

George is in the hospital.  He is weak and we had a rough time getting him into bed last night. I called 911 and he was transported to the hospital.

He is doing OK and is in good spirits although tired.


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Friday, November 08, 2019

another posting by Suzie

      We actual had a good nights sleep then it went went down hill from there.

Slept in to 6:45 and took my meds plus my new water pill. This is to help with the swelling in my legs. It also helped me pee every 45 minutes with not rest. Haha. Not fun, so no rest today.

Suzie left to go to the RV about 7:30 to get my blue tooth adapted for the TV as Bell was coming to hook us up. Bell arrived about 8:30. He setup our unlimited internet, TV and land line. Gave us a quick training program on it and the PVR. I attempted to have a few more napes, which were not successful.

Suzie went to New Hamburg to refill a prescription and got some groceries then stopped at the RV.

About 6, Suzie worked on the blog for me. My brain is to muddled.

Thanks Suzie for posting this for me.

Thursday, November 07, 2019

Stratford Ontario Move is all over ! yeah !

Where are we today ? 
 clic a pic to enlarge it

 A really good nights sleep, enjoyed right until 5:30 this morning. Suzie & Sandy loaded up the rest of the stuff in various vehicles. At 8:30 we head out for the 15 minute drive to our new apartment. We checked in with Wendy, for orientation, signed a few papers, got our keys and began moving stuff out of Ross's truck before 9am. That was all done and stuff was beginning to be unpacked with Rose, Sandy, Jessie, & Suzie.
it was a could blustery day
At 10am Francis Furniture showed up with our new furniture. They unloaded our furniture, bedroom and living room and set it all up.  Daughter Kim and Ken arrived with all the fridge and freezer food from the RV.  Kim put the food away and Ken helped out where necessary. Kim and Jessica were in charge of putting the kitchen together where they thought they belong. with se help form me snd Suzie,

The bathroom looks wonderfull, thanks Jess,
here I am  checking my  mailsax.xi

here we are rmer in

my pizza slice fir lunch

unloading Ross's truck
Francis showed up and unloaed their stuff

Dominos Pizza was excellent

Thanks for joining us in our move and hope you had a great day.

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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Wednesday brought to you by Suzie

Where are we today ? 
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  Had another really good sleep last night. Up by 4 am for a bit  then at 4:45 back to sleep until almost 8am. Felt well rested and then at 9am the VON came to start a case file on me which was recommended by our family doc. These guys on all call 24 /7.

Suzie had a bit to eat and we headed into New Hamburg for blood work and stop at the bank. Back home, an ensure for me and laid down. Then a bit later Sandy came over to help Suzie to load up a few more boxes to load into the cube van. About 5 Phil and Joyce stopped over with a seat for our shower.

Our BIL, Ross was in Stratford and picked up some Swiss Chalet for supper. We had 2 chicken dinners with baked potato and Swiss Chalet dipping sauce, of course. Very filling, thanks Ross.

No pictures today for some reason. The photos were't working.

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you joined us. Moving day tomorrow. Yahoo.
      This posting was done Suzie because beans my brain and timing are not working.

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Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Saw Doc, Cancer confirmed, we carry of from there with

Where are we today ? 
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    Heck I got another wonderful good nights sleep. 9 pm till midnight. then 12:30 till 3.30 Back to sleep 4:15 until 8 am. Feel pretty well rested now. 11:45 SIL Sandy came by to drive us to the London Hospital to discuss all of the test results that have been sent to them over that last few weeks.
Diagnosis was not good. Talked to the doctor about all the test results. Apparently I have liver cancer that started in the pancreas. They are going to try for a stint in my bio duct (in Stratford), through my throat, as soon as possible and if that doesn't work a stint in my side to drain it. Then a visit to the oncologist, possibly next week Back in London. Then chemo and see where that goes. I may have a year to live but we are more positive than that and hope for much longer. At this point that is all that we can do.

         When we got back here in Tavistock, Rose and Ross had prepared a roast beef dinner in the slow cooker with mashed potatoes and vegetables. A very tasty meal. Thanks guys.
fall apart roast beef was excellent

whipped tatters veggies a gravy  
       I want to thank you all for stopping by and keep those prayers coming.

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Monday, November 04, 2019

More packing a few errands and oops yesterday and a new to me walker.

Where are we today ? 
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    Well we got a very good pain free sleep last night again but I was still tired, up at 5 am cereal juice and coffee. Can't keep my eyes open so laid down for bit until 9 am. Yesterday must have really tired me out.
    Up and at it soon then into New hamburg for an adjustment on my hearing aide. Stop at Oak  Grove cheese for some of our extra old white cheddar, thrift store looking for a couple things, (no Luck), then to no frills for a couple of grocery items.
      Back home for a light lunch then stretch out on the bed (exhausted again) rested until about 2 pm, all the while Suzie doing some more packing she knows what she wasn't where no much I can do any way, stay outa here way. A woman with a mission. So will she puttered around, I worked on trying to read some blogs, this tires me out and tying to comment takes for ever with all my typos. Typing this blog off and on took me most of the day
      Oh yeah I just thought of this now, yesterday I wanted to put our Brake Buddy in an empty compartment under our slide, don't need it in the car for the winter. Well heck I put it in the compartment and while trying to get up I fell over on my back, like a turtle. LOL.  I could not get up. Even with help of my little stool, here I am laughing, how will I get up? So flopping around like a landed fish out of water, what to do ? Suzie in the house with her sister, my cell phone that I always have in my vest is on the kitchen table. So I flopped and flopped a bit more finally was able to get sitting up and my stool and arms to get me the rest of the way finally. Hmm don't want to do that again.
 A nice walker exactly what I wanted.
 Today Daughter # 2 has a walker that I can borrow for as long as needed from her mother (yes my previous wife) over  29 years ago. That was very nice of them to do that for me, much appreciated.
Suzie getting a bit more packing done today
Daughter # 2 came to visit and bring the walker
perfect  thanks guys
alway nice tree them so close
supper tonight Turkey garlic sausage
and lipton chicken noodle soup
Suzie was gifted this down filled winter
coat that she from SIL Sandy was
 gifted not practical around the farm
       That was another pretty bust day , getting a  few motor things are care of. No time to kick back, relax and look forward to another pain free good nights rest.
        Thanks for joining us to day as well.

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Sunday, November 03, 2019

Very cold day, more stuff picked up and ready to move in this Thursday

Where are we today ?
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      Got a real good pain free sleep again last night, sure is making me feel better despite dull November days we are having. This on going dream about winter home seems to be stuck on a location. Ideally the southwest would be perfect at an elevation good for year round living  and have the all benefits of our Canadian health care system.
      Well today we headed down to southern Ontario, near Turkey Point (close to lake Erie) to pick up a few things that have been stored our maple kitchen table and chairs, Suzie's Cedar chest and what ever else. With the use of BIL Ross's cube van that will be used on Thursday moving onto the apartment. Thanks so much Ross for the use of this van.
their normal black rood is white today
       We were ready to head down to Chris and Bills when Suzie's Brother Dennis and SIL Sandy  arrived just after 10 am, to drive the truck. We arrived there about 11:30 loaded the table, chairs cedar chest and a few boxes in the Cube Van secured it all with straps and headed back to Tavi. The only place we found to stop for a quick bite on this whole back country whole route was in Delhi KFC so that is what we did and enjoyed a very tasty lunch.
        Thank you Chris and Bill for the wonderful place store a few things, and the nice but short visit. Hopefully a longer one next year.
All packed up after a short visit, made our way back home.
making our way back to Tavi all very nice back country roads
overcast  and a cool day 40 f was the highest it got
just enough for me 2 pieces of chicken and a few fries
a nice relaxing drive home.
the Ginseng crops uncovered for the winter
this was our route down and back
165 KMS (102 miles)
   We relaxed for a while enjoyed a quiet rest of Sunday, then a bite to eat, Suzie, wanted a grilled Ham and Cheese, so I had a 1/2 of one. Was easy and tasty.
    There ya go a nice  productive day rounding up a few more things for our apartment. That is just about it other than packing few last minute items to load on to the truck this Wednesday. Thanks y'all for dropping in for a peek and hope you had a nice cooler day, even not much sunshine hopefully tomorrow.

    OK here is a few pictures helping as the packing crew These Characters from the Cat In the Hat these 3 Things were here descended upon us yesterday and sure got a lot of packing done in a short period of time. Thanks guys, you Things sure helped pull this together yesterday day.
 LULU Thing #2 and me.
BIL, Paul is thing 4 with his usual bright smile
of course Suzie
Thing #1 Bro Chris and Suzie
Bro Chris he is 18 years younger than me
hey that's Me no packing just supervising
even then I burnt out
 Me and Thing #2 again Lulu is 3 years younger
    That's another productive day right here and around gathering up more of our stuff for the apartment and impatiently waiting and excited  for our move this Thursday.
     Hope you had a decent day as well,  looking forward to yet another pain free good nights sleep  
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Saturday, November 02, 2019

Moving right along, propane filled, more packing with my siblings help and a nice visit,

Where are we today ?
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    Hey another pain free decent nights sleep was good. Up at 3:30 had some cereal and back to bed at 4:15 slept until 7 am. No complaints here. Had the weirdest dreams the last few nights nights. It was myself and Al (Bayfield Bunch) design and build the perfect place to live in this cold winter weather.  Now if that is not funny I don't know what is I designed and built it  and Al did the landscaping. maybe 20-30 years ago not so much anymore.
    Because we were just about completely out of propane, Brother-In-Law Ross volunteered to drive the coach to GO-CO in Stratford to fill us up again. I should not be driving right now with these meds and don't trust myself. This took all of about 45 minutes, now we are comfy and toasty again and not have to worry about running out in the middle of the night very soon. While we did this Suzie went to Staples in Stratford for some file boxes for packing and got a couple of loads on laundry done here as well. Then I set about to clean our Blue Flame heater. And we enjoyed some lunch some ensure for me and a Ham sandwich for Suzie that she made today.
   Then Suzie finished with the laundry, heck I even  miss doing that in the laundry mat as I have done for the last 13 plus years.
    About 2:00 my baby brother and sister arrived to help with some more packing got a few more things moved out of the coach ready to be loaded into the truck on Wednesday. Always nice to see them again they have close to a 3 our drive each way for them. At least they can drive in one vehicle. We had a nice visit and set to work, emptying compartments, storage under the bed enough to pretty well fill another pallet. A good days work went quickly with lotsa hands and by 3:30 they could head on back homes again, boy we sure got a lot done in that short time.
LR: BIL Paul. Brother Chris, Sister Sister Lulu and me on the right 
    We visited with Ross and Rose for a bit. He was making a hole pile of smoked chicken wings 4 couples all together, on their huge Weber for some company they are having tonight.
Suzie was playing with Gus on the porch,
then we went inside to visit for a bit of a visit 
they do have mess of chicken wings 
smoker is smoking and placing them on the the grill to smoke for 2 hours  
these sure are smelling wonderful
First couple arrived Randy and Gail who
we have known for years as well
  Came back home heated our propane Oven for the last pizza we have from the Grand Bend Flea market. This one be a meat lovers very thin crust we have only done on our Weber Q before. And turned out wonderful.
This turned out perfect the oven only 12 minutes.
this was all I could eat tonight perfect and leftover pizza is always good
        We had very wonderful productive day and even managed to get some rest in as well.what more can I ask and withe great help for my siblings  sure got a lot done today They brought some gift cards for us Tim Hortons and a Visa gift card felt like Christmas!
        Hope y'all enjoyed a nice day warm than whet we have here  35  F at 7 pm and getting colder. Going down to 30 F but feels like 19 F  sure glad we filled our propane again this morning.
       Thanks for taking the time for a visit as well.

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