Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, June 17, 2019

Round and around, mowing lawn enjoying this wonderful weather outside all day.

Where are we today ?
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       After another good sleep up at 5 am and a comfortable 49F outside. Got my coffees and computing done, And a short walkabout around the block. Enjoying the fresh morning air and birds and mourning doves.
a nice misty sunrise right out our dining room window 
lots of these colourful wildflowers around
nice to see them
walking back down river road on my morning
         Then at 7:30 am I drove Suzie to New Hamburg to take her Dad into St. Marys hospital in Kitchener for a few more tests. The tests at the hospital all very good. Then I stopped at Pettigrew's garage to talk to Dale about more work on the car and coach. We here for almost 2 weeks so he can probably work us in to their busy schedule there.
          Next I went home to rearrange our fridge again after we emptied the Beer Keg I was gifted for my birthday. Checked our TV antenna that I repaired at Rock Glen last week and yeah !! It now works again we have tv over our antenna again. Then I hopped on the mower to begin mowing some lawn at 10 am. I stopped at 11 just as Suzie was pulling in with her Dad's car, he will drive it home from here. A light tasty lunch then I picked up a few groceries and back to mowing more of the yard for an other hour or so. It takes just over 3 hours to mow the 5 acres here. No need to rush the weather is pretty good.
I do love mowing the lawn here as most omg readers well know
       A bit later an Ontario Hydro Truck (electricity here in Ontario) drove back and were checking out the transformers here that go to the back shed.
Hydro guys doing their thing
            I got more lawn mowed by 3 pm, hot and sunny out there, (78 F in the shade) Time to quit for the day. Happy hour time anyway. Relax in the shade with Suzie, cool down and a cold beverage enjoying our page turners, and the views, watching, listening to the birds. Loving this weather,  another perfect day.
looks and smells nice freshly mowed
here we are all nestled under the Willow trees
our view watching the Robins picking worms
we do need our awning open for some shade
           Soon time to whip up supper, tonight gonna grill a couple of bone in pork chops, that we enjoy to go with our salad. I opened the package a realized these were thin cut chops. Ok new plan. These only need to be grilled about 2 minutes, and no need to turn then over done to perfection. almost
1/2 inch chops 
I made the mistake turned them over for 30 seconds and
were slightly overdone but still very tasty
added to our salad  seared nicely
 worked for us
    Now to enjoy more of this wonderful warm weather outside after dishes done, at 7 Pm still 72 F so why not?  Gonna wrap up this posting and get right back into my Virgil Flowers mystery by John Sandford that has got me hooked. So will read outside here as long as we can before heading in.
     Last night I whipped down the road around 9 pm and caught a bit of a sunset to share with  you.
last night's sunset
     Now to wrap this up and get ready to relax a bit more. maybe another sunset later if that happens you will hear about it tomorrow.
    Thanks for taking peek and hope y'all had a great summer weather day as well.

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 Where have we been this Summer ?

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Happy Father's day, relocating, a nice lunch with Suzie's Dad, and a very nice warm day.

Where are we today ? 
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      Want to wish all the Father's out there a very Happy Father's Day
hope you enjoyed it I know I did.

       Our last sleep here at Rock Glen for a while and we both slept well. Up early a short walkabout then puttered around , storing our satellite dish. dump our sewage,.secure the coach and hook up the car. On the road by 9 am. Heading back to Plattsville again, earlier than planned but will work out better for us.
heading the quiet back roads to Stratford
            Stopped at the Canadian Tire in Stratford to top up the gas in our coach, only $1.09 a litre , may as well when it is a good price. Then on to Plattsville arriving at 11:00 am A call from SIL Sandy that they are taking Suzie's Dad for lunch at the Swiss Chalet in Stratford for Father's Day (his favourite place). So we met up with them and enjoyed a very tasty lunch there just the 5 of us.
    Suzie ordered a Kale caesar salad to start that she shared with me plus a 1/4 chicken dark meat with baked potato that she enjoys.  I ordered the Sweet Heat salad with an tangy Thai sauce this is a very hearty, tasty salad with a boneless chicken breast, was wonderful.
Suzie and her Dad looking good.
as I posted before they now use paper straws
 instead of plastic better for the environment .
A yummy Kale caesar we shared
my Sweetie heat salad was excellent
Suzie's 1/4 chicken and baked potato
          We were back home by 2 pm and finished setting up our satellite dish and enjoy some decent outside weather, Though overcast was a comfortable 67F. A few sprinkles of rain for a couple of minutes. so deployed our awning. no wind so was a perfect afternoon enjoying our e-readers.
we do love the views here
and so peaceful here, we love it
        During the day I had received a test from Daughter number 2 this morning wishing me a happy Father's Day, then one from my son with a video of granddaughter #2 signing Happy Father's Day. then a phone call from daughter number 1. She has been busy with a house full of company but did fine time to give me a call as well. These three calls just made my Father's Day a pretty perfect one.
this picture I took last night after posting at Rock Glen
a full load for the wage ride
always fun for those who go
        That was our busy day just moving down the road again like we enjoy, and some pretty decent weather as well. Things to do tomorrow Suzie is taking her Dad for appointments in the morning and needs to leave here for 7:30 am, much easier than from Rock Glean leaving at 5:30 am.  Plus I can get things done to our car and coach and mow some lawn.
       Hope y'all had a wonderful Father's Day as well.
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Where have we been this Summer ?

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Wrapping our last day here, laundry done and Happy hour with friends

Where are we today ? 
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       Loving this milder  almost summer weather, was outside reading until after 9:30 last night perfect evening for it. Then inside to relax and watch a good show on Tv and head to bed at 11 pm! Wow thats late for us, so managed to sleep in until 6:30 this morning. Temperature was 54f then . But looking like it will be an overcast day, may rain later on.
         Got a nice walkabout just over a mile a great way start the day after coffees and some computing. Then Suzie sorted the laundry I took it into town to let the machines do the job while I waited quietly reading in the car. All washed and dried and folded 90 minutes later. Back home for a light lunch then Suzie puts the laundry away. This team work sure is nice.
nice Irises on this campsite
          After lunch helped a neighbour with her awning then got to enjoy some reading outside, I am really into these John Sandford books, these are the Virgil Flowers series and still have a few more, to read. Always interesting mysteries and the adventures he has solving crimes.
         While were sitting out here our neighbours dog ran away and where did she go? Right to Suzie!  Another doggie fix for Suzie with this tiny runaway. Never a shortage for dogs when Suzie is around.
        I had finished a book and started another one of this series I enjoy. With Virgil Flowers, Always  non stop reading for me.
always non stop reading for me
    Then to enjoy a wonderful afternoon, overcast but still ,got to 76F (24C) no ,complaints here at all. We will take all this warm weather we can.
always nice to see the kids in the playground across from us
 and not on their computers
this was the weather most of our day
    Now it was 3 pm and our good friends are looking for happy hour chairs and coolers in hand . And as usual we are here for whoever drops by to visit.
here they come and we are ready
always fun to chat with friends for a while exchanging thoughts etc. 
Gerry stopped by to saw HI with his Grandaughter 
     Soon was time for us to whip up supper once everyone went home.Tonight an easy one. Bushes Baked beans in a can heated on our Weber Q and grilled a shrimp burger for Suzie and a  chorizo burger for me that I love The Chorizo from Borego Springs California market the best I have ever had.
love these beans
     Not long on our Weber q these burgers are done perfectly then can enjoy them on english muffins for buns works for us.They warm up in foil perfectly.
these did the trick tonight
       That took care of my craving today. After super I stored ourWeber Q while Suzie did the dishes, then back outside to enjoy another mild evening again for a while, until time to head inside a bit later. Still wrapping up this posting outside and a comfortable 62 F at 8 pm . Gonna read a bit more then head inside for the rest of the night. Just because we can.
      Thanks again for taking the time to drop on by and hope you enjoyed your day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

Friday, June 14, 2019

Heck another warm sunny day we got to enjoy. And the future looks promising as well.

Where are we today ?
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       Back home after darts last night by 9:30. My team did not fair too well, but Suzie's Team came in second place so she won 2 bucks back into our money pot. Always a fun time. When we got home noticed the wind was beginning to pick up overnight so we stored our awning just to be on the safe side. Don't want to loose another one. Or get uo at 3 am in the rain and put it away. A couple of dart pictures from last night at the end of this posting.
     A good nights sleep and going to be a wonderful sunny warm day, but still kinda windy. No problem the sunshine sure is welcome after all the rain yesterday. A nice walkabout for my first mile then home to putter around for a while. Recharged our water softener, and check tire pressures while the weather is nice. We are leaving on Sunday morning and supposed to be raining again. Always nice to get some of these things done now as opposed to in the rain.
just wandering around enjoying this sunny warm day
still pretty quiet right now
we do love it this way
           Then I took a nice country drive to Ipperwash beach check out Lake Huron and stop by one of  the houses on the reservation to pick up a pound of Pickerel / Walleye  that we enjoy. Picked up a bit more chicken in Forest for tonight's supper, cause we want some leftovers for lunchs.
water level is very high this year
so not much beach

across Lake Huron, Michigan
 about 25 miles over there
a few waves rolling in 
still too cold for swimming yet
              Now home to enjoy a wonderful warm sunny afternoon, a cool breeze and 75F we can enjoy our e-readers for a while in the shade, Then I enjoyed a nice long hot shower. at the bathhouse across from us.
Linda stopped by to say Hi and Suzie got 2 doggie fixes
she has 2 nice dogs that she walks by here
          At 3 pm Ken and Kim joined us for Happy hour always fun with these guys, Sharing tips and discussing Genealogy that Suzie and Ken are both into,VERY much.
Ken and Kim for Happy hour fun
firewood delivered right to your site 5 bucks.
good deal, looks like Oli's sister
          Soon time to whip up supper and tonight gonna grill some chicken Breasts and thighs, need some left overs as a mentioned earlier. We do love our chicken.
chicken an asparagus done to perfection
a breast too much for me
so I cut it in half, perfect
        And below a couple of pics from last night's dart fun.
Suzie doing her stuff and Gerry keeping score 
always a fun time.Ken is off to the right
        After a tasty supper back outside enjoying another wonderful evening. At 8 pm still a very comfortable 70F (21C) and still overcast and now no wind. A pretty nice night. Not likely any visible sunset tonight again. Now the forecast has changed we may have a sunny weekend. But then again who knows?
        Glad that y'all dropped by for a visit and hope you had some decent weather as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Overcast and rainy day but we could still enjoy some outside fresh air.

Where are we today ? 
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   A real good sleep last night with rain on the roof lulling us to sleep. So relaxing and woke just before 6am. Pouring rain still so no early walkabout this morning. Gotta like this 62F temperature though first thing and next to no wind at all. I thought a good day for a pot of soup. Had some chicken bones in the freezer so set them on to boil and a tasty chicken broth, Then I proceeded to purge some excess photos and get ready to do another time machine back up on my Mac Book.
      Got our soup all ready to enjoy for lunch a nice hearty chicken noodle soup. And of course enough leftovers for a couple more lunches. Then right after lunch I had to drive to Forest and get a stamp to mail our 8840 form to the IRS in Austin Texas. This is to confirm that was have a closer connection to Canada and will be allowed to spend our 182 days in the warm southern states this winter.
this soup smells wonderful on a cool rainy day
hit the spot today for lunch
      That taken care of I finished purging my photos and backed up my Mac Book Air. A good day to do this stuff. Still overcast at 1 pm but the rain has let up 61F and think we will enjoy some reading time outside for a while.
our weather for pretty well all day 
we are cozy here all day
so peaceful 
      A wonderful day we enjoyed a nice quiet happy hour, nobody venturing about in the yucky weather to join us, but that is fine. We are comfy here under our awning and no wind.
      Soon was time to whip up supper , and tonight a couple of Cornish Pasties we picked up last Sunday  at the St Jacobs Market. We really enjoy these when we can find them, Easy to do heat up in the oven or on our Weber Q , my choice tonight the Weber Q and grill some fresh asparagus to go with our salad.
preheat the Weber Q and about 15 minutes
they are nicely warmed up
a few minutes our asparagus is crispy tender
the way we love it
we do love these 
add a bit of gravy and they are wonderful 
    So far that was our productive day getting things done. Now at 6:45 pm we are heading down for dart night and have a fun social night. Maybe win, maybe not but always a fun time.
    No posting later tonight I will let you know how we made out on tomorrows 
    Thanks for dropping by and visiting with us today.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?