Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, September 22, 2017

Back is getting better, weather getting hotter, we enjoying it while it lasts. And SNOW!

Where are we today ? 
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       What an awesome night we had, bedroom windows open, fantastic fan running and we both slept like a log. As usual up early got the coffee and stuff done took the garbage out and hopped in the car at 7:30 am to head to my Chiropractor in Waterloo DR. Sean Delange he took over from my previous Chiropractor Bruce Wand after I had seen him for over 34 years.  Sean is amazing using all the new techniques. I  needed to allow some extra time for rush hour traffic especially around the University of Waterloo. Sean did some major adjustments on my back and mentioned that there is some bursitis  in my right hip. So I have a few exercises and will put ice on it  for 10 minutes avery few hours. As of 6 pm I feel much better already at least I can get up and walk around with very little pain. And the rest of my back is all tuned up. Almost brand new again! Thanks Sean !
7:30 am a nice morning sunrise on my way.
       Before I left I added all the veggies and spices to the large pot of chicken broth I made last night and just let it simmer for a couple hours, Suzie home here to keep and eye on it anyway.
       Home by 9:30 and finished off the soup for an early lunch. And of course lotsa leftovers for a few more lunches.
this is nice hearty Stewoup
tasty steoup, apple and banana yummy
     Got lunch  done then I headed into New Hamburg for another follow up eye exam at 11:50 am. 3rd one this year, a few adjustments were made and he noticed I may have the beginnings of cataracts , Not to worry for a few more years, (oh the joys of getting older). At least this is all paid for by our government health care.
love the back country roads around here
        Now it is back home and relax with our e-readers and some ice packs on my hip every once in a while . The temperature did get to 95F (35C) but not too bad here at all in the shade with still a very nice light breeze. You know it is nice out when Suzie is wearing shorts!
        A bit later to the Hardware store in town to fill our jug of RO purified water. And saw some snow ! Ok not really snow but from the arena when they clean the ice and dump it outside, It sure is melting pretty fast in this hot weather.
Snow looks great from here in the heat
just enjoying our E-books and the quiet view 
        Now because we can, having a craving supper tonight, Hot dogs and homemade french fries, We have the Fry Daddy so why not? A rare occasion any more but a nice treat.
Love this Fry daddy
one hot dog each is all we need
      Of course our dogs are loaded, mayo, tomato, onions, mustard, relish and peanut butter, Suzie chooses cheese whiz over peanut butter, they did the trick, with a few fries.
was a perfect meal for a hot summer day
     Now that was an amazing first day of fall, Heck I thought it was yesterday. This is the weather we can enjoy, for some people too hot, No need for  air conditioning when we can enjoy this shade outside, plus not enough power for the A/C anyway.
      Here we are still outside shorts and sandals after 7:50 pm in the shade enjoying our reading and posting this blog. Gotta read our here a bit more listening to the cricket symphony. Still wonderfully warm too and no bugs!
       Thanks for taking the time to check us out and hope y'all had a great day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Car serviced, lawn mowed, winter meds ordered, and hockey on on this very warm first day of fall. Then my back went wonky.

Where are we today ?
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       Well here it is the first day of fall 2017 and gonna be an awesome summer day ! A short walkabout this morning then into Pettigrew's Garage in town for 8 am to have our car serviced for the winter and the one new free tire I picked up yesterday installed and balanced. On my way to the garage I drive around the country roads to warm up the engine oil for the oil change. And spotted a hot air ballon floating over the tree tops, perfect day for it.
it would be such an amazing view from up there and so peaceful
love these old iron bridges sound here
       Then about 9 am into New Hamburg to order our winter prescription meds. Stopped into Oak Grove cheese to order our winter supply of extra old white cheddar cheese vacuumed sealed, and then picked up the birthday and Christmas cards for our 8 grands that we will see in a couple of weeks.
     Back home for a light lunch, then I hopped on the amazing Ferris zero turn commercial mower to finish mowing the last of the 5 acres of lawn here. 90 minutes later all done, no more lawn mowing for me this year if all goes well.  Would have been nice to have a dip in the pool as it was 91 f (32C) but John has closed the pool for the season, as he would normally do after labor day. But we do have a very nice shady spot with  a light breeze, very refreshing. And so peaceful.
what and amazing 1st fall day!
love it here
lawn mowed and we have a cool shady spot
         While I was doing this I emptied all the chicken and turkey bones from our freezer and made a nice large pot of soup broth. Garbage day tomorrow and want to get rid of them asap. The broth is in the fridge and I will make the soup when time permits in the next day or 2.
        Enjoying our e-readers in the shade and about 4;30 I preheated our Weber Q 100,to grill a couple of smoked pork chops from Clover Leaf farms in New Hamburg, While it was preheating I whipped up a tasty salad with our Olive Oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. Sure hit the spot. 
love these smoked pork chops a couple minutes a side
 so moist tender a juicy 
add to our salad was wonderful
          Salad done, supper done and dishes dish done then to the arena in town for 6 pm to watch number 4 grandson doing his best for the hockey tryouts. As he always does.
that is him on the right

Just about done then they hear the results 
    We headed home shortly after and got a text that he did make the Rep team again, so some travelling for games this winter. Di not hang around as my back is really not good today . Not sure what I did but heading to my Chiropractor at 7:30 in the morning so that he can make me all better again.
        Heading back from the arena we did manage to catch this mazing sunset very rare where we are parked,

    Our plan was to head back to watch grandson number 1 tryout, at 8 pm, but my back pain said maybe staying home would be a good idea. I sadly gave in let Suzie rub on some great rub from my Chiropractor and decided taking its easy would be a good idea, considering I could barely walk.
      So there it was an amazing first day of fall, heat wave,and loved the weather, and the relaxing in the shade. Did  get to see one grandson play hockey tonight and will get an update on the other, Chiropractor tomorrow morning will be heading out at 7:30 am  for him to give me a tune up and  should soon be good as new once again, Really hate when my back does this to me, sure not the first time and likely not the last, but I do know how to get mobile again.
      Thanks for stopping by today and hope you enjoy some of the amazing weather today as well.

OOPPPS I goof it was not the first day of fall, but it was still and awesome day.

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Where have we been this summer ?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Summer is still hanging in and loving it. Finally found a Turkey this morning on sale.

Where are we today ? 
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     A pretty nice night for sleeping  a bit of rain but the windows open with our window awnings down sure was wonderful. Got my coffee done and emails checked then at 8 am I headed into Kitchener in search of Frozen Turkeys on sale. The No Frills in New hamburg were sold out, but had at least 2 stores to check out there. Ok The first one I went to had what I wanted a 16 lb Turkey at .95 cents a lb. Perfect for our Canadian Thanksgiving meal with my 3 kids, spouses and 7 grands on Oct 9th. I said I would cook the turkey and bring gravy and fresh cranberry/orange sauce. So now that is taken care of. Still have to find cranberries but lotsa time for that.
        But also while I was in Kitchener around the corner was a Canadian Tire store that I need to stop at. Pick up one new tire for the car , I bought 2 new ones last year and one replaced free under warranty was time for this one now. But like always we had enough Canadian tire points to pay for this tire, so no cost to us. We do like free!
a nice country drive into Kitchener
      Back home here before 10 am so Suzie took our Turkey to store in her brother's freezer for a couple of weeks and pick up the little mail that might be there.
      A nice light lunch as usual apple, banana, and a small bowl of bean soup did the trick. Then I headed back to hop the mower for about 90 minutes to cut the rear  2.5 acres of the yard here. I will finish the front part tomorrow and will probably be the last time this year for me.
such a perfect warm sunny day up to 82F and not a cloud in the sky
our coach the small white spot  in the middle of this photo
not too bad but need a close cutting
      This all done just before 2 pm so now I can relax in the shade with Suzie and get right back into my page turner book The Fix by David Baldacci.
what a perfect late summer day and so peaceful here
we really love it hear.
       Now about 4:30 I preheated our Weber Q, whipped up a salad and grilled a Turkey Breast. 35 minutes later done to perfection. Crispy on the outside and so moist and tender. Of course lotsa leftovers and more bones to go into a pot of soup sometime this week, Our freezer is getting full of bones gotta use them up. An we will be outta homemade soup soon.
smells so good cooking here right beside us reading our E-readers
sure did the trick tonight
       Such a wonderful relaxing day and now outside enjoying more of this warm weather at 7:30pm still in the mid 70's F , no problem here thats for sure.
       Back to enjoying our reading and eventually head on inside for the night.
       Thanks once again  for stopping on by and hope y'all had some wonderful weather as well.      
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Where have we been this summer ?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Relocating to Plattsville for a week and watch 2 grands play hockey

Where are we today ?
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      A warm night again nice sleeping with our windows open and awnings down listening to the rain, so calming it is. Then up early and did manage a couple of short walkabouts between the rain drops. Waiting for it to let up a bit before we hook up our car to head on out. Only have a 90 minute drive on the back country roads so no big rush.
      By 10 am we were all secured and head on out. Stopped at the Go Co on highway 22 right on our way to top up our propane only. 62.9 cents a litre, and fuel our coach as well.$1;15 a litre.
love the quiet country roads
this is the traffic that is here in the country
       Enjoying the nice back roads arrived in Plattsville at noon, had a bite to eat and got set up. Quick trip to New Hamburg for a prescription refill  and a Turkey for our Canadian Thanksgiving, no go, they are sold out of Turkeys! go figure. So will check around a bit more.
       Shortly after 3 pm the skies opened up but I did get our awning out and secured, so we are nice a dry here. Temps dropped to only about 70 f but still nice and comfy outside. Weber Q hooked up and for supper tonight a couple of our favourite Onion and Parsley Turkey burgers will do the trick. Nice and tasty they are.
yup we had rain for a bit
we do love camping here so peaceful
       Fired up our Weber Q to preheat and grilled our Turkey Burgers, That's it for supper tonight we don't need any thing else.
loaded burger sure did the trick tonight
     Supper and dishes done then down to the Arena to watch 2 our grands play hockey, Number 4 has a tryout at 6 pm and Number one an exhibition game from 8:15 till 9:20. Kinda late for us but maybe we can do it!
      Down to the arena to watch Grandson #4 in the tryouts,and as usual he is amazing! But heck what else can we say? He is our grandson!
he is a spitfire on the ice, easy to spot
ready to go
       Back home for a bit and then to see Grandson number 1 in an exhibition game at 8:15 tonight. It is only a couple of blocks away from Camp awesome .
      So back we go and enjoy this game and wow what a fast paced game it was. These guys really move and now have body contact, This was amazing hockey that we really enjoyed, And am sure the boys did as well.
that is him number 9 plays defence
non stop action 
      They played 3 full periods and ended up tied with score  1 to 1. His team was 2 men short when they tied the game. Not to bad for an exhibition game.
       Got to chart with him for a bit after the game then head back home, finish this posting and tome  to call it a night. So nice to get together with the family and watch our grandchildren doing their best with  the sports that they love. 
       Thanks for stopping by and really hope you a wonderful day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?

Monday, September 18, 2017

A nice quiet Birthday celebration for Suzie today, just the way she likes it.

Where are we today ? 
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      Now today is another Happy Day! Happy Birthday Suzie ! My partner in crime travel and life. Got a couple of walkabouts this morning after a very warm night, But today is gonna be mostly overcast and not too warm . Did get up t 70f (21C) so even with no sunshine not too bad, The forecast tells us the coolest day this week.
     Nothing exciting today, just the way Suzie likes it, but so far she has had over 85 birthday wishes on Facebook.
      I whipped into Strathroy at 8 am for a few groceries,and home just after 9. Suzie had the laundry sorted and into the Arkona laundromat to get this out of the way. The machines did the work while I enjoyed my e-reader in the car. Folded the clothes and home by 11:30 to whip up lunch.
      After lunch puttered around for a bit, chat with a few more people wishing Suzie Happy Birthday, I checked tire pressures, oil and stuff on the coach before we head out in the morning. Even put our Weber Q away. Don't need it for supper tonight. Even a bit of quality reading time squeezed in there as well.
       Then shorty after 3 pm Tucker dragged Gerry over for Happy hour. Melinda and Paul joined us as well.
Tucker brought his lamb to play with
He loves to chase it , so Suzie gave it a few tosses\
almost caught it in mid air !
Tucker and Gerry the same Happy face?
3 small treats for him if he is a good boy
he was a good boy
      Here we all are wishing Suzie a happy birthday, and enjoying a cooler but not too bad of an afternoon,
      Then Vanessa , came by on her golf cart, stopped to wish Suzie Happy Birthday with Donna beside her and Greg on the back.
      Soon time for me to whip up supper. For her Birthday Suzie choose one of her favourites, Fettuccine  Alfredo with shrimp, side salad and a cheese bun with garlic from the bakery in town.
     I fried up a few shrimp with olive oil and garlic , cooke the noodles just the way she likes them while she relaxed with her e-reader.
not a bad Alfredo sauce I added extra garlic
doing what she loves to do, read
yummy? yup it was, we both enjoyed it, she even enjoyed
 a glass of white wine for her birthday too.
        Then a couple of tiny cakes I picked up for her Birthday, she did blow out all the candles too, We will snack on those later this evening.
She made a birthday wish but can't tell me what it was
The Happy Birthday Girl
      Still not too bad of a day slight drizzle but nice enough to relax outside under our awning, post this blog and enjoy some more reading time until we have to head inside.
      Thanks for taking the time to check us out and hope y'all had a decent day as well.
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Where have we been this summer ?