Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, April 08, 2016

Still cold, but not too bad today at least we had some sunshine !

Where are we today ?
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         Up early again as usual, kinda chilly outside about 24f (-4c) and a light dusting of snow overnight. Headed the 3 blocks to Pettigrew's Garage at 7:30 am and Dale installed our new spark plugs and wires. I used to do that all the time, but nothing is simple anymore with these cars. I have hundreds of dollars worth of tools, but no spark plug wrench for these newer plugs, and the distributor cap has 2 long bolts just to take the wires off. I watched him do it what a stupid process.  Nobody could steal the plug wires very easily like in the good old days that's for sure!
          Back home we puttered around for a bit, discussed our winter expenses with the high exchange rate. Compared to 2 years ago (last year we were only south for 3 months). It only cost us $500.00 more this year for the same 5 1/2 months. So really the exchange was a none issue for us. Mind you we did more boondocking, fuel was much cheaper, our insurance was higher (we getting older). Now what is not in the comparison was the repairs to our coach and the flight back here for a funeral. The repairs were needed no matter where we were. And still much less expensive than staying here in Canada for the winter. Plus we got to get away from the cold and snow.
across the road right behind us trees had come down
over the winter
mild weather the Nith river behind us is rising too
getting close to the river banks
but the town has not flooded for 66 years
after the took out the dam for the feed mill
        After lunch Suzie went to visit her Dad in the Stratford hospital, (she has his car) and I picked up a few groceries. The sun was now shining but was only 35f (1c) but felt good in the sun. So when I got back to Camp Awesome decided to get some exercise outside, fresh air and the sunshine helped. I puttered around outside in the yard for almost 2 hours, picking up debris from fallen tree limbs and branches, while I could, made few piles here and there. Later when the ground dries out can take it back to the burn pile. The next few days will be much colder according to the weather Gods.
this robin is watching me clean up the yard
nicer than 2 days ago with all the snow
        Just enjoying the fresh air and exercise picking up twigs and just put in a few piles. Not sunny and hot, but sure beats being inside.
        Suzie got home about 4:15, we chatted for a while, her Dad is doing fine, hopes to go home in a day or so. Then soon time for me to whip up supper.
         Tonight Salmon and Dill Sauce in the oven, for the recipe you can click here or my recipe blog on the top right sidebar. Nice filet of salmon to bake in the oven.
had some free samples from Quartzsite so easy,
 1 minute in the microwave ready to serve
so easy to do too !
I like easy.
yep sure is tasty, it's been awhile
since we had this, not sure why?
           All is good here, some sunshine is wonderful even if it is cold. Soon the weather will warm up. I am sure of that.  
            Glad that y'all dropped by and hope you had a wonderful day too !
Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. Speaking of cars. I remember my dad teaching me how to change a fuel pump on one of my cars. My brother's car just stop running last week, so he had it towed in. It was the fuel pump. But now a days, an ordinary person can't change their own fuel pump because it is in the gas tank. Guess the auto makers want to be sure they are making the money on repairs.

    1. I have rebuilt engines, replaced engines in cars by myself , fuel, pumps, water pumps, rafds, done brake job the past, not so much anymore,harder to see and all the special tools you need.

  2. Heck, my dad taught me how to change a tire. I also learned how to change out an alternator but that was because it seemed I always had one needing to replaced. That tells you a little about the cars I had as a teenager. Of course, those cars were bought with berry and bean picking money.

    1. Yep when I was 16, I had 4 cars at one time and all on the road, bought with money from pumping gas on the weekends. Fix them up , sell them and make a few bucks, buy another car.

  3. Another good reason to keep Bill around ;-) He doesn't cook but he sure knows how to fix things. Y'all know I'm just joking... he really can cook if he wants to. Glad your snow is gone, George... we're getting it down here today :-(

    1. It sure is nice to be handy and do most repairs. I probably would have done the plugs and wires if the weather was much warmer, but just not gonna work on this when it is so cold.
      That's good that Bill can cook, I think everyone should know how.

  4. Hi George and Suzie, Sounds like you're puttering along nicely back at home. On Sunday,
    I drive up into the Yosemite Valley for about a month, unless they push me out with their stupid 14-day-rule. I'll be moving around, so maybe it won't apply. Just wanted to say "Hi" to ya'll, since I'll have no cell signal for most of the next month. Probably good to do some off-lining. I'll get some writing done.
    Enjoy spring as she makes her way up into your neck of the woods. Cheers! Clancy

    1. Thanks for stopping by and saying HI!
      Yep we are puttering around here, getting things done. Enjoy Yosemite and hope you can stay as long as you want there.
      Travel safe, get out hiking, enjoy the scenery and relax.

  5. We hope your weather warms up. Cleaning the yard is a excercise too.

    1. Should be getting warmer after this weekend.

  6. Glad to read that Suzie's dad is doing well.
    I keep checking the weather, we actually will be farther north when we arrive home. Looks like it might warm up some before we get there...fingers crossed.
    Stay warm.

    1. Yep he is doing well probably released tomorrow.
      Should be warming up mid week we hope, fingers crossed.
      Travel safe.


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