Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Doggie fix for Suzie and me too !

Where are we today ?
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      Pretty mild and then got overcast after a wonderful sunrise. 
sunrise from our dining room table
       It is supposed to rain this afternoon. After a walkabout town, chat with a few people thought I would mow some lawn this morning before it rains. Fired up the mower pulled out of the shed and it stopped moving? Engine still runs. Opps no hydraulic oil, Hydraulic drive). Check with John at work and I told him I could pick up a 20 litre pail (5 gallons) at Walmart. No problem, going into town anyway after lunch to do laundry and reading while the washing machines do the work. 80 minutes 3 loads done, love laundromats especially this one has a cafe and bar ! Too early for me to have a beer, but still a different laundromat.
       Got that chore done added a couple litres of hydraulic oil and the mower works like a charm, but it's still raining. Put it back in the shed and will try again tomorrow when the weather is nicer.
       By this time it is almost 4 pm, enjoying some quality reading, happy hour with Suzie. Then we had the dogs stop by to visit, Molly and Buddy. It's been a while but they still know us and love to visit. And ya know Suzie loves when they are here as well, doggie fix times 2.
they checking out the place as usual
gave them a drink
Molly loves a rub
Buddy watching for squirrels 
Molly is a sweetie, she is Buddy's mum
still looking for squirrels to chase
treat time
and they love to run !        
          Then gotta whip up supper. Tonight a hot pork sandwich, with boiled potatoes and carrots. Still raining and lotsa leftover pork as well. Now this is 2 nights in a row, not eating our regular food, but will suffer and get back to the healthy eating again, we can go off track once in awhile, moderation ya know. At least got some walking and exercise done throughout the day. Actually feel much better when we avoid these foods, but we still enjoy them.
tasty hot pork, gravy, boiled taters, carrots
 and broccoli sure hit the spot
        The day just flew by like it usually does, so much to do and so little time. Did we ever have time to work for a living?
        Thanks for stopping in and just know y'all had a wonderful day as well. We upright and breathing that's all that matters.
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  1. Nice to have enough dogs to go around! LcD

  2. Suzie would have loved going with us last Sunday... kind of a baby shower for a puppy! All their dogs were BIG! The baby rottweiler and 2 adults that are 1/2 standard poodle (the BIG ones)... but all friendly and loved being made over. I've probably said I prefer cats... but hey... these dogs were very lovable and I think Suzie would have been right at home.

    1. Yes she would have ! Those are big dogs too. Sure would have been fun.

  3. Wow...I have never been so lucky as to wash our clothes at a place that has a cafe or beer. I would be much happier if I did.

  4. The weather guessers are saying better weather than before fore the next few days. Not nearly as cold as they thought.
    We enjoy Doggie Fixes too. Just somebody else's.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yup gonna get nicer as summer approachs .

  5. We get our doggie fixes with other people's dogs too. Maybe one of these days we'll get another one but not right now.

  6. Crikey ..... I'm glad my Mum's got me and doesn't need a doggie fix with other peeps dogs. I'd get jealous!!

    1. We don't have doggie so this works for us.


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