Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Snow ! hmm... this is supposed to be spring. What gives?

Where are we today ?
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         Cool last night, but that's ok, it's gonna get colder before it warms up next week. Mother nature is playing cruel tricks on us. We came back here a month ago and it was warm and sunny then we had very cold and snowy weather. We went back down to Arizona to enjoy some heat and sunshine, slowly made our way back here on a very nice sunny day. Woke up this morning to cold, snowy weather again! hmmmm.......

          No walkabout today in this yukky cold weather, but did take Suzie to her Dad's for 9 am so she could take him to the hospital in Stratford for some kinda minor surgery. I got some grocery shopping done and a few more errands then back to Camp Awesome. 
is this the birth of a baby tire?
saw this at Pettigrew's Garage
          I got some quality reading done on a quiet afternoon, looking  out at the (wonderful?) snow covered landscape. Toasty warm in our coach. 
Love our Mr. Heater
            Our Mr Heater is getting a good workout, we turning the furnace on once in awhile if it gets too cold out to keep our water tanks and water pump from freezing and of course keep our kitchen slide in as well or the water pipes will freeze out there if it gets too cold and it will this weekend.
yep our house is out of it's element
the view from our dining room window,
 much prefer the desert
          For supper tonight a I found a soft Taco kit that will work with some of our leftover chicken,
           Suzie got back here from Stratford by 4:30 pm after her Dad's surgery that went very well. She will check on him in the morning and maybe he can come home.
         Then time for supper, more of our leftover chicken (sure glad we love chicken,)  Tonight some chicken soft tacos and a salad. The craving was there and sure hit the spot!
was actually very tasty,
probably do it again
         Now that was a pretty good productive day, got things done that needed to be done and we don't need to travel very far for a while. But then again  that can change too. Sooner than later would be wonderful.
        Glad that y'all stopped by and we are done most of our winter travelling once again, but things can change here everyday with this lifestyle. Some summer travelling would be nice. I have ideas but timing will maybe make things work, we will see. We are ready and we are capable to move our house at a moment's notice.
        Hope you had a great day too, hopefully warmer than here.
we heading back south soon!

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this past Fall and Winter..


  1. Looks like you're home about a week early, but this too will pass.

  2. Oh....brrrrrrr. Glad to hear the surgery went well. Prayers for complete healing.

  3. We've learned in the past...Canada is not suitable for human habition until May!

  4. You should have stopped in our neck of the woods. We've got rain and cold temperatures but no white stuff. Welcome Home!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. The main reason we are back this early is because of her Dad's surgery.

  5. We love our Mr. Heater too but right now we have the air conditioner working hard. We saw the temperature at a bank as we drove by and it was 104 F. Now that's hot and way too hot for us.

    1. I would really like the 104 right now compared to this., much better for my arthritis.

  6. Hope your stay is a good one with lots of family time :)

  7. It has been warming up here. But now it's raining. Everybody is weary of winter/

    1. At least we were in the southwest most of the winter, so really can't complain.

  8. Ah, what's a bit if snow for a snow bird, eh? Mr. Buddy heater is a welcomed item though.

    Eastern Canada is cold and out here on the west coast, it is a balmy 80-85 degrees.

    1. We are snow birds because we don't like the cold and snow. Love your balmy weather though.


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