Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meeting new fulltimers, yard work, and amazing weather, What's not to like about today?

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario
clic on the pic to enlarge it
         Had a good friend friend drop by last night about 8:30 pm just as we got into our jammies. He was riding his bike around town, saw us parked here and had a cooler plus a few cold brews to share with us. Was great to see him again and flap our our gums for a while. A very nice unexpected visit but was wonderful.
         Nice early morning walkabout around town, enjoying a quiet Sunday morning
          So slept a bit later this morning until 5 am, wow that was amazing! At 8:30 we headed out to meet a young couple about 20 minutes away that had just discovered our blog through a mutual friend, from church. Fired us off an email and wanted to meet us, cool! They had just bought an rv, sold the farm and business and were heading out on the road fulltime. They wanted to pick our brains a bit. They have done their research which we were very impressed with. At least they have a good idea what they are going to do.  Our brains were picked clean after a 3 hour chat ( don't take much),  with coffees and sweets, then we headed home by 12:30. A bite for lunch and Suzie headed out to visit her Dad this afternoon.
          For the afternoon I am "Free Man" sorta, I have a plan!. With this amazing warm weather and sunshine I wanted to continue cleaning up the yard. John's pick up truck was available so I snagged it. For the next 3 1/2 hours I loaded it 4 times with branches and brush that I had piled around the lot the last week and took to the burn pile in the middle of the 5 acres he has here. Got my exercise, fresh air and sunshine and things all cleaned up, was wonderful. Feels great.
first load
second load
 Missed the third load but you get the idea,
last load
gonna have a huge campfire here eventually
I did take the time to smell the flowers.
Not sure what, but I know they are Yellow!
          Shortly after 4 pm I done, Grabbed my e reader, jug of water and relaxed in the sun, still 80 f (26c) reading for a bit, now this is my kinda weather.
perfect day
        Shortly before 5 pm Suzie home, quick cold one catch up with each others day the whip up supper. Tonight a couple Apple Cinnamon Chicken sausage we picked up at Swiss Sausage in Hermann MO last fall on our Weber Q and a salad.
very tasty  sausage
and a wonderful supper
                Out side for bit then a nice sunset after another amazing day.
         Looks like tomorrow will be another nice day that we can enjoy, sure does not get much better than this. Have I said we love this lifestyle ? Probably many times before.
          Anywho, thanks for stopping by for a look see.

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  1. You definitely keep yourselves busy for not having anything to do.
    We'll have to try finding those sausages when we head south this year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. There is always something to, no problem keeping me busy.
      Gotta get some exercise done before we can enjoy our reading time.
      Then of course make supper, something I always look forward to.

  2. Not very long ago you had snow on the ground and now it's 80F. Isn't that amazing how fast spring and summer temps arrive some years?

  3. We always have branches to pick up in the spring. Some years it is more than others, but it is sure nice to have trees around the farm.

    1. There was an extra amount this year after the ice storm.

  4. These folks were lucky to find someone with your experience to learn from. Amazing the temp differences from a week ago. Glad it has warmed up for you.

    1. It was nice to meet with them and answer their questions. We are glad the temperatures changed too.

  5. I bet John sure likes having you around especially since you like doing the chores. You can stay here anytime ! :)

  6. I'd have never guessed you love this lifestyle (liar, liar, pants on fire!). :cD

    1. LOL,,,, is there any better one? Not for us.

  7. Glad to read you are enjoying the weather and staying busy...

    1. The weather is amazing and we are always busy!


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