Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back to Plattsville for a few days to wrap up a few loose ends.

Where are we today ?
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         Early morning walkabout the subdivision here in Aurora, was wonderful sun rising and really not too cold. Visit with Marie and Frank for a bit. Coffees with them and chat, then secure the coach and on the road back to Plattsville for a few days. Left at 10 am and pulled into camp awesome by noon.
       We had a busy time there visiting a lot of family, was wonderful, and too much fun catching up with everyone. Thanks for all the  hospitality there and a nice parking spot too, guys ! 
        These Canada Geese were on the roof of that house making a heck of a noise. Soon as I took my camera out they took off, still making a heck of a noise.
         Here we are back in Plattsville for a few days. Excellent weather and a few more things to do before we move along.
all set up
            When we pulled in, noticed that a huge limb from the willow tree had fallen. Too big for me to move, hmm..
        Got my bow saw out that we happen to carry and cut it up into smaller manageable pieces that can be moved to the burn pile. Soon as I can use John's truck it will be removed.
that is much better now
          Now to enjoy some wonderful spring sunshine warmth and quality reading time this afternoon. Yep this is good.
perfect reading day, with perfect weather
       Then as is the norm  time for supper. Tonight a couple cod loins pan fried on our Weber Q with our favorite fish crisp coating.
does not take long, once it is heated up
perfect, tasty fish dinner to go with our salad
excellent !
          Did our thing, visit family, now to get a few more things in place and begin to enjoy some summer weather that will be happening very soon!
           Thanks again for stopping by and I just know you had a wonderful day too !
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  1. Those geese do create quite the commotion. We deal with them on a personal basis every day.

    1. They sure do, we will deal with them next week at Rock Glen,

  2. When I drive to workout each morning, there is a huge group of geese always crossing the road by the workout place. All traffic comes to a halt until they finally get across. What a hoot.

    1. Have seen that many times as well, and they just take their sweet time too. Kinda cool.


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