Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario

        Ok here we go the weather is getting much better. Its overcast but warm and we can handle it.  The third water leak from yesterday was fixed first thing this morning, water turned on and all is good.

        Don't need winter coats to walkabout and a bit of sunshine here and there. Just wanna be outside so I was. Puttered around cleaned, vacuumed the car inside, and chatted with neighbors all is good.
        Did some more computing, played with the blog, had a shower and cut my hair and beard (with Suzi'es help of course!) .

        Next thing we know it about 4 o'clock and Happy Hour! Emile and Monique dropped by for a bit we chatted for a while and were happy!
          Fired up our Weber Q 100 threw on a couple potatoes to bake and a nice pork loin  roast.
yummy pork roast
        Next thing we know supper's done and time for them to head home and us to eat. Add some broccoli and apple sauce, we have a very tasty meal!
         After Suzie cleaned up the dishes (I cooked)  we were able to relax outside with a nice sunny warm evening and enjoy our books for a while. Emile came over to chat by while Monique did laundry and this lady and her dog dropped by. Hmm.. Think we recognize her.......

        Walking her dog and heading to visit us, yes, we know this woman! Jillian, partied with her and her husband along with other friends that we met in Desert Hot Springs California on New Years Eve! Then we had a New Years day pot luck lunch at Jim and Sharon's rv. They are from British Columbia Canada and are visiting their daughter in Ontario, on their way to Newfoundland and just arrived this afternoon in our park! 

        Wow is this a small world or what? We chatted for a while and promise to get together before we leave on Saturday.
        All this fun  and socializing but its starting to get cooler. The sun is beginning to set and time to head inside.
another nice sunset
         What a wonderful lifestyle that we live. Does it get any better?? Think not....

         Oh yeah glad that you could drop by and join us.
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  1. it may be a small world in RV land but it is a grand world...

  2. small world..but you gotta love it....can't wait to get back out on the road

  3. I can't think of anything else I would rather do with my life.

  4. Another great looking dinner. It's a small world sometimes for sure.

  5. It's a small world after all, drags now I have that song in my head.

  6. Can you change drags to drats in my previous comment, tablet autocorrect drives me batty


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