Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

More water problems and stuff......

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario

        Almost a nice morning, at least its not too cold. The water is still shut off they are working on yet another leak. The guys get to work on it and play in the mud I can watch them. That's my idea of work. (Been there done that).
leaking here
I think we got it
         Of course when work is going on everybody's gotta drop by and check things out.  So we just hung out here and people stopped by to chat. Finally by noon the leak is fixed and our water is back on.  A quick trip to the store for a few things, especially another container of tasty sweat strawberries, pretty good for this time of the year.
         Now still not great weather but got in a few more walkabouts, then some computing. The project today was to fool around with the look of our Blog. I didn't get it all done, not sure where I want to go with it yet but I always enjoy fiddling with these things.

        When you are computing the time just flies by and before I know it time for supper. So outside to fire our our Weber and grill some yummy garlic sausage . While doing this Joe walked by with his dog to chat, sorry buddy no treats for you?
something smells good
        Now supper is just about done and noticed Emile and Monique were just pulling in. Their first stop in Canada after a winter in southern Louisiana and Texas. So we jumped outside to great them and chat for a couple minutes. Better let them setup up and we can finish with supper. Well in the few minutes we chatted, our sausage managed to overcook just slightly and the carrots boiled dry. The interesting thing with the carrots they were just slightly charred on one side but oh so sweet and tender. The potatoes were just leftovers from last night so they were just fine the sausage was dressed up with a spicy Dijon mustard we rescued supper.
new interesting flavours
         Now we are done and they are setup, we can grab a beverage, our lawn chairs and fire up our propane fire pit. Enjoying nice mild evening chatting, catching up  and comparing our winter adventures, until way past my bedtime. That's why my posting is so late!
our nice cozy fire
        Oh by the way just before it got dark, the manager of the resort stopped by to tell us, water is shut off again (another water leak, number three now). They will work on it in the morning, sure glad we topped out water tank up again. We always like to be ready for anything.

        Thanks for stopping by. And if you noticed the changes on our blog comments or suggestions are welcome. I am still making adjustments I think....
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  1. I definitely like the bigger font, I also noticed that that the title is now above the header picture and I think the picture is bigger. Looks good. As Kevin has been finding out there are lots of things that you can do.

    Sorry to hear that they are having problems again with the leaks. Guess that's what happens with the cold winters, it really plays with the water lines.

    Don't forget to vote for us,

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. Thanks for your input.
      Yes the cold winters and no snow cover for insulation can sure do it here.

  2. Meh, having the water shut off AFTER you've filled up the tank is no biggie.
    I've done my share of digging in the dirt, so just watching others is fine by me.
    Don't you just love what a deep frost can do? (not)
    I remember our first few weeks in Puerto Rico how I was struck by seeing water pipes either just under the surface, or sometimes lying right on the ground! Took me a while to shake my "Great White North Gringo" thinking.
    No freezing temperatures.
    What a concept!

    1. No freezing temperatures is sure nice, but as you know does not happen in Canada.

  3. I like the new look too. After a while I get tired of the same ole thing and change things around on my blog too. I guess it gives me something to do.

    I'd hate to be without water that much but at least you can fill your tanks when it is flowing and know that you'll be okay for quite some time.

    1. Thanks for input as well. It always a nice challenge (fun) to figure out some of these and get them to work.


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