Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunshine, grasshopper, spare ribs and pigtails

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        We are having another awesome day, early morning sun a warming up nicely, up to 28c (83F) before noon. But my back was not quite right and its our last day here for a bit, so called my chiropractor at 8:15 when they open and got an appointment for 9 am. (it's a 30 minute drive so gotta hustle.) Made it there right on time adjustment done, filled up the car with gas (Starbucks Right there) and got a tasty free sample of an Iced Cap, not to shabby!
I like free samples
         Gotta rush back home and stop at New Hamburg for a few things get prescriptions filled before we leave, have a quick bite to eat for lunch with Suzie then she hopes in the car at 11:30  to take her mother to the Stratford Hospital for some tests, and she gets an ex-ray, requested by our family Doc. 

        Now while she is gone I get to play with the Grasshopper for a few hours. So check the oil fuel up and away I go. Cutting the grass, a fun job with this machine, never ending here on the farm.
the Grasshopper
        Now time flies when you are having fun and before I know it she is back home, and it 3:30 pm (4 hours later) I am almost done for the day, just another 1/2 hour to go. 
back by the coverall 
almost done
         I am ready for a break by now so lawn chair and a frosty beverage did wonders. Our niece dropped by with our new grand nephew Benjamin, Levi for a visit so the ladies get all excited, he is just one month old .

        I took a picture, but had stuff to do, got my pressure cooker out to prepare the pork spare ribs and pig tails for supper, one of our favourites.
Ben is snoozing
         About 20 minutes in the pressure cooker and load up a roast pan, slather them with lotsa BBQ sauce, a few spices, sauerkraut and lotsa brown sugar then into the oven to get all sticky, gooey and fall off the bone good !

        Sandy put some potatoes in the oven to bake, we added some left over tossed salad and fresh asparagus, sautéed in butter, from the neighbor lady across the way. Boy did we have a feast.
this be the spare ribs
this be the pig tails and kraut
        The pigtails for Dennis and I, the ribs for the ladies, of course there will be lotsa left overs. Now this craving has satisfied us all (I believe), we gonna retire to our house and relax. Had a fun busy day and satisfied tummies. 

        We are on the road in the morning, time to get these wheels turning again, itchy feet ya know.

        Thanks for dropping by on this wonderful, sunny, almost summer day.
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  1. Food looks great. I still say we need to figure out a way you can transport all that food to the rest of us via your blog. We gain weight just looking at it so should be able to have the real thing!

  2. This is cyber restaurant is supposed to be satisfying but calorie free, unlike Jessie's Diner I owned in Plattsville.

  3. I'll have to try one of those Starbuck's Ice Caps - it looked pretty good!

  4. Careful with all that mowing and your back!

    1. If I don't go too fast, this mower is pretty good on my back.

  5. That is a lot of grass cutting! I would need a starbucks when I finished that much!

    1. Yes it is a lot and I could some more to, maybe next time.


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