Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Playing with John Deere, and supper with the kids

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario

        An awesome day today, sunny, no rain and not too hot. We had nothing planned all day so after the regular morning stuff I checked with Lea to see if maybe I could cut some grass for them, They have a HUGE lot!

        So she took me to the John Deere (Rick you need one of these) fuelled it up and away I went, she just said go nuts! So I did start with the middle of their lot for about 2 hours then stopped for lunch.

from here to the white building is the middle 1/3 of their lot
         I will cut to the white building first. Then stopped for lunch. Back at it for a while around the front yard, then the play ground close to the pool.
heading back towards the house 

nice farmland to the north
getting there
        Finally about 3 o'clock I did enough for the day 4 hours is about my limit. I had way too much fun riding around and really enjoyed the opportunity to remember why we sold our house. The beauty of doing this kind of volunteer work is we don't have to buy the equipment, maintain and fuel it and do not have to do it again week after week! We are leaving tomorrow.

        Now time to kick back a relax with our books, chairs, sunshine and wind works for us!
nice spot here
         After a bit our mechanic Dale from Pettigrew's Garage in town showed up with our new ABS sensor. So his flash light, parts and tools he is under the coach on the soft dry grass (which he likes) and installs this new part for us. It sure is nice in a small town when you mechanic makes house calls!
Dale is under there
the old part
         Now we had arranged to meet with our daughter Jessica, Jay and the boys at the Trails Edge Tavern in town for supper, only two blocks away.

tasty escargot appetizer
         We arrived at 5:30 and secured table for six, munched on a few escargot until they arrived. We had a great feast, our favourite here is chicken wings, the rest had their tasty favourites too.  Had an awesome visit with the kids and grandkids. It's so nice to get together when we are in the area.
love their wings
        Now another great day behind us, sunshine, exercise, fun and family, time to relax for a bit and get ready for tomorrow, whatever that will bring our way.

        Glad you could drop by for a peek.
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  1. You guys really enjoy the RV-lifestyle, I think.

  2. that escargot looked pretty dang good...

  3. Terry usually mows our son's lot when we moochdock there. However, he doesn't have a John Deere to drive. Enjoy the nice weather. It's fun being outside when the sun is shining.

    1. And tractor will work, and outside is the place to be as much as we can.

  4. Haven't had escargot in a long time, makes us want some

  5. Seeing you on that John Deere sure makes me wish I had my old mower back. It is so much more fun than pushing a gas mower around.

    Great looking chicken wings.

    1. Thought of you and your broken John Deere when I saw theirs. It is fun.

  6. Looks like fun, I love cutting grass... but glad I sold our property as well! I go in and cut our Daughter's lawn for fun, just to remember what is is like!

  7. You were having too much fun with that john Deere. You are a great guest to have visit. Can't believe a mechanic making house calls, only in small town. Great service.

    1. Had fun with John Deere, first time cutting grass this year. Free campsite for 5 nights, the least we can do!
      Gotta love love small towns.


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