Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Yeah!!!

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        A wonderful sunny warm day in Southern Ontario, perfect beginning to our Victoria Day Long weekend.  Known by many as the May 24 weekend (party weekend for the young people, 24 beers in a case, 24 hours in a day, Queen Victoria's Birthday), (also more important, every body in Canada celebrates my birthday! May 20th, I will be 24 again, gotta love it !) First camping weekend of the year, and the campgrounds are full to overflowing. Looks like we are going to have awesome weather too!

        We are staying put here at the farm and enjoying not travelling with all the traffic. With Suzie's mom in the hospital all is going well there, we hurry up and wait for the operation next week. Suzie busy helping her Dad with the Mennonite Relief Sale and quilt auction , also working on notes from her mom for the seat sale.

        So we are all busy doing stuff. What ever needs to be done. Me kinda hang out here putter around clean up and do a few things, never have a problem keeping busy, even had time to read for a bit. I made a quick trip to the Beer store after lunch and the parking lot was pretty full. long weekend, gotta stock up. I had 24 bottles to return and the guy in front had a few carts full of empties. In Ontario all beer, liquor and wine bottles are returned to the Beer Store for refund. The guy in front told me to go ahead with only 24 bottles as he had a trailer load. I asked him how many and he said $320.00 worth of empties at 10 cents a bottle, he did not want me to wait 30 minutes while he cashed them all in. I was not in a hurry but did appreciate it. Back home we can play with Omer for a bit and read in the shade. 
Suzie checking Omer's paw
        Then before we now it the day is winding down and once again time for a bite to eat.

        Tonight is leftovers, (love leftovers), no cooking just reheat! Ribs, sauerkraut, potatoes, chicken, rice and a fresh made salad will take care of our needs.
Omer waiting for supper
love leftovers, so tasty
Just relaxing
Suzie having fun with the dishes
         We all had a great productive day, warm weather, sunshine and everything just ducky. So lets just see what kind of trouble we can get into tomorrow. 

        Glad you had time to drop by and get ready for our May 24 long weekend. 

        Thanks so much for all the prayers and positive thoughts for Suzie's mother.
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  1. We knew about beer bottles and wine bottles but not the liquor bottles. Then again don't drink like I used to. Still have two beers I brought back across last September. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes we do slow down somewhat and thats probably a good thing.

  2. My heart goes out to Suzy with her mother. I've been spending a few hours every day with my aunt who was moved to a convalescent home after surgery. It's tough being there every day and trying to help. Her kids aren't there but she needs someone. I'm glad Suzy is there for her mom.

    1. We are glad too that we can be here in the area.

  3. Great looking leftovers. Being retired, long weekends have lost some of their importance to me.

    1. Being fulltime the long weekends mean the resorts are always full with so much happening. We don't go away for the long weekend it comes to us.

  4. It's difficult waiting for the actual surgery and even if you have a date that can also change due to an emergency. But she is the right place in case something happens while waiting.

    A cooler May long weekend here in Kelowna, only mid 20's but the campers are out there and here. Holiday Park is filling up.

    1. For sure we are here so we can wait. Gonna be an awesome weekend herealmost 30c (84f) every day is the forecast!


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