Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunshine, Blue Skies, and Hot....

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        This is the May 24 long weekend in Canada, Victoria Day weekend and the weather is absolutely awesome. Perfect for all those people out there camping in tents for the first time this year (even perfect for us, too.)

         I went for a nice sunny drive 8 o'clock this morning to Plattsville to see who was hanging out at the garage, nobody there, just Don and Muriel holding down the fort in case somebody in town stopped by. Well chatted with them for quite a while and did a quick trip around town. My buddy Marc was working in his yard so stopped by there for a few minutes to chat with him and his wife Erin. Last time we saw them was when we met up at Big Nose Kate's in Tombstone Arizona for lunch this past March 3rd on their quick drive thru.
a nice country drive 
         Back home just enjoying this weather and wanting to play out side so got the grasshopper out, checked the oil and fuelled it up and away I went. Up and down the lawns, in the shade and sun around the trees, just enjoying this great weather and smell of fresh cut grass.
         About 2:30 after three hours of playing I had enough fun for today. Parked up the Grasshopper in the shed, to give it a rest, me too. 
          Then brush off the grass and a quick shower all is good now. Lawn chairs out and we can enjoy our books in the shade on this perfect day. Now Omer here is all wore out too, it's a tough life being a farm dog!

nothing like enjoying a book outside in the shade
          Yesterday when Suzie picked up her father they went to the Credit Union in town and Suzie ran into her (friend, relative, neighbor) Darla, we had not seen for a couple years, (they went to school and rollerskated together. They chatted a bit and we ended up being invited to her sisters place in town for a feast of chicken wings and fries tonight.

        Well I am never one to turn down an offer of chicken wings, so we will be there. We arrived about 6 o'clock at Tanya and Ted's place with a yard full of their six kids, three adopted and three foster. And along with Darla and Ben had a whole mess of hugenormous wings, fresh cut fries and veggies.

        Ben has a good source for these wings and was in charge of cooking them, Ted manned the other frier with the fresh cut fries. And for a couple of hours they cooked, kids were fed, and we grazed little bits at a time as a new batch was done. Almost like a fondue, eat, chat eat, chat, a wonderful way to spend a very warm evening with friends in their back yard.
hot wings, fries, a deep fried dill pickles
        Ben likes to try different things in the fryer, so after the deep fried dill pickles, we tried deep fried pickled eggs (not so good), and deep fried pickled kielbossa (not much better) but we tried these things, just for fun.
sausage and eggs anyone?
         After eating Tanya got a nice campfire going because it was such a wonderful evening still.
Tanya and Ben
nice fire
        Now you can't have a May 24 weekend without fireworks (we didn't have any) but we were lucky, about a block or two away someone had started with a huge fireworks display that we could here very well and even see some of the higher cannons. This began about 8:30 and carried on until almost 10 o'clock, must have cost someone a small fortune. We enjoyed it, the kids enjoyed it, we all had a great time, even got to roast some marshmallow for the kids too. 
Suzie roasting Marshmallows
        Well before we know it, after 11 o'clock (way past our bedtime) and I think its time for us to head home, we are just not used to these late nights anymore, think it has something to do with getting older and being retired. But boy we sure had a great time chatting with old and new friends, and especially a feast on my favourite food, chicken wings. How hot was it today, 30c (86f) for most of the day and not much cooler at night, love it!

        Because we were out last night I did not get our Blog written and slept in very late this morning, it was almost 7 o'clock! So got that done now over morning coffees' and the beginning of another great day! 

        Thanks for joining us today!
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  1. Nobody eats better than you guys do!

    1. Its always tasty, maybe not better for us but we do enjoy food. In Moderation maybe?

  2. I'll take some of those chicken wings. Sure wish we could figure out a way to taste them through the internet. I'm gaining all this weight just reading about them.

    1. No calories at all doing it this way! I think. But they were yummy.

  3. you have me wondering how many of us bloggers have been to Big Nose Kate's in Tombstone Arizona...

  4. I remember fun nights like that, you had the perfect weather for it.

    1. We still enjoy them when we can and the weather was awesome.

  5. Wow...looked like a fun evening with great food. Glad you guys had such a good time, we are trying to decide what to do for our long weekend coming up!

    1. We did not plan this , it just happened, always good times that way.

  6. Looks like a great long May weekend we are getting the nice weather also.


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