Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday a day of Rest

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        After a couple busy days, Friday and Saturday helping out a bit with the Relief Sale etc... it was kinda nice not to have a bunch of stuff to do today. We crashed early last night and up at our usual 6 am pretty well rested. Checked with Suzie to see what the plan is today only to find out no plan! No body here has a real plan so we are on our own. 

        My turn to make a plan, so I called my mother in Waterloo and invited ourselves over there for supper. One stipulation thou we are gonna bring the food, and our Weber Q 100 grill and cook it. She likes to take us out all the time, but I think its time we had a home cooked meal there at her house.

          Before we left Sandy whipped up a nice brunch after church for Suzie, her Dad, Dennis and I. Then we hopped in the car to Kitchener. I dropped Suzie her off at the hospital for a visit with her mom, and over to my mom's set up our grill, peeled carrots, wrapped up some potatoes for baking. Then back to pick up Suzie, only 10 minutes away, saved the expensive parking lot fees.

        Now relaxing on Ma's front porch I fired up the Weber threw on a nice pork loin roast, potatoes and carrots with onions. We can chat and visit with her while our grill does all the work.
just relaxin with Ma 
A nice day to sit on her porch
I'm watching the Weber
a wonderful lean moist Pork Loin  
        I  think Ma enjoyed a tasty BBQ'd supper, add some sour cream, butter, applesauce and a salad, she even has leftovers for another meal or two. 
        After a nice afternoon visit and supper we packed up and headed back home to put our feet up a relax a bit more.

         Hope y'all had a nice Sunday too, drop by anytime!
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  1. Sometimes it's really great to have a day without any plans. I can hardly wait to get to our next one!! I bet your mom sure enjoys you around.

  2. Well, you deserve a day off after all the work you have been doing... great looking dinner!

    1. That's the biggest problem with retirement, we never get a day off.

  3. Good luck with the medical stuff today.

    1. Today is wait, surgery is booked for Tuesday 11:00 am.

  4. I'm sure your Mother enjoyed that beautiful meal almost as much as your visit!


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