Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, May 07, 2012

Hanging out here and there on Monday

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario

        We are hanging out in Plattsville for a few days and its kinda nice. After living here for 25 years and watching the village grow from the original size about 700 people. A couple of small subdivisions later and still growing I think about 1,300 people residing here now. 

        I stopped by Pettigrew's Garage to check with Dale about getting some service done on our coach. Then a little cruise around town.

        Drove past our old house and noticed it was listed for sale and sold within a week. Always was a cute house, as far as we know a second cousin of Suzie's has bought it, so it will be coming back in the family.
        I had contacted our computer professional friend about ma's computer acting kinda strange. He has her set up with remote access so he can easily go into her computer, check it out, make adjustments and remove a few infected files, we had reason to believe her security had been breached. So a message later this morning that all is well again and a quick 20 minute trip to town , stop by her house. Have a coffee, chat, make a few adjustment on her PC, get the scanner working again, and install a new printer cartridge. Ma's happy can getting back on her computer again, keeps her busy and I think she is doing pretty good to do what she does on her computer, at 85yrs old.

       Back to Plattsville I picked up Suzie and around the corner to visit our niece Stacey and our brand new great nephew, three week old Benjamin Levi 
Suzie got to do the honours first
my turn
        Next on the agenda to Suzie's parents place, help her dad with a few excel spread sheets he has been working on and locate a couple that he has miss placed. Suzie's mom applied a small iron on patch to a small tear that I got in my new shorts, (we don't have an iron anymore) all good now.
Suzie and her dad
        These things done we got invited for supper, so her Mom went looking for something to cook. We had a little hamburg whipped up with a few spices, coleslaw, tossed salad, crescent rolls and creamed potatoes, so very tasty.
        A day of visiting and time to head home to relax, but first an extension cord to plug into electricity here that they had offered. Our solar panel is not doing very well when the sun is not shining and not supposed to for the next few days. John our host caught me hooking up so had to sit down and chat with a beverage, a nice place to stay here.

       That all the excitement we had today , just a nice day visiting a few relatives her and there. Glad you could stop by too.
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  1. Going "home" generates many memories. It's always a comfort feeling but nothing is ever the same as we left it and actually that's good. Enjoy yourselves.

  2. Nice that you can help your parents our with computer issues and they are willing to work with the computer. My parents just know how to read my blog and don't want to bother with emails or anything else, too much troubee they say.

  3. Isn't it great that you can help out your folks with computer problems? I'm always amazed at how well elderly people actually do on their computers considering all the things that can go wrong!

    1. And as the years go bye things do wrong as you well know. The biggest problem is upgrades and program changes, they just get used to one thing and changes, not good when you get older!


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