Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Moved to St. Jacobs and Elmira today

Where did we end up today ?
        Today is a wonderful bright sunny day and we are packing up, time to move on and take a road trip in our house. Love road trips in our house, no packing bags, no hurry and no rushing back. So we took our time and headed out just before noon after a bite to eat and a few people stopping by to chat.
167 kms (100miles)
        Not a lot of traffic and good roads. Some we have not been on for a few years and even a couple we have never been on. 
nice roads
        Good roads thru southwestern Ontario's farm land and many small towns and villages. First motoring thru Grand Bend Denny's Drive In burger place is busy as usual on a nice sunny saturday. Great burgers!
This is the real Denny's
Early in the day the Hotel is quiet
        As we were diving thru the villages I managed to get a few pictures of their signs, as you can see below we hit quite a few.
a few villages we passed thru  today

peaceful countryside
Downtown Mitchel
        After about a two hour drive we arrived at the St. Jacobs Farmers Market, one of our favourite places to visit when we are in the area. We did not want to get here too early beacause we have our coach towing the car and the parking lots are very busy. So arriving at 2 pm we know we can find a spot. (the Markets closes at 3:30). 
busy parking lot St. Jacob's Market
interesting traffice, horse and buggy, motorcyles cars and our RV 
this fellow was heading to parking stable ahead
found a spot
        First stop was Peddlars Village, we had heavy bag of books to exchange. Got rid of those and picked up a few more. 

a wonderful warm day , not too hot
         After the book exchange we wandered about here a bit more  then outside and into the larger building where the meat vendors are. 
Bubbles the clown making balloon animals for the kids
inside upper level
from the upper level
        We were looking for a good deals here but by this time of the day they were all gone, sold out, nada, the meat is gone. Ok, no problemo nothing we can't get in this area anyway. So outside  the veggies and bakery stuff almost giving away. Fresh baked breads $1.00, a dozen fresh buns $1.00, but we are only two and have no big freezer so we have pass most of them.

need flowers or plants? have them here good deals
        Now the best deal we saw today was California strawberries a whole flat (8 quarts) for $5.00. But again what would we do with them, there was a trailer load there and people walking away with many flats. These needed to be cleaned and preserved immediately and we were not prepared to do that this weekend. But hey we had fun! 
here at the edge of the Market an old Wagon and an Outlet Mall
 across the street, go figure.
        Now we had our fun, then down the road stopped and picked a frozen pizza for whip up for supper.  Thru the village of St.Jacobs another busy tourist trap then another 5 mintutes we are in Elmira.
St. Jacobs
         Now we found the Elmira Lions Halls with a nice convenient spot to park for the night.

we have our spot
        We are here for Julie and Geoff's stag and doe at this hall but its not gonna start for another 4-5 hours. As I mentioned on yesterday's posting, Julie and our daughter Jessica had figured skated together for many years and we had become good friends with the whole family especially Marc and Erin her parents, so nice to be able to see these kids grow up. No problem we are here and at home. Relax, compute, read, dress our pizza and throw it in the oven we are good. Rest up for the party! Its gonna be a young crowd, but we will do our best to hang in for a while.
pretty tasty
        Well shortly after 8 o'clock people started arriving at the hall so time to head inside. Not too crowded yet or loud so we got to chat with a few people as they arrived. Caught the bride here in a candid shot, before she got too busy socializing. Sorry the groom's picture did not turn out.
smiling Julie
then of course Mother of the Bride
        A lot of these people had these shirts, that way you know who's who. And such a great bunch in the wedding party to. I was surprized at all the people we did know here so we had an excellent time, chatting, dancing and just enjoying the party. People we had not seen for a long time. 

        The part that really amazes me is the number of these 25 to 30 year old kids that stopped to chat with me and tell me how they missed various different items they would eat in my restaurant, like fries and gravy, chicken fingers, etc.... I did not recognize any of them, its amazing how they have changed and I just got older. But then again that was twenty plus years ago. I owned the restaurant from 1989 until 1999.
lotsa dancing going on
        You know it was a good party because we did not head home until after midnight, pretty late for us, but we did not have far to go. That's the beauty of taking our house with us wear ever we go, kinda like a turtle I guess. They had a great turnout, a great party lotsa fun times, glad we were able to celebrate with everybody.

        Now let' s see what kinda trouble we can get into on Sunday.

        Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. You're right in that taking a roadtrip in the house is an easy trip. I love the no packing part and being able to sleep in your own bed.

  2. i think for 8 buck per flat for strawberries I would be drinking strawberry frozen margaritas for a good while...

    1. too bad we did not have freezer space, maybe we would have.

  3. Love that market, could spend hours there.

    I think that is very nice of the 'kids' to come up to you and bring up memories of your restaurant. Glad you all had fun.

    1. Yes you would love this market. And the kids gotta love small town people.

  4. I remember going to St. Jacobs when I worked to the bus tour company. I really loved the area but found most of the stuff at the market too pricey for us. Glad you had a good time at the stag and doe.

    Don't forget to vote for us,

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. You are right about being pricey, but if you know your prices there is deals to be had.

  5. That was one busy day. That was an amazing looking market too. Thanks for the tour and taking us all along.

    1. Yes its a fun market one of our favourite places to visit!

  6. Very creative photo of signs, nice job!

    1. Thanks guys, better than a dozen separate ones.


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