Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the Road again? Well almost.......

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        Over night we had a bit of rain and its still raining this morning. Go figure, we are packing up to leave. Our destination is a membership park about 3 and 1/2 hours away. We are in no hurry so we will wait for the rain (and a bit of hail too!) to stop. In the meantime a quick trip to Pettigrew's garage in Plattsville chat with a few people there, pay the invoice for our coach and play with their guard dog Jake. A handy guy to have around because he like to shred all the cardboard from the stock that goes on the shelves.
Jake the shredder
        So back home and by about 9:30am we are packed up ready to go. Car hooked up and we are heading down the road. Omer knows we are leaving, he is not real happy about it, but he is a farm dog, not a campin dog, on a leash with campground rules and such he would not be happy at all, can't teach an old dog new tricks. At ten years old this is the only life he has known. It would not do for him him to bring a groundhog, fox, skunk or some bodies toy dog back to our campsite in his mouth.
Heavy rain and a bit of hail
Omer not happy we are leaving
Omer saying good bye to Suzie
        Fifteen minutes away from the farm we get a phone call from sister-in-law Sandy. She had taken Suzie's Mom and Dad into the Stratford Hospital for part two of her stress test. When they arrived and went over part one it was discovered a possible blockage in her heart so she was admitted immediately for more extensive testing.

        Now at this point we pulled over and decided best to return to the farm where we can be near her mother until things are straightened out. Good thing the rain delayed our departure!  Problem one, we need to dump our sewage tanks. So made a quick call to Nithriver campground not far away and yes we can dump our sewage only $15.00. We pulled in there a few minutes later and the owner comes out to greet us, and she says I know you, Susan Kuepfer (her maiden name). It ends up she is a relative and has known Suzie since she was about 5 years old, small world. Chat and catch up a bit, dump our tanks then Suzie heads back to the farm. Problem two, we need propane, so I head off to Petersburg and fill up there.
Nith River big pool
dump statiom
        Back at the farm by noon, fill our fresh water tank and Sandy is making lunch for us all there. We discussed a plan of action and everybody set off doing their stuff. I hung out here, set up the satellite dish again, and puttered around. Suzie took her dad back to the hospital. My job here is whip up something for supper to be ready for about 7pm. So a caesar salad and lasagne with rice pasta is on the menu tonight. Something that will be ready for whenever somebody is here to eat it.
Omer happy we are back, see his smile?
supper is ready on time
just kinda hit the spot
        The nice thing about this lifestyle is, plans can and will change, on a moments notice we can take our house to wherever we need to be. We may stay here for a few days or whatever it takes until things stabilize. Tomorrow,  Thursday she will be transferred to St. Marys Hospital in Kitchener for some extensive testing and maybe treatment. 
an Awesome sunset tonight gonna be a great day tomorrow
        We will say prayers for her and hope all goes well, any other prayers would be appreciated too.

        Thanks once again for stopping by.
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  1. My prayers are heading your way too. It's really lucky you hadn't left the area yet. Suzie can be there with her parents. You're where you need to be. Keep us posted.

  2. We will be keeping her in our prayers. If their is a blockage it could be as simple as the insertion of a stent which is called Angioplastic or worse case a major surgery.

    It's about time.

  3. We will join you in prayer for Suzie's Mom and for you guys as you support her.

  4. That sure worked out well that you could stay and be supportive. Happy for Homer too !


    1. Yes we were lucky that we did not get too far away.

  5. Good thing you have a flexible life. Everyone will be happier to have Suzie around with all the hospital stuff going on. Sending you all positive thought and prayers.

    1. Yes flexible is good, thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers.

  6. Best wishes for Suzie's Mom and glad they caught the problem early.

    Another great looking dinner - I love lasagna!

    1. Early is good for sure.

      You are a lot like me, I love food!

  7. Hope all goes well with Suzie's Mom. Good they caught it though so they can take care of it. We will remember to say a prayer for her speedy recovery.


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