Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, May 03, 2012

We are having weather !

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario

        Well we do not  have a lot to blog about other than the weather. Why? Because we have no plans, relax for a few days and enjoy the heat wave that is coming thru our area, chat with a few neighbors and putter about.

         After a quick trip to Forest for a few things, like cash from the bank machine, beer store, a few groceries and the all important licence plate sticker renewal (gotta have that!). My birthday is not for another 17 days but might as well get it while we can or I just might forget. Another story here that I will give the short version of. A  few years ago when we were working Suzie took care of her car and me mine. I thought I would be nice and renew her licence tag early for her. I went into the licence office to renew it only to find out that she had been driving almost a whole year with an expired tag (oopps). Luckily she had not been stopped and fined, but we had to pay for last year as well as next year. Not really sure how that happened?

         Back home before noon and it's very hot and humid. Thunder and lightning for a while temps about 31c (88f) with humidity at about 85%, so feels much warmer.
        Not a lot going on here (the storm is all around us) so I purchased the required wash permit for this resort ($10.00) and proceeded to wash our  coach starting with roof, and the whole nine yards. Hey for ten bucks I will take as long as I want.  It was pretty dirty from our last 6 weeks of travelling and been too cold to wash until now. So got it all done including the car. A good workout , fresh air and inspect everything while I am at it.

       Now that's done and out come the lawn chairs to relax in the shade with our books for a couple hours, just love the warm weather feels like summer!
gotta be warm if Suzie is in the shade wearing shorts!
we still have the shine there!
         Now its 4 o'clock time for "Happy hour", nice that we have local neighbors  (Emile and Monique) that invited us to join them. We managed to discuss more Rving plans that we have until its time to fire up our grill and fry daddy for supper. We will be here one more night then see them again at Galvin Bay Resort in a week or two.

        Tonight's feast was a simple grilled chicken breast on a fresh kaiser bun with tomato and lettuce, french fries, celery with cheese whiz and some fresh broccoli. 
another tasty meal, I like to cook our own fast food!
        After supper the skies got real dark and winds picked up pretty major, more thunder bangers and lightning (quite a light show!) So we packed our stuff away and secured everything, we are now in for the night. Luckily the major storms appear to be going around us. Hey that's just about perfect right? Lets just see what the rest of the night brings us.

        Like I said, not a lot accomplished today, but suited us just fine enjoying the heat wave and our books.

        Glad you could enjoy this great weather with us. Y'all come back now hear? 

        P.S.: I can wash your rv too (that's if I am on the mood), might cost you a couple beer after I am done.
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  1. We have not washed our RV since we left California! Hoping tonight's storms will wash it clean.

    1. The rain after the wash is the "spot free" rinse.

  2. We are having weather too. That's a good thing to have weather. It rained pretty hard this morning but cleared up in the afternoon. We've got some gorgeous days in the forecast though.

  3. Well at least the park has come up with a way for you to wash your vehicles, even if it means having to drop ten bucks.
    I completely understand the "no washing of RVs" in RV parks, (the water usage and presumably the mess) but then couldn't figure out just where the heck a person is supposed to do such a thing on the road? I used to wash ours in our driveway.
    Either way, it's a huge chore.
    Looks nice, btw.

    1. We don't have a driveway any more so need to wash it somewhere.

  4. George, you are on with that RV-wash. Let me know when you will be coming, so I can make sure the beer is cold.

    1. Not to worry we will let you know. Would love to visit your island someday so will hold you to that offer.

  5. The rain has rinsed off all the Mexican dirt and now we are waiting for a sunshine dry.

    1. Nothing like a spot free rinse from mother nature.


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