Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yard Sales, Soccer and T-Ball

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        A good nights sleep, morning coffees and computing for a bit and we are heading into Plattsville to maybe check out a few yards sales. The whole Village participates and is a lot to see. But the first one we stopped at was friends of ours Gary and Lindsay, we have not seen for a few years so we chatted and caught up a bit. Of course we both know most of the people in town. 
Gary and Lindsay's mini Daschshund 
         But this stop put us behind schedule as we wanted to see our grandsons play ball in Drumbo about 15 minutes away at 9:30. So a cruise partway down one of the streets to see how everything is going and the streets are lined with cars and people. We could have spent quite a few hours just wandering and chatting with people we know. But we have priorities, maybe next year catch the yard sales.

groups chatting everywhere
         We begin with a soccer practice and a game, lasts one hour and we had fun chatting and watching these guys burn off their energy.

love the shirt, this one is a Devil too! 
this busy bee caught my eye going from flower to flower
         After soccer is a T-ball game with the little guys and girls, 4 yrs old. Its nice that both the boys play in the same park in town. They are so cute trying to throw and catch the ball just learning how to play. Little legs going like 90 to run the bases after they hit the ball.
ball diamond
        Now back home to grab a bite for lunch and Omer comes inside to relax and visit with us for a bit, while we read, he follows Suzie everywhere.
        Our plan for supper tonight was a nice spare rib and pigtail dinner but Dennis was busy planting beans and with rain forecast he needs to get as much done as possible. No problem, supper plan revised to BBQ'd garlic farmers sausage, a rice pilaf and tossed salad. Quick easy and he can grab a bite when he can get in from the fields. 
        Nice thing about the supper plan was I made a quick trip to the No Frills in New Hamburg and ran into our niece Roslyn, her husband Matthew and their three young girls. Gotta love small towns. 

        That's it for another great day thanks once again for joining us. 

        Have a Happy Mother's Day on Sunday, I know we will.
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  1. Yards sales are kind of fun but where are you going to put the stuff? And, oh yes, we've been to many of those little games. Enjoy!!

    1. We don't buy just look and and talk. The little games are fun

  2. Well you can always go to a yard sale, but being a fulltimer you just can't buy everything you want to. Gotta have some space for it. Happy Mothers Day!

    1. Not much we need anyway, just free entertainment. Thanks for the wishes.

  3. Paulette would have loved all of those garage sales and especially being able to walk to so many of them.

    1. Probably 75 or more that you could walk to.

  4. Great community event. Love the doxie photo! How old is it?


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