Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chilling on Thursday

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario
        Gonna be a nice hot day here so the weather forecast says. So up with the sunrise and coffee perking on the stove. About 6:15 am Omer is let off his lease after his usual night time exile. He has to be tied up or he wanders all night. Fifteen minutes later he comes back covered in mud, looks like he was playing in the creek with some of his buddies.(shunks, coons, foxes, rabbits etc...)

yep he is muddy
         Now a short trip to town and stop at the garage to see what's new in town. Not much as usual but their "guard dog" Jake was being silly. Just sitting in the corner , back against the wall and just not gonna move. Nope he is just staring at us. 
Jake being silly
        My plan for today was, no plan. Just do what ever. So the first whatever was, think I will wash our coach before it gets too hot. So hooked up the hoses and first wash our car, then Sandy's SUV, then the shady side of our coach.

        Time to stop for a bite to eat for lunch. After Lunch I was able to wash the other side of our coach now in the shade and while I was at it Dennis' pickup truck to.

coach and truck clean now
        Inside the farm house trim was installed around the window boxes,(they are actually three foot thick walls on the farmhouse) and the crown moulding as well, starting to take shape.
         Then I whipped up some potato salad and coleslaw for tonight's supper. So that I could relax in the shade for bit with my book. Suzie had gone to the hospital to hang out with her mother today, still waiting for surgery. The latest news is maybe next Tuesday! She has been in the hospital already one week today, and still no surgery, good thing we do not have to pay for this health care here in Canada, at least she is in the hospital waiting.

        In the meantime Omer is just hanging out waiting patiently for Suzie to get home.
where is Suzie? 
Yep here she is and we are all happy 
        Now I can fire up our Weber and throw on a mess of chicken, legs, thighs and breasts for supper. Takes about and hour so we can chat and read for a while.
ready to go 
Suzie reading and Omer hanging out
Chicken done to perfection
some home made potato salad and coleslaw and we are good

Omer is out like a light
         Then soon we are home, read for a bit outside then retire inside to relax a bit more. looks like the next couple days will be busy with the Mennonite Releif sale in New Hamburg. If you are in the area stop by and say hi!
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  1. Looks like you're really getting your relaxing in. At least Suzie's mom is in the hospital while she waits. That's a good thing.

  2. Not much more we can do other than wait, and putter around.

  3. Love the shot of Omer sleeping on his back.

    1. Yeah he just makes himself at home, until he gets tired of being inside.


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