Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, May 21, 2012

Victoria Day Today

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg, Ontario

        Today is Victoria Day in many parts of Canada, I think every where except the east coast. Its a statutory holiday and just about everything is closed, grocery stores, hardware stores, restaurants, banks, beer and liquor stores. So everybody can do other stuff, like relax. 

        Well its a nice hot sunny day 32c (89f) I like to putter around a bit. I found a project that I can do outside in the shade with a cool, breeze. Gonna paint the crown moulding and window trim for Dennis and Sandy's newly renovated living room. This stone farm house was built in 1862 and was recently insulated and dry walled inside, much warmer now. So I volunteered to paint these mouldings before they are installed later this week.
painting the crown mouldings
        While I am painting Suzie is attempting to brush the tangles out of Omer's tail, he does really like this much so it takes a few tries to get anywhere.
Suzie trying to brush Omers' tail
        The living room window boxes finished and painted, by Dennis in his spare time. Notice how thick the stone walls are? 
ready for crown mouldings
New windows installed too, no more draughts
the last of the window mouldings
         The girls did phone Suzie's mom a few times at the hospital to see if all was good, she had company off and on all day and her dad went to spend the day as usual. So no need for them to visit today. Hoping to hear from the surgeon tomorrow with a date and time for surgery.

        We did managed to keep busy and have fun too, (but not too busy) and relax in the shade with our books, Omer and a nice breeze.
        Then for supper the menu was decided Pacific salmon filets with a creamy dill sauce, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies and a tossed salad.
lovely salmon filets
add the dill sauce and so tasty
Now this is one very tasty supper.

        You can check the recipe tab above for this recipe if you like.

        After supper the skies clouded over and it began to rain a bit, then the tempos dropped about 20f, so time to go home and call it a night.

        Thanks for dropping by on our holiday Monday.

         Next weekend is the memorial Day long weekend for the United States..

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  1. I'd like to sink my teeth into that salmon for sure.

  2. Yummy salmon...I was going to ask for the recipe. We have had dark clouds and lotsa rain....good for packing.

    Good luck with the medical report in the AM.

  3. Temperatures pushing 89f can get pretty warm in the motorhome but it sure beats freezing.

    1. Our coach is in the shade, with a nice breeze, plus we are outside all day, so not bad. No air-conditioning here with 15 amp service.

  4. Victoria Day in BC was a little chilly and rainy, but we made it to Hell's Gate. Sounds much warmer in Ontario.

  5. Those stone walls are thicker than most forts I've seen!

    That salmon dinner looked awesome!

    1. The walls are over two feet thick, love salmon.
      Sandy would not eat it before until I made it with the dill sauce.

  6. George...catching up on my blog reading tonight and saw that it was your Birthday yesterday, I hope you had a great day and many heathy and happy ones ahead!

    1. Thanks guys for taking time to stop by. Hope you had a good weekend.


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