Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Relocation, Grasshopper and a Balloon

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        A wonderful bright sunny day and its time for us to move on (don't want to wear out our welcome!). First thing 8 am to Pettigrew's Garage in town to service our car (oil change etc..)Back to John and Lea's say our goodbyes and thanks for the moochdocking place then on the road again.

        From Plattsville to the farm is about 5 miles so not a very long move. Drove thru more scenic country side and past a nice colorful freshly painted barn, so scenic.
         Following the paved roads (don't want to get the coach dirty!) past Punkeydoodle's Corners and down the road to the farm.
        Got here about 10:30 and Sandy just got back from Tim Horton's with a couple treats sent home for him, Timbits! (donut holes). Of course he is happy for the treats and happy to see us, which way to go??
Treats yes!!
all set up pretty quick
soon Omer and Suzie are taking it easy
        Yesterday I spent a large part of the day with John Deere cutting John and Lea's grass. Well when I got here the long grass was calling me, but no John Deere, they have a Grasshopper here. Well I really like this machine. more fun to drive (no steering wheel) and a larger cutting deck.

all fueled up and ready to go
        So got her ready, fired her up and away we go.
me and the Grasshopper
cows watching me
        Now don't get me wrong I have fun doing this, don't want a job. If we are here and it needs to be done I can probably do it.

        All done this chore and Sandy invites us to visit her sister's farm down the road. Let's go look at the old house they tore down today, next to the new house they just built.

New house in the background
         Back home getting ready for supper. If you notice wherever Suzie is you are sure to find Omer.
in the Kitchen
On the porch
        Just fired up their BBQ and cooked up a bunch of burgers, and some fries in the Fry Daddy a quick easy supper.
yep tasty
        Now we have had a busy day, ready to call it a night, then Sandy ran out to say Dennis just called, there is a Balloon landing just down the road. So we hop it the truck and off we go Balloon chasing. 

watch out for the wires 

can we land here? nope..

how about here? nope!

this is the spot
        Once they had permission to land in a certain spot they were down, Balloon quickly folded up, packed it the truck and they were gone, such a magnificent site to see.

All done in a matter of minutes 
        We were captives in Sandy's truck with Omer and she decided Mc Donald's for an Ice cream so off we go . Omer placed his order at the drive thru window.
Woof, woof
Omer and I shared this Caramilk sundae
        Now after a very busy day  time to wrap this up and call it a day.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Good post! I have three dogs and my house, and when I have steak, we all have steak. Also, I dare not eat a cookie without sharing it.

  2. Mowing a lawn isn't so bad when we want to but really don't have to. I like the short moves. Your move this day was a really short one. However, the long ones are fun too.

    1. Yes more fun when you really don't have to. And any more is fun for us, new places, new faces.

  3. Love the balloon. I gave Colin and myself a tour in one down in the Fraser Valley, Vancouver area many years ago. We loved it except it seemed to get all the dogs in the homes and farms below barking.

    1. That would be a fun trip, but not something for me.


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