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Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Rest up Monday

Where are we today ?
New  Hamburg Ontario

        Well today is just gonna be hot and I'm lovin it. The temps to get up to 32c (90f) with a humidex of 38c (100f). So we have no real plan other than for Suzie to relax. Tomorrow will be a very long day for her at the hospital during her mother's operation, patiently waiting with her father and sister for results. So a book and a shade tree with at very nice refreshing breeze and Omer by her side. Me I just puttered around, read for a bit and even hopped on the grasshopper for a couple hours to trim a bit of the grass and weeds that were growing here and there. The lawns and the crops desperately need a good rain.

        Supper tonight eating in shifts so I whipped up a huge meatloaf, with mashed potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots and a tossed salad. The farm house is heated and cooled with a Geothermal state of the art climate energy efficient system so very comfortable inside. Suzie and I ate at 6 pm then headed to Innerkip for a T-ball game. Dennis and Sandy a bit later, then a meal to her Dad who is spending his days at the hospital with my mother in law.
a large meat loaf
         Now for the T-Ball game at 7 pm is always fun to watch the little ones learning how to play. Throwing catching and hitting the balls is quite entertaining.
         Game over shortly after 8 o'clock then just a ten minute country drive back to the farm. A nice red sun setting in the clouds, maybe some rain overnight.
        At 9:15 pm its still 27c (80f) so windows open and blankets gone love this early summer weather.

        So we try for a good nights sleep and drop Suzie off at her Dad's in New Hamburg, where her sister will pick them up and head into the hospital together. For the operation at 11:00am, so a small prayer or positive thoughts headed our way would be would be appreciated, knowing all will go well.

        Glad you could drop by again  today.

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  1. Suzie's Mom is in our prayers tonight for sure!

  2. Small prayers heading your way. The hours just seem to move very slowly during situations like this. We're praying it's an easy surgery and everything will go better than hoped.

    1. Yes time is standing still, thanks for your prayers.

  3. Lou & PaulMay 29, 2012 7:32 am

    Thinking of you guys today. All will go well I'm sure, these surgeries are almost routine now (like my knee replacements). Amazing what they can do now. Tell Sue we are rooting for her mom over here in Hooterville!

  4. Best wishes for a successful surgery for Suzie's mother. I'm sure it will go well.

    Haven't had Meatloaf in a while and its always been one of my favorites - thanks for the reminder.

  5. Thank's Rick.
    Go for the meat loaf always a tasty meal.

  6. Our prayers and wishes for Suzie's Mom's speedy recovery. Delicious looking Meatloaf.

  7. Thanks so much all is looking good so far!


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