Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Nothing much

Where are we today ?
Plattsville Ontario

        Overnight we had a lot of rain and everything is really growing and turning green. Talked to Dale at the garage and he will come out to check our coach where we are parked after lunch. So we just puttered around for a while, had a nice visit from Lea after her school bus run, then a 10 minute country drive to New Hamburg. Here I dropped of Suzie to visit gramma for a bit while I ran a few errands in town. She fell a few weeks ago and fractured her pelvis. But you can't keep this tough 97 year old woman down,  doing pretty good now able to get around with the use of a walker.
nice country drive
        Back home the sun is shining and things are dried up and quite warm. So out with the lawn chairs and BBQ to enjoy the fresh air. We checked in with Dale at the garage and our ABS sensor is bad, so he will order in a new one and reinstall it, on Wednesday or Thursday, He said he likes working under our coach out here, more room from a small dip in the lawn and nice soft grass to lay on.

their house
        Time to fire up Our Weber Q 100, throw on a large potato with onions in foil, a couple carrots and very tasty smoked pork chops.

tasty yes
        Now supper and dishes done we headed to Drumbo just 10 minute country drive for 6 pm. Our two grandsons are practicing here, one baseball at 6 pm and the other soccer at 6:30. We just love watching these guys running and having fun.

       After the game back to their house for a few minutes where we had a demonstration of Noah's  piano expertise, he has just taken a few lessons and is doing quite well.
Suzie gets to hold the new kitten.
        Back home relax for a few minutes and a neigbor came knocking on our door. Their property backs onto Lea and Johns where we are parked and he has not seen us for quite a while. Ron and I had worked at a tool and die shop together for a few years until we decided it was time for us to travel and work got in the way.  Always a nice visit catching up with old friends we have not seen for a while.
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  1. Being a spry 97 year old is a good thing. Hope your gramma heals soon so you can take that walker away. Good for her!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the visit to your hometown and time with your grands and other family members. Looks to be a very nice area. You have me cooking my baked potatoes with onions now, never had tried it that way before, comes out very good tasty.

    1. Yes a nice change, just open the potato about every 3/4 inch stick some onion in each slice , a bit of butter and season to taste.

  3. Too many sensors. That's all.
    Reminds me of a time when our oldest had just taken over a Jetta that we gave her, and she was all in a panic about a light that had come on in the dash, and left it at the GO station.
    Called our mechanic, and that was his first prognosis. "Too many sensors". So we went back and got the car. It threw some code of some sort, and some sensor having to do with the coolant was acting up.
    I'm not sure if she ever did replace it, but it sure wasn't an emergency, so he might have sorted it out on her next visit.
    Enough to make you want to spit.

    1. I agree too many sensors , but the brakes on our coach had been doing some funny things, we will start with this easy fix first and see if it fixes the problem. Occasionally the brake pedal is hard with no brakes, pump the pedal once and all is good, this needs to be corrected.


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