Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wednesday and waiting,, still.....

Where are we today ?
New Hamburg Ontario

        This morning it was very foggy until about 9 am then the sun kinda snuck out and cleared things up a bit to a comfortable 22c (72f) by noon. 
very foggy morning
        Suzie went back to her Dad's again this morning to help out with the spreadsheets for the Mennonite Relief Sale and Quilt Auction this friday and saturday, a huge event and fundraiser for this area.  

        I puttered around with my picture files for a while and backed up my MacBook again with the time machine (it reminds me to back up every ten days and its about 10 days  overdue). Enough of this computin' stuff, now I can go outside and play for a bit. Think I will weed the sandbox for the grandkids when they stop by for a visit sometime this year. 
Sandbox all weeded
Omer just watching the squirrels
        In time for lunch Suzie returned to inform us that her mother's surgery will not happen before friday, she now has a bladder infection. At least she is in the hospital. So we will continue to hurry up and wait, keeping ourselves busy, always something to do.

        So after lunch off she went to spend some time with her mom at the hospital for a few hours. I can putter around some more, read for a bit in the shade then get supper ready for 6:30 tonight. I  fired up our Weber Q-100 grill  and threw on a pork loin roast, potatoes in foil with onions, some fresh asparagus (from the neighbor's garden) and a caesar salad should take of us.
everything on the grill
nice and tender pork loin roast
A little applesauce and all is good
          Then Dennis and Sandy can go visit his mom for bit too. Suzie tidied up a bit and we can relax with another wonderful warm evening reading our books, as the sun almost sets before we head inside for the night.

        At least the weather is good and they have not kicked us off the farm yet, so we hanging in doing stuff and waiting for Suzie's mom to get her heart all fixed up. I hear they have a good heart surgeon there at St. May's Hospital in Kitchener. Maybe we get it done friday, would be nice.

        Thanks for stopping by and enjoying this awesome weather with us. 
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  1. Okay I've never done a roast of any kind on the barbecue. I just mainly barbecue. It's good that this is summer so you can be there for Suzie's mom. I agree that it seems most things we have to hurry up and wait for.

    1. A roast pork or chicken are great on the BBQ very easy if you have a Weber Q. Yes we are lucky that it is summertime.

  2. so sorry to hear Suzies mom is needing surgery will pray all goes smooth...been off the grid for a bit...missed those good looking meals of yours...tonights shots now have me thanks

  3. Such a frustrating time, waiting for surgery. Likely she picked up the infection while IN the hospital. Too bad, still sending out prayers and positive thoughts.

    1. Frustrating yes, thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts.


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