Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Partly cloudy, nice and warm and lots of friends dropping by.

Where are we today ?
        Sunday today and a day of rest for us (we think). Not going anywhere, we will let some of the crowds and traffic leave and maybe out and about a bit tomorrow.
        So just puttering about enjoying the sunshine and cleaning our coach a bit outside. While doing this noticed a familiar face walking down the row behind us. I yelled out "Jay" and he turned around. He says I think I used to know you! We Met Jay here in Jan 2007 with his dog Lucy and again about 2-3 years ago down here. He is from Branson Missouri area. So nice to see him again. They are parked about 200 ft from us and did not notice them.
        Then a few minutes later this tall guy stops by and says Hi George! Its Jim and Lucille met them in 2007 as well right here. Met them on I-10 at a rest area about 4 years ago again. They are from Nova Scotia Canada ! Now talk about a small world.
        While enjoying the sunshine and a nice chat with Jim and Lucille and small plane circles our area flying real low, probably taking pictures of all the rv's here in the desert. Jim and Sharon, from Alberta Canada stopped in as well for a short visit, parked their car and walked over to the Big Tent to meet up with more of their friends.
small plane overhead
Lucille and Jim
        We did putter about an bit more and enjoyed our books on a slightly cool partly cloudy afternoon, only 77f, but we will take it anyway.
          Now 3 pm "happy hour" and a few snacks appeared. As well as John, Barb, Pat, Rob, Jim, Sharon, Jim, Lucille, me and Suzie.
a few snack and a few beverages
         Everybody met everybody and the fun stories and jokes just flowed, lotsa laughs and good times.
           Before we know it time to wind down and fire up our Weber Q to grill a nice pork loin roast, baked taters and fresh carrots in foil, really hit the spot.
our Weber comes through again
another awesome Arizona sunset appeared as well,
different everyday
so tender and juicy
         That was our almost quiet day, lots of friends drop by, but we did not have to go anywhere, kind of nice. And of course more excellent weather.
         Thanks for stopping on by for a visit, and if you can find us drop on by too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. You definitely have the "place to be" motorhome! What a nice compliment to you and Suzie that folks feel comfortable dropping by!

    Weather looks perfect! Enjoy.....

    1. Everyone is welcome at our house, we are not fancy just everyday people enjoying a great lifestyle.
      Drop on by!

  2. We really, really plan on getting over there for Happy Hour. Like you, we've been super busy with everything that's been going on around "Q".

    1. We be here for another couple weeks, so no rush.

  3. You two are really living the good life in the Q.

  4. You are turning into the social butterflies of the Q this year! Everyone knows you guys! Great weather forecast for the week, that is for sure! Enjoy!

  5. Having missed only two years here since 2006 we have met a lot of like minded people, nice to run into once in a while.
    We have been having that weather for quite a while too.

  6. You are definitely desert social butterflies. Nice looking roast on the Q!

    1. It is nice to run onto people when we travel about.

  7. I bet you are having the most fun of anyone in Q!! Just keep enjoying it.

  8. We could call you the Quartzite social butterflies for all the folks you are reconnecting with. Interesting and fun, no doubt.

    1. Well thats just the way it is, soon we we will have some time to our selves! We hope....


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