Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Got chores done and Silly Al's for Pizza, wonderful....

Where are we today ?
       This morning a beautiful moon setting behind the mountains. Looks so wonderful. Sunrise, I kinda missed by was awesome too. Looking east and west all at the same time, got me all confused!
      Driving about town early you get to see the water trucks, soaking the roads to keep the dust down.
one  of a few water trucks
        Back home by 8 am and Suzie has the laundry ready for me to head out to get things all cleaned up. Laundromat around the corner and it is huge! A very busy place too. 36 dryers there and even more washing machines.
the laundry is busy

        Less than one hour got three loads all washed and dried and a bonus here if you want to have a shower only $6.00 for one person about 9 showers they have here, just like a truck stop.
across the street is the Roadrunner Market,
good selction of produce and cheap booze.
a map in the laundry of all of Quartzsite
        Laundry done and checked out the dump station, only about 7 rigs in line. So back home we secured our coach and got there by 11:am (gotta beat the rush before the weekend) We got in line and were able to dump our sewage and fill our fresh water tank in about and hour, then back to home dirt. Not a big deal we can sit at home and read a book or sit in line to dump our sewage, read a book in either place, no problem.
lineup at dump station
        While we had the coach on the road stopped by a graphics place to get a quote on a new picture for the back of our coach, looks good, will let you now how it goes in a week or so.
back over I-10 lots more rv's here today
       Now  back hone to relax in the shade and enjoy our books for a while, Lady Girl dropped by to visit and Suzie got her doggie fix.
       We had decided to go to Silly Al's to enjoy their famous pizza. Beat the crowds that will happen in the next week or so and we were lucky to reserve a table for the 6 of us at 3:30 pm. Happy hour here from 3:30 till 5:30. $7.00 for a pitcher of beer, like wow! More than double that back in Ontario Canada!
        You have not been to Quartzsite until you have been to Silly Al's !
nice 57 chevy panel van in the parking lot 
this the place
nice cold beer
this be us best picture that we got
Suzie and I shared a nice house salad
then an amazing medium meat lovers pizza,
olives and Jalapenos on my half,
 we could not finish it and took some home
         Now back to home dirt we fired up our propane fire pit and really enjoyed a wonderful warm evening, being mellow, a few stories and lies after a filling, tasty meal.
yep all was good
saw some rockets, or space ships in the sky,
 not sure but was interesting
       Ok, that was a busy enough day, time to veg, thanks for stopping on by and hope you all had a great one too.

Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. Pizza and beer - doesn't get any better than that.

  2. We're thinking we just might hit the laundry tomorrow ... heck, maybe even a good long shower! A return trip to Silly Al's is something we'll probably do too. We've had great pizza there in the past so they should be entitled to another try to make up for the last one we had.

    1. Hope you get a good Pizza this time, all three of ours were excellent. Always a busy place too as you know.

  3. That laundromat/shower facility is pretty impressive. Somebody had a good idea. I can just imagine how hectic it will get on the weekend. Eeee.

    1. Everyplace will be hectic this weekend, we won't be driving too far, can walk.

  4. I've had laundry ready to go to the laundromat for two days and haven't made it yet. Hopefully today. I think the message for me in this is that I have too darn many clothes with me. Maybe that's why I have to keep reorganizing to fit things in!

    1. Too many clothes could be a problem but not is our house, 1 in 1 out keeps the space about right.

  5. Good planning to get it all done before the really big crowds hit town.

    1. We know the crowds will be horrendous for most of the next week.

  6. Please enjoy yourself enough for us too. We are still in Red Bay while they paint the coach.

    1. We will, too bad that it is taking so long with you coach.

  7. ohhh like the moon shot .. how pretty. sure is a very clean, large laundry place…. and the pizza and salad! what fun …. I'm seeing different parts of Q than I have in the past. not all deserty and dirty …

    1. Quartzsite is a very interesting place, the desert is just a place to park. The explore so many fun things to do here, could actually spend a few months here and really enjoy it, thats if we could stay in one place long enoiugh,


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