Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, January 18, 2014

First day of the Rv show in Quartzsite, is a zoo... but only did a couple hours and relax..

Where are we today ?
        Today is the first day of the the Rv show and the tent opens at 9am. We like to be there to check out the first day of the vendors. Waited for 5 minutes the the gates opened and the crowds slowly moved in.
         We can walk from "home dirt" so no traffic and parking issues.
wait for 5 minutes and the gates open
first row of the tent all goes well
second row we run into friends from Picaho peak Rv resort
Tom and Delores
not too many people here yet
last row, forget it, too many people
some good deal to be had
satellite dishes, here, even Shaw dishes too
LED bulbs everywhere
     The best thing to do here is shop around. You can find an item at one vendor for $24.00 and the same item at another for $35.00. We here for a while so no rush to purchase stuff.
LED bulbs
smoked turkey legs (awesome), we will be back !
want fast food? its all here
outside the tent not so crowded
is this a cool camper or what?
Hummer Electric car
more food
Motorcycle lift for your pickup
more rv stuff
BBQ's 1/2 chickens
over to Tysen Wells to pick up a tarp
water the walkways to keep down the dust
          Now we are back home before noon, make our own lunch and had friends drop by for a visit. Fulltime rv'ers Jim and Sharon from Alberta, we met a few years ago in Desert Hot Springs California and again last winter in the Florida keys and Robertsdale Alabama. Such a fun couple. They are with a group of about 35 Beaver Motorhomes about 9 miles south of here.
so nice to see Sharon and Jim again
this is our cheap sunscreen tarp that we picked up today,
only color they hay but does the job
        Then I got on our roof to dust off our solar panel and take a few shots of all the rigs that have pulled in the last couple of days. Was pretty quiet when we arrived last Sunday and most of these guys will be gone after the weekend. Peace and quiet again!
see the big tent not too far away
looking south
looking west
looking east
our single solar panel does the job for us
        Then eventually 3 pm and get together with our friends for that "Happy Hour"
Suzie has Hank on her lap,
doggie fix
a few ultralights flying over head, probably taking pictures 
nice Arizona sunset
fire up our Weber Q to grill a couple
Pacific Salmon fillets
done to perfection 
add to that a rice pilaf and lettuce salad,
sure hit the spot
a little more sunset and wind up another perfect day
        That was another fun day exploring more of Quartzsite and meeting up with fellow rver's.
        Was fun and missed most of the crowds, cause we can walk to everything we want to see, When the masses leave we will go back and look at more things in depth.
        Thanks for coming on by for this amazing time we having here, people watching at it's best.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. Aside from taking photos, I love people watching! Quite entertaining!

    Glad you had a great day!

  2. We were in and out of the Big Tent pretty fast too. Internet is pretty slow tonight. The pictures aren't popping up like they should. You can sure tell others are using the same cell towers we are to connect.

    1. Yes the internet does slow down considerably this week but at least its still working, not like a few years ago.

  3. Replies
    1. Real busy the first couple days then slacks off a bit.

  4. I enjoy seeing the pictures from your rooftop, George. It's very interesting to see all the different setups. Thank you for sharing those. Is this event just a weekend event?

    1. The Tent is 8 full days.
      All the other vendors, Tyson Wells, Rice Ranch, the Main Event run for quite a few weeks.

  5. Well, that was a fun trip, and I didn't even get out of my chair!
    I'd probably have to take notes if I was actually *looking* for something. I'd never remember where I saw that great price and be able to go back. Photos are a good idea I suppose.
    Have fun!

    1. Come on Bob get out and walkabout with us, ll the noise and confusion will drive you crazy, but then a cold beer tastes amazing!

  6. When we were there a few years back, we would take a photo of the places we found deals. We then could easily remember where we found the deal and compare prices. Helped us on several purchases.

    1. That sure does work, so many places that we see deals it really hard to remember.

  7. Aside from any purchases both Kathy and I are looking forward to heading west in a few years. The temps in Florida are staying cool and with the wind it's freezing. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We did Florida and the gulf coast last year and found it cooler and more humid that Arizona, much prefer it out west.

    2. It really is WAY too cold in Florida this year for sure. I don't mind the humidity in the winter, makes it feel warmer but the wind is wicked. Sure hope to be able to get out west. Time will tell.

    3. We found Florida the same last year, really preffer Arizona,

  8. You sure are surrounded but for a few days but it makes it very interesting and I'm sure everyone has stories to tell about their day under the tent. The first time we did it we had our 2 dogs with us, we had no idea what we were getting into. It was crazy.

    Great prices on those propane campfires.

    1. It can be crazy for a few days here, but not so bad the rest of the time.
      Some great deals to be had if you check around.

  9. Loved the tour, George.... and your ability to just walk around and avoid all the crowds make it more fun... I think so. Sunsets are brilliant... and the food... ? looks deeeelicious

    1. Thanks Carolyn, we had a great day and too much fun.

  10. Replies
    1. But the crunch is over after the first day, easy peasy now.

  11. Good to see all the rigs at the Q again... still a very popular spot by the looks of it! Great bunch of pictures you took, will have to take that show in again soon.

    1. Still much the same but still a lot of fun, ya'll come back now.

  12. Thanks for the tour of Q. I've heard so much about it and wondered if I could handle it. I have trouble with the Tampa RV show. And can never seem to take the time to find all the campsite deals that folks talk about getting there. I may have to really steel myself for Q. IF I am ever able to be there in January. We seem to be tied to Moffitt in January, a connection I'd love to be able to break.

    1. Sometimes we have to break away and really enjoy ourselves, it is an experience here, different than no any other you have had.
      The Tampa Rv show sounds like too much for us, this is more laid a back.


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