Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fun in the sun, and meet fellow bloggers, and a flashback to Gammons Gulch.

      Did we have an awesome day our what ? Blue cloudless skies, no wind and high temperatures, Thats what we are here for. Lotsa walkabouts enjoying this amazing Arizona weather.
      We have few things to do today because we hit the road tomorrow.  Suzie dust, vacuum. Me, check the tires, dump our sewage and stow the hoses. Then we can relax with our books for a while. The sun is very hot so open our awning for some welcome shade. 
        Early afternoon a pickup truck stopped and parked in front of our coach. And before we know it somebody we had not met yet walked around the front and said he brought Suzie a doggie fix! Introduced themselves and it is Bill and Dee fellow bloggers and followers click here to read about them.
Doggie fix, they brought Doug the Pug for Suzie to enjoy
         We chatted and chatted, not nearly long enough then they had to go.
Bill, Doug and Dee
        So nice to meet fellow bloggers and followers, nice to put real faces to people we meet in cyber land.
         Later we relaxed a bit more in the shade enjoying our books and temps in the sun reaching 100f, yep its hot we need some shade.
        Now supper tonight we are grilling tuna steaks. Figured out how to do them. So easy, grill on high,2 1/2 minute per side, need to be done rare to medium rare. Perfect, melt in your mouth.
add to that a rice pilaf and tossed salad
       A place that we visited in 2006 that is really worth a stop if you are in the area. Gammons Gulch.  Below you can check out the tour we did back then. Maybe we will get back there again some day, but too busy doing nothing this year. If you like check out out tour below.
 Gammons Gulch
the back roads to get there
Jay Gammon Greeting us
Jay Playing us a tune

1931 Buick restored and driveable
Me in the lock up
Wed. Dec. 13, 2006
      We took a drive north of Benson some 12 miles to Gammons Gulch. real desert country. What a beautiful drive with scenery just like in the movies, dry river beds, cactus, sage brush, and cattle just roaming the range. There were signs warning you of animals on the road, some wire fences in the desert and cattle guards on the road that cattle will not cross but cars can. 

       We arrived at Gammons Gulch and were met by Jay Gammons, he and his wife Joanne live right there in the Grand Hotel. This a real ghost town, western town and movie set, (six western movies filmed there last year). He has been building this town (his dream) for some 37 years. 
      Authentic wood buildings and artifacts, also some reproductions all add to the atmosphere of a real western town. We had a completely narrated guided tour by Jay, with stories about almost every piece there, how they were acquired or built, pictures of him and his father with certain actors, his father was John Wayne's Bodyguard, and pictures of Jay in a Film as an extra for 3 days. 
      The collection of old cars, most running and some restored, a collection of John Dillinger articles and guns. The old mine shaft and all. We wandered by ourselves later just to enjoy the quiet and the sun. Another worthwhile visit. Not comercialized too! You can check out his website by clicking HERE
Gammons Gulch pictures

       That was our fun day here, secure our coach in the morning and down the road a few miles to visit some friends at Picacho Peak resort for a couple days.
        Hope y'all had a great day and thanks again for stopping by.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. It was fun for us too George. Thanks for all the tips and conversation.

    1. Hey stop by anytime, travel safe and see ya on down the road!

  2. But I'd bet it's a "dry heat" whot?

    1. Yes Bob very dry , love it! need to hydrate ourselves.

  3. We got into the 80's but no 100's here. We had a great time at Gammons Gulch. It was much more than I expected it to be.

  4. Sounds like another great day for both of you. Love those days we spend doing nothing. However, that doesn't happen much when we're in the big city. We can hardly wait to get out of here and on our own again. Soon ... very soon.

    1. Sure is nice to wander about the desert away from the bug cities, soon for you.

  5. 100 degrees? Yikes.... I didn't know it was still that hot anywhere.

    1. That was under our awning in that was in the direct sun, no clouds, no breeze but not humid.

  6. yep we grill tuna steaks quite often, best grilled with lots of crushed black peppercorn on them and some thin slices of lemon on top

  7. Gammon's Gulch was a hoot:) We went there while staying in Benson, as while.

    1. Yes it was a worthwhile visit for sure, not commercialized either.


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