Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 04, 2017

We can always keep busy on a rainy day, homemade soup is a good start, how about you.

Where are we today ?
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       Up as usual about 4:30 and got some computing done just waiting for the sunrise to get out and about. Well the sunrose to overcast skies.The weather gods are predicting rain for the next 3 days. I guess that's what we get for enjoying a wonderful sunny day yesterday, and enjoy it we did.
      No problem here, this is our house same as everyone else we have things that we can do on rainy days. After my first walkabout I started making a large pot of turkey noodle soup, Perfect weather for it and had the BBQ'd10 lb turkey we did yesterday so lets make good use of it. Boiled the bones for a couple hours to make a tasty broth, then added all the other stuff and spices so it would be ready for lunch. Sure smells good in our house this morning, nothing quite like homemade soup.
        We did putter around for  a while out side until the rain began, just mostly a slow drizzle all day long temps got to about 49f (9c). We cozy inside, Mr Heater takes the chill off when we need it.
just about ready
sure took the dampness off today
        After lunch walked down to the fitness centre for a nice workout. Love this for all the great machines they have. really been missing it since last fall. Good thing was I checked my weight again and still within a pound or so from last year. Clocked in at 148 lbs. and still feel wonderful. Guess the good life agrees with me.
all the machines you need right here
plus the free weights as well
       After this back home to read for a bit and decide what to do for supper. Still cool and rainy and we have lotsa leftover turkey. So I search for recipes to give me some ideas, came up with something we had the ingredients for and felt like having how about a Turkey Bolognese As usual I modify it drastically to suit our tastes, click HERE for the recipe or my recipe blog top right sidebar. 
        Pretty quick and easy, and another good easy meal for a rainy day, something we have not had for a long time either.
everything chopped and ready to go
lotsa veggies in it and was excellent,
will do it another time I am sure
mad a hot doge bun onto garlic bread
with cheese to add to the carbs.
      Supper done, dishes done, still raining, no problem again, get some more reading done, post this blog and maybe even turn the tv on for a bit.
       Hope you made it through the first of a few rainy days around here ok (at least there is no snow and not too cold) and have plans for the next few as well. I know we do. And I am sure we will have a few sunny warm days this summer at some point.
      Thanks for stopping by for a peak.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. It seems like it might be raining everywhere!! It has rained in Alabama (where we are) all day long. Sometimes heavy and lots of wind! Just like you, we found things to do. Your soup looks delicious.....perfect for a rainy day!!

    1. The rain does seem to be in a lot of places. But not too cold spot thats a good thing.
      Thanks the soup was perfect.

  2. That's a remarkable fitness room for an RV park!

  3. Our turn for some nice weather! Sunny and 26C (79F) here in Saskatchewan. Gorgeous day. Calling for 28C (82F) tomorrow and Saturday. It's a heat wave!

    1. Think you were due for one heat wave, enjoy it while you can, our turn is next.

  4. Good thing we like to read on days like this! Reading and watching movies are fun things too!

    1. Yes they sure are and really good weather for it as well.


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