Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mennonite Relief Sale Day 2, warmer weather, too much fun and no more rain!

Where are we today ?
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      Day 2 of the sale and what do we do here? Well be get lots of exercise (walking) and eat lots of different foods. Chat with people, some friends, some relatives and some strangers. Check out all the vendors and watch a few auctions. People watch and watching the traffic come and go from where we are parked. Nice to be right here and not have to battle the long lines of traffic in and out of New Hamburg.  Thousands of people and hundreds of volunteers, this runs like clock work. The 51st year for this sale and Suzie's Dad has been involved right from the start.
     The second and last day of the Mennonite Relief Sale and as usual things begin early, some of the volunteers are here at 3 am cooking and prepping for the day. The Pancake breakfast begins at 7 am as well as the selling of Tea Balls and donuts, The fair grounds is filling up fast and by 830 am into the overflow. Non-stop lines of cars.
     Inside the arena people began lining up for fresh Strawberry pies at 7:30 this morning they line up the length of the area floor. Quilt auction begins at 8 am and goes to early afternoon with 214 donated quilts to auction this year. I believe to most expensive was $6700.00 most averaging  around $700.00.
Some amazing hand stitched and hand quilted, so much work goes into them.


this taken at 7:10 am
breakfast begins at 7 am , busy now and lineups a bit later
lots of pies for sale,
soon sold out
line up for fresh strawberry pies just after 7 am
cleaning berries in the stands 
putting the pis together here
new murals
non stop cars coming it at 8 am
getting chicken ready for the BBQ
cooking the chicken
we will get some later

these Piroshki are excellent , save for a later lunch
line up for donuts
pork on a Bun, Canadian Back bacon, yummy
ran in to Suzie' cousin from from Ottawa and
Aunt and Uncle from Kitchener again
food court busy at 9 am

 lots of great entertainment 
kids playground 
line up for spring rolls
making sporing rolls
Mexican mennonites great food
donuts line up
making donuts
glazing donuts
cooling donuts
great quartette
outside auction
Inside auction
huge crowd watching the auction
outside auction
        We watched the outdoor auction for a while items going for a good dollar and the one we wanted to see was the restored International Tractor from the 1960
=s. Donated by H.P Roth's family Suzie's great uncle who passed last year.
The Roth Family posing for this picture
I believe this sold for $4,600.00
auctioneer doing his stuff
Tea Balls all sold out by 11 am
more great entertainment 
Nephew Greg auctioned off the Feature quilt this year
The whole arena stands to sing this hym that is in the guide book
after the Feature Quilt # 125
Praise God for Whom all Blessings flow
we managed to grab 2 strawberry tarts before they we all sold out at noon
yummy? yes they are
for lunch aBBQ;d chicken leg excellent as usual
My new summer hat from the Thrift Store booth
10 Bucks, one in and one out.
love this new hat.
cool for the summer
by 2;30 all done here packing  up
           We walked by at about 2:30 and got a deal of some cooked chicken legs, a bag full for 20 bucks, ended up with 10 of these so what we have of supper tonight? Chicken legs.
they pack up pretty quick here
by 6 pm tents gone and all cleaned up
cars gone
      Suzie's Dad came over for supper at 6 pm. I had re-heated some chicken legs (we all love chicken) baked a potato each and heated up a can of white corn on our Weber Q.
her Dad had a busy day can now relax
chicken, taters and canned corn on our weber Q
sure hit the spot tonight
her Dad taking the golf cart back and heading home
sure was a nice visit, and great weekend here
Fairgrounds now cleaned up like no one was here
we almost all alone again
     We were here in 2015 when this amazing quilt was auctioned off at this sale "Threads of Africa" for $43,000.00 what an exciting sale to say the least and it was caught on Video, You can view this auction right HERE. If you care

     Glad that y'all dropped by for peek and hope you enjoyed this day as much as we did

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Wow, that sure is quite the event and a lot of work to put it all together. Looks like it was a success!

    1. It is a lot of work but with hundreds of volunteers, it has always been a success and a fun time for everyone.

  2. Lots of food lineups but it is the prep work put into it that impresses me most. And the fast clean up. Watched the auction video, that is amazing.

    1. Yes you are right, the setup, prep and clean up takes longer than the sales.
      That video is amazing and we were actually there for it too .

  3. That's quite an event with a huge turnout. Looks like both a bit of work and a lot of fun. Nice hat!

    1. Lotsa volunteers makes the work go fast and yup lotsa fun and good food. Thanks Jeff, I liked the hat , good price too, my other cooler summer hat was pretty ragged so time to get a replacement.

  4. You could be Crocodile Dundee's stunt double with your new hat! :cD

    1. Yah think? No stunts for me anymore, but I do like that hat.

  5. You sure look like you're enjoying life there! And they sure clean up fast.

    1. We sure did enjoy it here, and amazing to see them work so co-ordinated.


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