Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Not a bad day at all. Warm , sunny. Home made soup and BBQ's ribs. works for us.

Where are we today ?
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       Not a bad day today at all. Most of the morning overcast and cool but no problem here. Got some early morning walkabouts done, and headed into Forest to pick up a new set of flannel sheets I found at the Red apple store. 1/2 price! Good deal and we use flannel sheets almost year round. Last set is over 2 years old so almost getting thread bare. $34.00 for new flannel sheets is a great deal and they are really nice too. Fluffy and warm.
   Before I left I put the chicken bones from last nights supper on to make a nice soup brothe . Home by 10:30 to finish the soup with all my stuff and enjoy some nice chicken noodle soup for lunch and enough for a few more lunches as well. For my soup recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar.
a very tasty lunch sure hit the spot
        After lunch another walkabout the park and an hour long workout at the fitness centre here was wonderful.
         Home to enjoy our e-readrers on our sunny site, prepped some short pork ribs with sauerkraut to set on our Weber Q for at least 90 minutes.
what a nice sunny warm afternoon
shorts were needed today
ribs ready for the Q
another walkabout to check out the guys doing the tree
trimming here, way up there.
       Then 3:30 Happy hour at our sunny site, about 8 of us here, sharing stories and flapping our gums.
nice to  share stories with our friends and meet new people as well
       Then the ribs out of the foil and onto the grill mat, slathered with BBQ sauce to glaze them and finish off. The grill mat helps to keep the grill clean. For my Pork Rib recipe you can click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar. Got these ribs on sale the other day, $2.30 for what we had tonight and still another meal in the freezer. Love the food specials when I can find them.
they are now done and fall off the bone tender
Ribs, Kraut and  salad makes for a very easy supper.
       Just another wonderful day here enjoying a very nice warm sunny afternoon and chatting with some friends for a while and a tasty BBQ'd rib supper.
       Then after supper we were invited over to Brian and June's for a campfire. Still not too cold  out and not much wind so we joined them for a while and enjoyed the ambiance and great conversation for an hour or so. Then eventually it got chilly and damp so home by 8:30 pm.
our first campfire this year in Ontario. 
we bundled up and quite cozy for a while
temps still in the high 50's F
headed home and caught a bit of a sunset
in the trees to the west of us
      Thanks for stopping on by and hope that y'all had a great day too!

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Looks like we're in for a decent day here too. Washing machine drums make great fire pits. Dinner looks awesome!

    1. Enjoy your day there as well. The drums do make perfect fire pits. Thanks Peter was very tasty.


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