Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Rain, sunshine, warm afternoon sun and a doggie fix.

Where are we today ?
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      Had some rain overnight and this morning was a bit chilly (at this point no water leaks!, fingers still crossed). Between rain drops did get a walkabout the park for a bit after our pot of coffee. Then a quick trip to Strathroy for a few needed groceries. Collected a few more PC points and cash in $20.00 for free groceries.
       Home by 10 am another walkabout, nice light lunch, then a good workout at this wonderful fitness centre here in the park.
       Now by 1pm the skies have cleared, temperature getting up to 75F (23c) , and loving it.
sunshine and blue skies, nice
         Now to get some serious reading done on the warm sunny afternoon. Shorts, t-shirts and sandals is the dress code now.
        While reading John was cutting the grass here in park and did a wonderful job of our site.
love reading outside on a warm sunny day
        At the usual time 3:30pm Paul, Monique and Emile joined us for "Happy Hour"
         Soon time to begin supper. As I began making our salad Tucker and his mum dropped by for a visit. Tucker wanted to see Suzie, He made a bee line from their trailer to here dragging Melinda along with him.
Jumped on her knee and got a treat
he likes carrots and cucumbers
healthy I guess.
        When Suzie moved he followed right behind her. She went the washroom and closed the door, stuck her toes under the door and he is right there.
licking Suzie's toes,
too cute
then he wants a belly rub,
spoilled dogs are fun
         After pretheating our Weber Q I set the grill mat down to grill a couple of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Mine marinated in my extra hot sauce and Suzie's with our chicken spice. NowI need to separate these so my hot sauce does not touch hers and I need 2 different spatulas to turn them. Made that mistake only once and she was not too happy.
mine on the left
gotta make sure they don't touch
so tasty and sure hit the spot
       Here we are still outside in shorts enjoying wonderful warm night again, 8 pm, and gonna post now and read for a while longer right here, cause we can, enjoying more outside fresh air.
        Thanks again for stopping on by and hope you had a very nice warm and sunny day as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. I had a dog that looked just like that many years ago, a sweet and wonderful dog. Brought back memories. Sure hope our weather gets up to 75 before too long. I'm tired of being chilly! I like to read your blog because it reminds me to be positive no matter what.

    1. Hope you get you warm weather soon. chilly is not fun, we weill get some cooler weather again but will take as much sunshine as possible. Thanks for keeping in touch, love how you house is coming along.

  2. We didn't get the rain yesterday but it was cool and windy all morning and part of the afternoon. I rejoiced too when the sun came out.

    1. Any sunshine is better than none, sure feels good.

  3. Nice that you donated those tires from your RV to the playground. ;c)

  4. Are you pumping iron now? Denis would not want hot and spicy contamination either

    1. I enjoy the fitness centre here when we are around, get a good work out for all my muscle groups. I do love the hot and spicy, not for everyone though.


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