Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

SUNSHINE! doggie fix, a tough camera and Turkey on our Weber Q

Where are we today ?
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       Now this is a day we don't want to miss. Up bright and early waiting for the sunrise and clear blue skies. Have not had many the last bit so we will take whatever is gifted to us.
        Got a few nice walkabouts the campground enjoying the sunrise and quiet day that was to bless us.
        Across the road to check out Rock Glen Falls. We can hear them roaring right from our site. With rain we have had they are flowing pretty good.
just above the falls
down river from the falls
       More walkabouts the park just checking things out, just love it at this time of year , so peaceful.
Trimmed trees in the Valley will
be going through the chipper soon
pretty quiet in the square where we like to park
but the ground too soft right now
         After a quick trip to Forest for a few supplies we had an early lunch. Then loaded up 3 weeks of laundry into Town here, just around the corner.  3 loads into the machines then into the dryers. The one dryer was making a heck of a noise, thought maybe it was defective but is was heating up. So like I always do went outside to read in the car, not noisy here.  After a bit I got to thinking about the dryer noise. I had emptied my vest to wash and check to make sure everything was here ! Hmm, no camera! OOPPs, I whipped inside to check the noisy dryer and my vest, Sure enough my camera was still in the pocket. OOPPs again. I pulled my camera out and took it to the car opened it took out the battery and SD card set on the dash in the sun for the next half hour. Now the test, no dampness in the camera so all looked good, inserted the battery and SD card AND it fired right up! Wow I ws impressed, This is a waterproof and rugged camera, but I have never used it under water, plus it is at least 4 years old if not more. Still amazed that it worked I know this is the camera I needed.
this my camera, picture from the WEB

       Back home and Suzie put the laundry away, Ron and John setting wood chips around the trees here right in front of our coach.
          Now was about 2 pm so I prepped a 10 lb Turkey I picked up the other day on sale $1.00 a lb. and I know this will just fit on our Weber Q 100. The lid needs to close tight.
preheat the grill and turned down med low at 2:30
         Now to enjoy more of this excellent warm sunny afternoon with our e-readers. A bit later on Melinda was walking Tucker and he just ran in and jumped on Suzie's knee, so glad to see her again.
a little rub here and some there please
how about a Kiss?
High 5 and get a treat
shake a paw and another treat,
good boy
         Checked our Turkey after smelling it cooking all afternoon, was done to perfection just before 5 pm. Crispy on the outside moist and tender inside.
oh yeah some good eating here 
       Whipped up a salad and had thawed of some homemade cranberry/orange sauce sure did the trick tonight.
Nothing quite like a BBQ'd Turkey
       Ok now we have lotsa leftovers,that will feed us for a while in various capacities, I will think of something Turkey to make.  Especially some home made Turkey soup, Perfect for the next few rainy days ahead.
       We did manage to enjoy the outside warmth until 8 pm tonight until it started to cool down when the sun began heading behind the trees. Now this was a perfect spring day and loved every minute of it.
         Sure hope you got some of that sunshine as well.
         Thanks for stopping by.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Nice that you got some sun, we're still waiting for ours but they are promising some tomorrow. That's quite a tale about your camera. I'm glad it turned out well.

    1. The sun was so welcome yesterday and felt wonderful.
      Sure do love this camera it sure takes a good beating, either from dust, water or dropping it, just keeps on going.

  2. That is one tough camera.
    It was a beautiful spring day, even way up here. Tomorrow we will be down by Detroit visiting with our son and his family and the weather does not look promising. We will be with family and that will make it perfect no matter what is going on outside.

    1. Yes it sure is.
      Nice you git to enjoy some nice weather too. But not so great the next couple days for us as well.. Enjoy your family time.

  3. You sure picked the right camera! Glad you had the sunshine too, it makes a world of difference in a day.

    1. This camera has treated me well , no complaints here.
      The sunshine sure was nice too.

  4. A great camera story! Someday I must do a turkey like that...

    1. Thanks Peter, got lucky with the camera I guess. The turkey turns out wonderful just the way we like it.

  5. Dang, you went and made me hungry again. If I get too overweight, I am going to blame you and your wonderful food pictures. Keep them coming, I don't mind being fat.

    1. Sorry Dizzy but it was so tasty and yup we have lots of leftovers, for more great meals.


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