Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Relocating to Plattsville for a a few days. nice country drive and enjoying some excellent weather.

Where are we today ?
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         This morning we enjoyed some wonderful warm weather and a few early morning walkabouts. Taking our time and secure the coach hooked up the car and on the road by 9am no hurry today. Just take our time and enjoy the scenic back roads back to Plattsville.
       Couple of detours that gave us a nice scenic drive and got to Plattsville by 10:30, Grabbed the mower and cut the lawn where we park and a bit . Got set up and enjoyed a nice tasty lunch. Headed into New Hamburg to get my hearing aides repaired and had some success there. One needs to be sent away and they gave me a loner. So now I can hear again ! Ya hoo!
all set up here for a couple of days
         Picked up a few groceries and back home to mow a couple of acres here that needed to be done. Packed it in just after 4 pm. Set up our satellite dish and Weber Q. Got to read for a bit with Suzie, discuss our day then whipped up a salad to go with our Turkey Garlic sausage.
lawn looking good now
          Love these Turkey Garlic sausage that we get at the St. Jacobs farmer's market. Still a couple more packs in the freezer so we good for a while yet.
Turkey Garlic sausage on the Weber Q 
And a nice fresh strawberry to go with dinner.
       After supper I hopped back on the mower to do a bit more, but had an issue with some bolts running away, somewhere, oops we have a problem here. Had to shut it down but John had just come home. Don't like to bother him , but we checked it out and he had the bolts to do the repair and actually needed the 2 of us to get things up and running again. By now it was 9 pm. I did one more round to make sure all was good and called it a night. Gonna work on more of this acreage tomorrow and hope to get it all done.
      It was a wonderful warm sunny day , got to 73 f (22C) so a great day for playing outside.
      Now to finish this posting and veg in front of the tube for a bit before calling it a night.
      Thanks for stopping on by and hope y'all had a great day too.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration with friends.
    (We are playing catch up again. I read and share with Tom.) At least you have had some nice weather in between the rain. We are hoping for sun and 60's the next couple of days. Just hoping it is decent weather for the first big camping weekend in the states this coming weekend. We will be at home but I remember the years it was our first weekend out. Getting things accomplished here and moving forward. Had to chuckle when I say the colorful higher chairs. I remember is strange being at "antique" sales and seeing stuff we or our parents owned. Then I remembered that my daughter will soon be passing down a doll crib that was my mom's, mine, and her's we all played with it and is over 80 years old. Where does the time go. Keep relaxing and enjoying your time.

    1. Thanks guys nice to see you getting things together and now catching up. Yes like you said where does the time go?

  2. Glad you had a good day. We had sun periodically but at least it was warm and my clothes dried in no time.

    1. It was wonderful here and mostly sunny , excellent weather.

  3. Amazing how those nuts and bolts on machinery can disappear on you. Good thing there were replacements handy to get you back on the road, er, lawn! ;c)

    1. It is amazing , 3 bolts hold this arm together and all are gone somewhere in the 5 acres of lawn here after 1,100 hours of mowing. John has a good supply of spare parts and actually so do I.


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