Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Surge protector repaired, sunny warm day, Tucker fix, no complaints here.

Where are we today ?
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     Today gonna be another wonderful day. Very warm overnight windows open and we had a wonderful sleep.
     First walkabout at 7 am up by the pond watching the Canada Geese family fishing in the pond. Mom and Pop Geese doing the heads down this morning showing the Kids how to do it. Soon they will be teaching them to fly and they be gone.
doing what Geese do, feed the family
           Now if you read yesterday's posting you will see than the plug on our surge protecter was fried. Not good. so we hooked up to power without out it for now.
both connectors no good now
      Both the male plug on our surge protector was toast as well as female plug on our 25 foo 30 amp cord. So about 9 am I went down to talk to Rob, (the vice president of this park). Now he is very mechanically inclined and has all the tools to fix things. He said heck it is no good like this let's take a look. Well I followed him around, checking his tool boxes looking for "security" Torx wrenches needed to take this thing apart. We found them and he set to work taking it apart. Success! He gave me some parts to clean up and I cut off the Male end of our 30 amp cord that was good.
new one top
      Like he said it's broken and expensive to replace, can;t hurt it now. So with all this in place and all the proper tools in no time it was all put back together, just like new ! I hooked it up and works perfectly. Sure beats buying a new surge protector for over $300.00 here in Canada. Now how is that for taking care of your members here in this park, what amazing customer service ! Now I did purchase a new 25 foot 30 amp cable for $45.00 right here, that I needed anyway. much less than buying new ends for the now shorter cable.  Thanks Rob for your amazing help much more than I expected.
here it is like new again and works perfectly
           After  a light lunch headed into Arkona to check out the grocery store and chatted with a friend we have no seen since last year. Suzie sent me a text and wanted me home to roll up our awning. So quickly home that was done and the clouds mostly moved on by. A few rain sprinkles a couple of times but the storm mostly went by just north of us.
winds and storm just north of here
       Skies cleared again, so chairs back out and enjoyed some nice reading out side. Chat with a few people that walked by (that Happens when we sit outside).
        Then Suzie noticed that Gerry was home and wanted to visit Tucker. After 3 months with them and Tucker in the southwest she wanted a Tucker fix, ok we chatted with Gerry as well. Melinda still working too hard.
Tucker's huge tennis ball
Hi 5 and he gets a treat
      Then home for supper, I whipped up a salad and grilled a couple of Shrimp Burgers I came across the other day at the No Frills in New Hamburg .
these were wonderful
served on an English Muffin with Tomato lettuce and Mayo
the sunset we had last nigh, same as tonight
         What a wonderful productive day we had, enjoyed some more pretty decent sunny warm weather,and all the fresh air. Gotta love this lifestyle. Heck I am still out side at 9 pm guess I better post this and can head inside, soon be my bedtime !
       Thanks for stopping in and sure hope you had a wonder warm sunny day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Nicely done repair on your surge protector, better keeping money in your pocket, isn't it? ;c)

    1. I thought it worked out pretty good, sure glad Rob had the proper tools to do the repair and mighty nice of him to offer. Like me he likes the challenge to see if we can fix something first before throwing it away.

  2. Nice when you can fix rather than replace, good! Another beautiful day for sure. Tucker is a cutie for sure!

    1. Thats for sure fixing is rewarding, replacing is expensive. Tucker is always fun as is Clemson.

  3. Had that fried up plug-in happen to me once. Like you say, they are costly.

    1. They are but was able to repair it rather than replace, thanks to Rob.

  4. Always nice to save some dollars.
    Looks like you have been having some beautiful days. Here on the other hand, well the grass is really growing. Enjoy and take care.

    1. The weather is wonderful and saving money is a bonus too.

  5. So. Do you have any idea what caused the failure of the plugs?

    1. No idea other than on overload of power, it has been hooked up for 5 years with no problem. Plug to the pedestal is fine, Mind you we had issues last fall in 2 rv parks with bad power.

  6. O.K. Thanks...I have a small plug that I put into the pedestal that tells me the voltage before I hook-up.
    It is inexpensive and I hope what happened to you doesn't happen to anyone else..
    Last summer at a small RV park in SE Oregon..Which I have been staying at for the past 15 yrs, I had a $250,000 or more motorhome parked next to me. They couldn't get any power. This was their 1st trip with their beautiful rig.
    I put my plug into their outlet and it said reversed polarity or something..Bad ground?...
    Anyways they told me that was the next thing they would buy when they hit a larger city..
    A $10. plug could save $$$$$$ from damaging an RV.
    Just a thought...

    1. I have that plug David and always check the pedestal with it before we hook up, then our surge protector will take care of it afterwards.


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