Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, May 06, 2017

At least the rain has almost stopped, and that's a good thing.

Where are we today ?
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       A bit of rain overnight with not so much today at all, just a drizzle here and there, overcast all day, but winds about 25 mph with stronger gusts, made it not too nice to be outside much.
       Did get an early short walkabout then puttered around for a bit after a bunch of coffees I headed into Strathroy, looking for a bargain on some new flannel shirts. I have finally wore out 2 of my favourites, they are just falling apart. Now Suzie is not a shopper so I headed on out. First stop was the TSC store. And as luck would have it after checking and checking found,  2- $27.00 shirts for 5 bucks each. and they fit , perfect.  Next stop at the Good will store found this one below like new for only $7.00 no tax. So there ya go I got at least $80.00 worth of Flannel shirts for 17 bucks. Heck I will be good for a few more years now. Just need them in the spring and fall and sometimes for a bit in the winter depending where we are and the weather.
       Next to stop at Staples for new ink for our printer is getting low. The ink always costs more than the printer does, but sure is handy to have.
this is my new flannel shirt love it
but like Jan said the buttons on the wrong side.
It was in the men's section, but obviously a woman's shirt
no matter it fits, is warm the price was right.
       After a nice tasty lunch, hot Turkey noodle soup to take the chill out of our bones, I headed down to the fitness centre for a nice hour long work out on all the machines. Sure feels good to get back in the routine again. Chatted with a few people and back home to get some reading time in, still cold and windy. Don't think it got above 46 f today (7C) so not fun to be out there for very long.
       Then eventually time to whip up supper, tonight a tasty stir fry, with more leftover Turkey, onions, fresh mushrooms, celery, carrots, fresh garlic, broccoli, red pepper, fresh bean sprouts, sesame seed oil, sesame seeds, and low sodium soya sauce. Quick and easy cooking and was so tasty.
nice and tasty it was
      Divided that up for us and added the rest of the Turkey Waldorf Salad I made yesterday. So lite tasty, filling and healthy sure did the trick for us tonight. All the fruit and veggies do the trick.
yup hit the spot, on s cool cloudy day
        Maybe some rain overnight but that's ok and the weather Gods are saying we may have a few dry, almost sunny days for a bit. Now that is very welcome news for sure.
         Thanks for stopping on by and hope the sun will soon shine on your campsite, or home wherever you are. Actually we know of some people who have that luxury right now and maybe even too hot for them. We will take the sunshine and heat anytime over this.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. I wondered if the Nith River down near Plattsville was flooding a bit. But of course you're not there to see it.

    1. I have been wondering about it as well, we have seen in flooding quite a bit over the years, right to within a 100 years of our house, but like you said we not there right now.

  2. I also enjoy my flannel shirts...Got a bunch of them.When they get too ragged I use them to work on my rigs...No worry about getting them greasy....Trouble is that's when they feel the most comfortable...

    1. They do have many uses, like you said they do make good rags. we like to recycle as much as possible too.

  3. You had less rain and warmer temps than we did. I think we were at 5C for about 10 minutes and then basically 3 or 4 all day. Really strong winds last night. Glad the rain has stopped for a while, the sky is opening up as I type!

    1. We are further south maybe that's the difference, The sunshine sure feels wonderful again.

  4. Great deal on your shirts! We love deals like that.

    Stir fry is probably one of our most favourite meals, like you said, nice and healthy.

    1. Yes we like deals like that as well.
      And a good stir fry is always welcome here.


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