Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, May 29, 2017

Car repair done, secure the coach and on down the road to Rock Glen Resort

Where are we today ?
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        Did what we needed to do this morning. Get our car to Pettigrew's Garage for 8 am, No problem I am up long before that anyway. This morning a new ball joint on the car and new front brakes. Rear brakes are still good. Only the second set of front brakes in 450,000 kms. (279,000,miles) Mind you half of those miles are towed behind our coach.
      All done by we secured our coach and headed out to Rock Glen Resort only 90 minute drive plus a stop for fuel in Stratford. Canadian Tire gas bar. First time we have fueled our coach in 2 months. Last time in Michigan. Fuel much more expensive here at $108.9 a litre.($288.0 US dollars a gallon).  $185.00 for just over half a tank). Ran into an old friend at the gas bar as well, Brad, have not seem him for probably 15 years, such a small world.
      We arrived at Rock Glen checked in and got our favourite site for maybe 3 weeks. Full Hookups and with our membership here no overnights fees. Works for us!
the weather perfect and up to 82 f today with full sunshine
        Had an issue with out surge protector, did no look good so checked it out.,the plug needs some repairs for sure.
this be it
this is not good
will see what we can do to rectify this issue
a perfect day and loving this weather
     About 3:30 good friends Emile and Monique stopped by for Happy Hour and another good friend Ron stopped by as well. We chatted, flapped our gums and got caught up with each other, always fun to see these guys again.
LR Monique, Emile, Ron. Suzie
me took the pic as usual;
Even Gerry stopped by to chat as well,
no Tucker today
          About 4:30 I preheated out Weber Q and whipped up a salad and some caulflower and carrots to warm up on the grill to go with a couple of smoked pork chops that we love.
not long on the grill 
this made for a very tasty filling supper tonight
        Now we can kick back for a bit and relax here enjoying whatever weather comes our way.
        Almost 8:30 pm and still outside in shorts enjoying wonderful weather. Soon time to post this blog.
        Thanks for stopping in and hope you had a sunny warm day wherever you are.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. At least your 30 amp protector did its job, it died and your RV is fine. I have the same one - thanks for testing it :)

    1. Your welcome Jeff, an expensive fix but like you said, could have been much worse.

  2. That was a short stay in Plattsville but that is what is nice about this lifestyle. You can move when you want and enjoy other areas.

    1. You are right, love moving around to enjoy different areas whenever we can.

  3. That is some serious damage to your power cords. Might help a bit to every once in a while taking a little steel wool to the tangs to brighten them up for better electrical contact and flow. Hope the repair you do doesn't eat up too much of your budget.

    1. I do clean them frequently, not sure why this happened, but did get it repaired, will report on that in todays' posting.


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