Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Just another relaxing day here at Rock Glen Resort.

Where are we today ?
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       The usual early morning walkabouts after a great night's open and mild temperatures, this is so wonderful . Just after 8 am did a quick trip to Forest Foodland for some fresh veggies and stuff (senior's day), get a 2% discount , not much, but better than nothing. Stopped by the Indian Reservation fill the car with gas only $1.02 a litre compared to $1.12 around here.
       Back home to finish up a pot of chicken noodle soup. Boiled all the bones from the BBQ'D chicken legs we got a deal of at the relief sale on the weekend in New Hamburg this past weekend. Had the bones and some meat from 10 chicken legs and thighs. Made for a VERY tasty chicken broth. smelled just like the BBD'd chicken at the sale,Yummy yes !
       Have the link from his years Mennonite Relief sale, they raised $330,000.00 it is this an amazing fundraiser from Friday at 4 pm until Saturday and 4 pm. Over 12 million dollars since 1967 for the link click HERE 
oh so tasty chicken noodle soup,
 enough for a couple more lunches
       Now the afternoon reading outside, enjoying out e-readers and this wonderful sunny day. Took time out for a very long hot shower across from us, to loosen up my stiff  muscles from all the walking we did on the weekend, sure feels wonderful now !
the square behind us, shady and sunny spots
this was most of our day's weather
not to shabby
       Had friends Emile and Monique stop by for Happy Hour about 3:30, chat for a while then about 4:30 I head inside to whip up a salad to go with a couple of pan fried cod fillets for supper .
done nicely in our cast iron pan on the Weber Q 
grilled 1/2 lemon to make it real juicy
      After supper enjoying  this great weather outside, blogging and reading while we can. Still about 70f at 7:30 pm so why not?  But just after 8 pm cooling down drastically so now heading inside to post it.
kinda overcast  tonight so this was last nights sunset,
best we can do from where we are parked
        Just another fun day here in paradise no problems with that. By the way our repaired surge protecter is doing it's job and working perfectly.
        Thanks for stopping on by and hope you had a wonderful day as well.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. "Just another relaxing day" is hard to beat

  2. Still looks like you're enjoying the life. Good weather, good food and nice places to be ... can't be beat.

  3. A hard day for you as usual. It's tough but someone's got to do it.


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