Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Back to Plattsville for the Motorcycle Tribute ride.

Where are we today ?
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     Up early as usual and the empty New Hamburg fairgrounds is wonderful and at the same time amazing. Yesterday thousands of people were arriving at 7 am and the hustle and bustle was catching. Today nada. Did get a nice peaceful walkabout the  grounds before we secure the coach at 9 am and did the 10 minute drive back to Plattsville.
      Pulled into Plattsville mowed some lawn where we park and all set up by 10 am. Mowed a bit more than enjoyed a nice light lunch wth Suzie.
      Next was to head down to the Arena to watch the 200 plus motorcycles head on out for the Memorial Ride for Private Tyler Todd. A fund raiser memorial for wounded warriors.
All lined up and ready to head on out
    While here I chatted with a few people and enjoyed all the motorcycles heading on out , The roar of about 200 motorcycles ( mostly Harley's) is amazing. Someone had a drone overhead that would make for some wonderful photos.
     It took over 5 minutes for them all to leave, wasting no time. A long time for 200 plus to leave and stay in order . But very impressive and a great Memorial for PTE Tyler Todd.
this be the last Motorcycle to follow the group
PTE. Tyler W Todd tribute Chopper
a beautiful bike
his picture on the gas tank 
      After they took off I whipped to New Hamburg to fill up the gas can for the lawn mower. Was gonna stop by after the Memorial ride, but thought maybe I need to relax a bit at home with Suzie. Besides I was kinda stiff and soar from all the walking and stuff I did over the last few days.
      Good choice, a wonderful warm sunny day, and got some quality reading time done outside in the shade with my honey. Perfect.
so peaceful here and relaxing
I needed this
   While sitting here reading neighbour Barry dropped by to see if we knew what this huge bug was. About the size of your thumb and he found it on the side of their brick house. No Idea what it was anybody out there got any ideas?
        Soon time for supper and guess what ? More chicken. We love chicken and had thawed out some to cook for last night but ended up buying a mess of cooked chicken from the BBQ people last night. This chicken I had to cook today, the rest from yesterday will be deboned and soon frozen . A large pot of homemade chicken soup is in the near future, when we settle down in a day or two.
tasty?yup as always 
just add a salad and we  good to go
       Came back here today for the Memorial ride and our car going into Pettigrew's garage at 8 am tomorrow for some maintenance work, so much easier to be right here in town.
       A vey nice warm sunny day, shorts and t-shirt for me in the mids 70s F , No complaints here.
       That was our fun day, still sitting outside after 8 pm and the weather not too bad at all, Luckily no bugs here so we are good to go for a while yet.
      Glad that y'all dropped by and hope your Sunday was a great one as well.

Where have we been this summer ?


  1. I think that's a Giant Water Bug. We had one here a few years back, and I tried to figure it out. Lives mostly in water, but is attracted to lights, which is probably how it ends up on a house. I think it's fairly harmless, but apparently it can give your toe (or fingers) a nasty bite.

    1. Thanks FG will check it out, looks like it could give you a nasty bite.

  2. A salute to your memorial riders! My older brother has done the Run For The Wall on his Harley. Either way it is a nice to salute our military. Not sure about the beetle, but looks a bit like a SoCal 'root borer beetle', Google gives a zillion hits!

    1. Thanks Jeff will check out that lead as well, These, motorcycle rides are amazing to see and be in and all for a good cause.

  3. Rides with other bikers are fun. Bill and I have been on a few but nothing near as important or memorable as this one. It looks great with all the flags. I hope someone special rides that memorial bike in honour of Pte. Todd. It should never just sit.

    1. It is so great to see this ongoing ride in his memory. The Bike only has 20 miles on it looks better than it handles though.

  4. Looks like the bikers put on a special event. Your chicken looks just right.

    1. It is a wonderful memorial ride. For this local Canadian young man killed on Afghanistan.
      Love our chicken on the Weber Q.

  5. What a great Mamorial Day tribute.

  6. Sounds like a wonderfully busy day for a great cause. How great that so many volunteers come together for this.
    Great memorial tribute.
    Enjoy your relaxation. Hope you have just peeked back out here...:)

    1. It is a wonderful tribute.
      Relaxing now for a bit with wonderful weather again.

  7. What a beautiful tribute!!
    Don't know the name of that big bug it sure is yukky!!
    Looks like a nice day!!

    1. The tribute is always wonderful and so well deserved.The bug was yucky but apparently pretty harmless.
      The day was wonderful.


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