Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, May 05, 2017

"Rain drops keep falling on our roof", So we can do more fun stuff inside.

Where are we today ?
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       This weather keeps reminding me of the song by BJ Thomas, "Rain drops keep Falling on My head", from the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and it has been going through my head all day long.
       Yes it is still raining and over cast, seems relentless, so we just keep ourselves busy doing other stuff. For both of us, no problem. Did a few walkabouts in the rain.
      Then made us some Cranberry Orange muffins/loaves from a mix that we enjoy and can only get in the States. I have the time so I can do that. Makes 6 mini loaves and we usually share one when we have the rare craving. Kept one out and froze the other 5 they will probably last us 6 months, moderation ya know.
these are so yummy
the mix we love
       After a quick trip for a few  groceries home for a nice lunch, yup more Turkey noddle soup perfect for this damp rainy weather. Love my homemade soups.
a great lunch
      Then after lunch down to the clubhouse for a wonderful very long hot shower. Sure felt good , then a swim in the pool and soak in the hot tub. This makes the cloudy rainy  weather feeling go away pretty quick.
the pool was nice and quiet except
for a young family having fun
and the hot tub very warm=Perfect
               As I said was still rainy, cool and windy so another cooking indoor kinda day, no problem I have endless options to choose from to keep me occupied and us fed.
      We have lotsa leftover Turkey, so tonight I am making up a side dish of my Waldorf Turkey Salad, for the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar.
this Turkey Waldorf salad is so tasty
         Just after 3 pm our Friends Paul and Judy pulled in and are camped beside us. They are full-time rver's as well and have just returned from their winter journey. Once they set up Paul came over for a bit (Happy Hour Ya Know) . Inside our coach, yes it is still raining. Caught up with him for a bit and will see them again as we both here for a few weeks hoping for sunshine soon.
         Then soon time to whip up supper. Tonight Salmon and Dill sauce (another dish we love and have not had for a while) for that recipe click HERE or again my recipe blog top right sidebar to go with our Waldorf Salad.
so tasty and filling, sure hit the spot
      Before we know it is 7 pm. Madame Secretary is on, thanks to time shifting. Think I need to post the blog a bit later, just so I can watch this with Suzie I do enjoy it as well.
       Ok, show is over and we both enjoyed it. Hey its a rainy day and we don't watch much tv. But we do love to read and putter around.
      That was our productive rainy day here, nice to have the full hookups, and the wonderful facilities here, that are perfect for this kind of weather.
       Thank y'all for stopping by and hope you had a good day as well, looks like it is raining most everywhere in this part of the country. At least we are lucky here not flooding, we on high ground.
Where have we been this summer ?


  1. Relentless Rain, you nailed it, George. Enjoy your facilities, bonus from being in a park.

    1. We do enjoy the facilities when we are here, especially with this kind of weather.

  2. I love love love that small loaf pan. Very cool, and yes, Krusteaz makes some good quick mixes. Also love checking out your recipes. I could go for a nice warm swim about now. We have snow flurries predicted this morning.

    1. I agree the small loaf pan is wonderful perfect size for us to share.
      Thanks for checking out the recipes enjoy.
      The swim is nice with this cold weather here too. Possible snow flurries here as well, hope m=not.

  3. Now if there just was a way to install a hot tub in an RV... ;c)

    1. I think you could if you had a toy hauler.The hot tub could be your toy !

  4. Yesterday was wet and miserable here and I had a very productive day in the kitchen as well. Today we have sunshine with cloudy periods. A chicken and veggie soup is planned. Just need to get some boneless skinless thighs and a leek to complete the ingredients. Your idea of freezing the bones from chicken meals had payed off in spades over here!

    Cheers! Peter.

    1. Cheers Peter, I saw you were busy in the kitchen as well yesterday, Get that soup made an enjoy it. Freezing the bones works for me Then you can make a good broth anytime the mood strikes.

  5. Hm...not drops but buckets of rain are falling.

    1. It was a steady rain but to too heavy here, now has let up some.


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