Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Relaxing day, cooler weather and a tasty salmon fillet on our Q.

Where are we today ? 
         What we do today? Really not much, just puttered around enjoying the peace and quiet, great weather and finished up a few projects. Like I cut my hair (Suzie she trims it) fix this and that and enjoy our books outside in the shade. 
        This morning was in the mids 40's f but buy noon in the lows 70's, much nicer in the sun.
morning temps
Rob and Lady Girl stopped by for a visit at 7:30 this morning
grass cutting our site
wonderful sunny day
         After a happy hour with Rob and Pat , back to fire up our Weber Q to grill a couple Pacific Salmon fillets. Coat with olive oil and Old Bay fish spice. Fish 4 minutes one side and about 6 or so on the other until it flakes with a fork.
Salmon and garlic loaf on the grill
        I whipped up a rice pilaf and small caesar salad and had yummy supper.
sure hit the spot
        The wagon rides on thursday are at 6 pm instead of 7 so the wagon driver can play darts at 7 pm.

        Now we are to playing darts tonight and had a great time as usual 7 teams of 3, Suzie's and my team tied for first place and they won in the playoffs big bucks $1.50. Our internet is kinda slow here at night, so sometimes I might get my posting done until later.
Suzie in good form
        Any who whatever happens we are having a great time here and want to thank y'all for stopping on by.
 Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle.
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  1. We have never grilled salmon but need to try it.
    I am so glad our weather turned cooler too. Those 90's were killing us. :)

  2. Your map looks like you might have put a rudder on your motorhome (traveling through water, eh?)

    1. Looks fine to me?
      The line in the water is the Canada, USA boundary.

  3. Yummy Pacific Salmon .. that usually means it's wild salmon! Yummy.

  4. Paul is loving these cooler mornings and nights. Our temps here in Ohio are very close to yours.

    We love salmon!!!

  5. Great weather for sleeping with the windows open.

  6. Oh man. Don't let those big winnings go to your head!
    Also enjoying the cooler temps here in Burlington.
    Of course, that does mean I can hear our neighbour's goofy dog at three in the morning. He's in a pen outside. All the time. Gah!

    1. Gotta plan how to spend all this money.
      Barking goofy dogs are not fun to listen to.

  7. So fun to read about what people who are living the full time RV life are doing. Looks like you are having a lot of fun!

  8. We haven't played darts in years! Sounds like fun...don't spend your winning all in one place!

    Salmon is my favorite! Supper looked yummy!

    Have a fantastic Friday!

  9. Temps in the low 40's sound pretty brutal to me as we seldom ever get up into the 30's here on the west coast.

    The salmon looks good as usual.


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